21+ Hand Salute Worthy army Christmas tree ideas

This post is about the army Christmas tree idea

Are you looking for wonderful army Christmas tree ideas such as ornaments, sparkly military-inspired decor? Have handmade personalized and very beautiful customized military Christmas tree ideas to achieve the perfect decoration military-themed this holiday.

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Camouflage Decoupage Christmas Tree Ornament

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Picturesque Army Christmall Ball Ornament that you should get if you want to convey a story.

Christmas Tree Ornament

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U.S. Army Christmas tree in green color and decorated with military emblem decor hanging. Get this decor if you want a colorful army Christmas tree ornament.

Guardian Angel Soldier Christmas Tree Ornament

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In gold color for troops in the army. If you have gold-themed Christmas decor at home this would keep your home themed.

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This would be good as a star topper of your Christmas tree army-themed.

U.S. Army Combat Uniform Cap Christmas Ornament

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This will illustrate a very merry army Christmas tree decor ornament as every army man have a hat on.

U.S. Army Flocked Combat Boots

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Cool combat boots in this muted flesh color. You can add these for a more brown or muted colors Christmas decor.

Army Boot with U.S.A Flag and Icons

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The combat boots tend to have inclusions for more army details. Get this if you prefer natural earth light brown color for your Christmas decor.

Army Soldier Holding American Flag

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Have a soldier marching on your Christmas tree. The perfect way to express love for America.

Army Seal Logo U.S. Army Emblem

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Your army Christmas tree needs a tree skirt as well to hold everything up together.

US Army Vehicle with Christmas Tree

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Definitely, a more novelty side as a Christmas tree with a Santa hat is driving along with a vehicle.

Army Mom Charm Ornament

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This goes out for army moms who are very loving and strong women. Army moms are the best and people look up to.

Ford 1944 GPA Amphibious Vehicle

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Endearing army vehicle for your tree this Christmas. This is a very cool army wagon that is very popular and unique if I may add. You can decorate your tree or home for the holidays with this unique piece. A totally unexpected decor that will surely make a new perspective. Having a conversation starter or an ice breaker when having a mini get-together at home.

Christmas Tree Army Bear

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A cute bear in camouflage uniform and with a hand salute. This is also sparkly and a bear is included. You can gift this to your husband if he is in the military so it could be meaning your honey bear or sugar bear. Anything bear is always cuddly and sweet in my opinion. In sync with the military aspect with a hat and uniform and a bear military officer is complete.

U.S. Army Metal

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A makeshift medal to award a very hardworking army service symbol. Perfect decor for your army-themed holidays. It is like giving your army Christmas tree a reward for your family loved one who belongs in the army.

Army Man Toy Ornament in Green

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Green man soldier just like in toy’s story movie. Very iconic and you cannot go wrong as Christmas balls tend to behave green too. How convenient that the green color is one of the very trendy and classic Christmas colors to ever be included when decorating for the holidays besides red.

American Patriotic Christmas Ball Ornaments

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Festive American flag glistening to put on your Christmas decor. If you are wanting to add a bit more decor into your army Christmas tree better be in tune with these flag-derived designs.

I Stand for The Flag Kneel Cross USA American Flag Patriotic Wood Christmas Tree Holiday Ornament

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Wooden patriotic Christmas tree ornament that will surely be memorable every year. “I Stand for the ANTHEM AND KNEEL for the CROSS” what better way to express love for the United States of America with this ornament.

God Bless America American Flag Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Our God Bless America sparkly festive Christmas ball to top off your tree during the holidays. Red, White, and Blue definitely the colors proudly derived from the American flag. Stripes and Stars symbolize a very patriotic feel and feeling more proud for the United States of America country.

Camouflage Military Santa Ornament

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Grab Santa Claus in a camouflage army uniform for decor this Christmas. This does look like Santa Claus is an officer for the military. There is a lot of good decor for the Christmas season but we cannot deny that having Santa Claus gives a different feeling. New holiday vibes can be set this year. Did you know other people are collecting Santa Claus figurines or collectible items their whole entire life?

Republican Elephant American Flag

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Elephants symbolize intelligence and good luck. You can definitely be reminded how elephants can be calm beings. They do have a presence of a very smart animal that can also sense a human feeling.

Korean War Veteran

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Very meaningful if your loved ones were stationed on their army assignment. Serving the United States of America is already a big honor, having to be stationed away in a different country is challenging and very patriotic.

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