5 benefits of decluttering that will melt your heart

Here are Benefits of Decluttering that will surely capture hearts.

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This post is all about benefits of decluttering today

I love decluttering, I do not think there would be any day that I will be feeling than happiness.

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My parents place is where I live all my life and they clearly have a lot of stuff, especially my dad’s side of the family lived with us for so long and practically my father raised them. They are 10 plus siblings living in our home. Explains why my dad had to get always a bigger house, they lived a poor life in the province or suburbs and my father rescued them along with my mom who have a fantastic job at that point. As they grew up and of course had to leave the nest. We are back to just being us again me and my siblings. From living in a big house with 3 floors to a house that is enough for us today.

benefits of decluttering
benefits of decluttering your workspace

Relaxing Feeling

After decluttering does it makes sense to feel super achieved with what you felt and just letting it go of thing you do not need anymore.


After I felt like going to have more space which I can put my favorite plants and have more leg room to play with my dogs. Play time with the doggies are the best feeling in my opinion.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

Ready to Work on Goals

Now that you already set a decluttering mission that has come to an end for a while. You are ready to become a boss woman and achieving goals.

How to plan your goals Right Now

  • Have a sense of what you want to achieve
  • How do you want to see yourself in 5 years?
  • What can you do today that can make you one step closer to your dreams
  • Can you commit to be working on your goals in the long run?
  • Overcome limiting beliefs
  • Have a measurable timeline and date of your goals if possible.

Rome was not built in a day.

I am constantly thinking of business ideas since that is what I like. I love having my desk as very minimal to no clutter whatsoever, I typically have my water beside me when I work. What about you, what drink do you have beside you when working?

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If you do not have a plan then you plan to fail.

Able to Maintain Next Time

Now that you had decluttered almost all of your stuff. The next time it gets cluttered again, it can be more manageable and you can control it well.

I felt this all too quickly because I had a major problem before with boxes piles on top of each other, yeah because they always get put on the back of the burner. When I had my decluttering day, I detached so much that I had space now for my new supplies that I really needed.

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Close Family Ties

I have more bonding time with my dogs and don’t you just not like it when you always have to constantly clean at home. Whilst cleaning is not a bad thing, but having that precious extra time robbed your time with your home life, even more when you are working. Having that balance can save any relationship or bond of your family and you.


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No more Dust and Allergens


Did you know that stuff that are left lying around can accumulated dust and odor in the long run.

I specifically had this problem with my stock room as our weather gets different and some moisture will enter the room somehow and some boxes that are stored from before had more dust bunnies and dirty unknown things accumulated overtime. Do not be like me.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

I always say to always properly store your items so that when you pull it off your closet or space they can be manageable and usable enough with minimal cleaning or sorting out after.

This post has been the benefits of decluttering that you need to know

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