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Can you replace regular flour with almond flour?

Cooking and thinking of gluten free options? Can you replace regular flour with almond flour? Yes you can!

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This post is all about how to use and can you replace regular flour with almond flour. Almond flour uses, how to make almond flour from scratch. 

What do you think foods that you want to cook or eat without using regular flour? There are a lot of people having health reasons why they cannot consume regular flour.

I feel for you, in our family some of us may have some special specific needs that we cannot bat an eye from.

Almond flour can be substituted with regular flour or all purpose flour in the ratio 1:1. 

The ratio between Almond flour and Regular flour

Meaning 1 cup of almond flour is equal to 1 cup of regular flour too. The almond flour substitute is much more lacking with binding properties. 

Since almond flour is consist of purely almond nuts alone it gets wet or kind of not dry.

Tips and Advice when replacing regular flour with almond flour

When using almond flour you are already considering making non-yeast recipes or a gluten free baked goods or dishes.

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You can check out my recipes that you can add almond flour in replacement or enhancing your dishes.

The Chicken Lentil stew can truly be different when using almond flour. Ginisang Monggo With Chicken Calories [INFO VIDEO] . The ginisang monggo calories considering the nutritional information, using almonds can alter the calorie intake with the recipe.

Chocolate cocoa cake for Valentine’s day you can definitely change up the regular flour with almond flour thus will make it tastier. Some say add more eggs at this point and I agree.  Chocolate Cocoa Cake Valentines Day [VIDEO GUIDE]

Common uses of Almonds with cooking and baking

  • Baking with nuts
  • For cake or pastry toppings
  • Almond milk
  • Salted Almonds
  • Sauce making
  • Savory dishes to sprinkle on top

What is almond flour?

This type of flour is derived from almond nuts that is in the color brown on the outside. Turning into powdered form the color will turn white as it would be if it was a regular flour.

Can I use almond flour instead of regular flour?

Yes, substitute in a ratio of 1:1 with almond flour and regular flour with additional eggs to compensate for wetter the better.You can definitely use almond flour instead of regular flour.

Almond flour recipes

One of my top almond flour recipes are fish breaded with almond flour and also bread or pastries that are made from almond flour instead of regular flour or all purpose flour.

Almond flour is really good when you are on a diet or if you want a more healthier option but it comes or diet like a gluten-free diet that you are avoiding any gluten Such as regular bread or a lot of rice on your meals.



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There are a lot of Almond flour recipes that you can do such as desserts or savory dishes that you can serve her family are making meal preps.

Almond flour can give A whole new In depth taste and perspective. I personally love almonds I love putting them on my Smoothies Or shakes In the morning.

Almond nuts Are the best snacks to cook with and combine with other foods

How to make almond flour

So how do you make your own almond flour at home well that is very easy and simple and you did the right section equipment in order for you to be successful.

Step One. Get some almond nuts, Make sure it is clean you can buy almonds at specialty stores or groceries supermarket such as Walmart target Aldi’s Trader Joe’s whole foods or baking supplies stores.

Homemade almond flour And regular store-bought almond flour

Homemade almond flour came out to be more thinner and did not Absorb the ingredients well but they are both fluffy and tasty. It is very similar to regular store Bought Almond flour which is a lot more fluffy and not flatter than the homemade almond flour.

Not to mention that store bought almond flour is very expensive and we tend to use more and bake more with almond flour more for cakes breads and other more pastries.

The advantage of making your own homemade almond flour is that you can save a lot of money and also you can control the ingredients that you need.

But the disadvantage of making your own homemade Almond flour is that you noticed when you make your first one or you have been doing this Wayback before that buying store bought Almond flour is much more convenient and more because it is already fast and easily accessible and available to you.

Step Two. We need to peel the almond nuts so they are ready to grind it later so the first reality is that almond nuts are very hard to peel by yourself.

Tips and tricks on how to peel almond nuts a lot easier

It is very simple to peel the skin by using the hot and cold water procedure. First, have your nuts and wash them on your Fossett and grab it and fill it up with water and bring some water to boil by using a small fire Boil it in low heat, Just boil it in 30 seconds or minute half. 

Step Three. Strain the almonds on to remove the water out or drain it

Step Four. Pat dry and put into a cheesecloth to bring down extra moisture. Lightly heat them up on an oven so they are a bit dry.

Step Five. Get a food processor and grind the almond nuts until they are in a fine powder texture. Warning: Do not over chop as they will become almond paste or almond butter.

How do I substitute almond or coconut flour for all purpose flour

You can substitute almond flour and/or coconut flour into the same portion as to regular all purpose flour. Check this almond flour conversion chart 1:1 Ratio. Size measuring hack for you!

Baking with almond flour tips

When baking with almond flour you will expect more yummy pastry or dish which you will experience a new flavor.

  1. Baking almond flour tends to brown the surface more quickly than regular flour, so make sure to lower the heat or temperature when baking as you do not want to have a burnt surface. That happened to me! Bring it lower in about 20 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Almond flour is a nut we must not remember that. Nutty flours do tend to have more fatty oils which sometimes they produce oil when roasted or heated up. It can be good but limit the use of Almond flour especially if you are on a Ketogenic Diet. People with allergy with nuts should avoid almond flour to be sure.
  3. To convert regular flour to using almond flour experiment and even test out batches that are small first by replacing exact same 1:1 ratio first then adjust and twist it into your liking or your family’s taste buds.
  4. Almond Flour tends to be much more heavier thus you need help lifting or rising agents like baking soda, and baking powder. Adjusting is the key!
  5. Almond flour is very popular nowadays, can be used fro breading chicken before frying, pastries like cakes, cupcakes, and breads.
  6. Almond flour is superior or even much more likable than wheat flour and often used as replacement for traditional wheat flour. Wheat flour has made the not so good impression that it gets hard and not flavorful to some people. Which is I agree but I cannot deny that wheat flour is also healthier than regular flour or all purpose flour.
  7. Almond flour according to healthline provides more health benefits than traditional wheat flour such as not encouraging higher levels of bad LDL cholesterol and insulin resistance, which calls out people with diabetes too.
  8. Thickening of your gravy using almond flour should be used not too sparingly. Gravy will taste more nutty flavor which will ruin the flavor.
  9. When baking muffins using almond flour instead of regular flour you can substitute for between 20 to 30 percent of flour in the recipe or 1/4 cup of almond flour instead of 1/4 regular flour. 
  10. Baking breads, pizza  and those who needs yeast to let the enzymes propagate, I add 1/2 a cup to 1/4 cup of almond flour per cup of regular flour. Yes, it can be also used same measurements with wheat flour, all-purpose flour, bread flour and whole wheat flour too.
  11. I love and recommend Bob’s Red Mill Super Fine Almond Flour is the best Almond Flour for baking. Like I said having homemade almond flour is not bad but if you do not have time grab one of these. They do have the same process of blanching the almonds to remove the skin and they are grounded finely texture that all baker artisan and pastry makers think ideal for baking especially for diet focus foods for gluten free, low carb keto, grain free yummy baked goods.

Can you substitute coconut flour for regular flour

No, you cannot substitute coconut flour as the same exact measurement of 1:1 ratio for regular flour or all-purpose flour. Coconut flour lacks a bit of moisture and to balance things out for every 1/4 cup of coconut flour add one egg to compensate the recipe.

I know even coconut flour is made from coconuts which in our heads should me full of moisture and very juicy. Coconut can get a little bit into the drying stage.

They can be easily be bone dry when it gets to dry or held under the sun. There are lots of coconuts that tear down that turn into a brown dry color. 

When reviving them with water they often just slides out. Very perfect when making coconut bowls for your Acai bowls smoothies for breakfast.

Adding wheat flour as answer to the question on what is a good substitute for almond flour. We do need to compensate more almond flour to make the batter more wetter to mix in well.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! Can I substitute almond flour for all purpose flour in banana bread. Ratio of 1:1 cup of regular flour is to 1 cup of almond flour.

You can bake many delicious treats like chocolate chip cookies with almond flour. There is no secret that chocolate chip goes well with nuts as ingredients. There are also donuts like Krispy Kreme and JCO donuts that mesh well almonds and chocolate very easily.

Making zucchini bread with almond flour does work, for every regular flour recipe is equal to to equal parts of almond flour size mixture. Zucchini can get pretty wet and it does combine well for almond flour that needs more wetter texture when it comes to baking.

Almond flour is truly the flour substitute gluten free you can find in the market today! Or even like I said home, and almond flour can also be possible if you are a baker on a budget.

What is sunflower seed flour

Simply grinding raw sunflower seeds in a food processor or even a coffee grinder. Pulse not long as it will turn wetter or seed butter. Sunflower seeds will turn into a flour-like texture perfect for baking.

Do use sunflower seed flour in caution as it is gluten free but it is high in fat or polyunsaturated fat and consume in moderation. They are usually use as a cooking oil for frying chicken, potatoes fries and many more.

Meal prepping for almond flour can be stashed into a air tight container at home.

In conclusion for almond flour replacing regular flour

In my experience with different flour they do have various texture and dryness and wetness. I always suggest having to test out smaller batches. Small bite sized pieces first before committing to use them for large cooking or baking batches for your family meals or baking business for a bakery. It is possible and tried and tested that Almond flour can replace regular flour.

I hope you like our post and also check out more of my yummy foods recipe for all of you wanting to cook at home stress free for your family.

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This post has been tips and ultimate guide when it comes to cooking and baking with almond flour, uses, how to make it at home and also substitute ingredients information guide.

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