Must Have Basics In Your Wardrobe For Life

This post is about basics wardrobe you need everyday for a boss woman and being comfortable at times too.

Now having your own wardrobe capsule is soooo much better because you will not have any stress and anxiety when dressing up.

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Stop with “I don’t have anything to wear anymore” incident.

Here are basics must have for you and definitely tell these to your Best friend or siblings and family so they can get help too.

Wake up put on some makeup and do your hair and have basics from your wardrobe as a good starting point on what you can dress it up or dress it down.

Boss Woman Basics Wardrobe Must Haves

No Brainer Pink Blazer

Emergency outfit for a meeting?

I love the pink tone blazer that does not scream too young or childish but looks and translates to professional and still girly lady-like.

The front is so good that not looks too much because that would be overwhelming.

The white satin buttoned up blouse

The white satin blouse outfit looks comfortable and elegant. Dress it with black pants or washed jeans for a casual look.

Comfy Pop of Color Coat Jacket

Yellow Coat Jacket is a beautiful pop of color you need.

Take advantage of style and standing out in a crowd with yellow.

A big plus it is oversize and fashionable which adds so much stories and appreciation.

Little Black Dress from Conference Day Meeting to Night Cocktail Drinks Meeting

You cannot go wrong with a black dress ever. Having a meeting and a firm believer of black in wardrobe this sweet number caught my heart.

The details like the ribbon is very stylish and does not show too much skin but still sexy.

Feeling So Extra Fur Wrap Coat

This beige white fur wrap coat can instantly add spice to any outfit and plus will make you feel warm if its cold.

Look formal without excess clothing and avoid sweating

Everyone needs to have to on their closet. Detachable White Collar can save you from feeling hot and sweating but still look very professional.

This has been the post for basics wardrobe that you need for every stage of your life and career and minimalist style

To tell the story short wearing gorgeous outfits always have to be minimalist or layering, there is no in between.

I hope you find amazing outfits to live out the best boss woman you can ever be while having a classic minimalist chill outfits in between too.

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