This post is all about best dorm appliances that you need to know

As you know I love learning and enrolling myself in short courses.

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Are your kids going to college soon?

It could be you researching things that are perfect to bring to your dorm?

When I was still in college all of my friends were staying in a dorm, When we do not have classes (or got suspended because the professor got sick) sometimes I sleep there at their place for our next class it was so nice.

dorm cooking appliances

I have a college degree already and I am very proud of it!

Make life easier and learning fun with nice appliances

Morning Breakfast Appliances

I appreciate bread toast in the morning using a beautiful toaster, Get it on Nordstrom.

Kindly check your dorm if they allow a toaster as most college dorms mind that it has heating coils inside a small space. Double-checking is the key!

I would always be in the rush every morning.

Having it with avocado and everything but the bagel seasoning or could be just plain salt and pepper.

I am always hungry in the mornings, If I have time this durable air fryer from Amazon is a lifesaver.

essential dorm appliances

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Best Egg Cooker for Dorm Room

6 eggs cooker at the same time

It can cook omelets, poach eggs for sandwiches. Boiled eggs are good for losing weight and a healthy snack when you are hungry.

Perfect for a Coffee for one to go coffee maker from Amazon

No more lining up to Starbucks before going to class.

Best Solo Blender for Dorm Living

Easy cleanup and durable high quality blender, Get it on Amazon

Enjoying green juices and smoothies are things I miss the most.

Just buy frozen packs of fruits from Walmart, Target, or Whole Foods along with mixed greens like kale and you got yourself a filling and nutritious shake.

LEVOIT Air Purifier Perfect for Small Dorm Room

Everyone raves about this air purifier. Times like now we have to be careful.

Taking care of ourselves should be our main priority in life.

An amazing purifier that can hold a big area coverage, Get it on Amazon

Cleaning supplies I swear by! Cheap and Affordable

Cleaning is very important and I love this vacuum cleaner that I wish I have got sooner Get it on Amazon.

I love that it is cordless and really helpful!

Instant Pot

You can cook rice here and meals, very versatile Get it on Amazon

You can cook eggs in here too in bug batches, but having no stove to cook another helping appliance of at least two will be amazing.

Mini Beauty Refrigerator

It has LOTS of dividers unlike others, Get it on Amazon

I was stressing all throughout college and had so many breakouts that I covered up in makeup.

While I did a good job covering my under-eye circles and pimples. I always was so lazy to remove my makeup and do the whole shebang when you are tired.

I know it sounds like I am making excuses but that lazy moment made my skin break out into lots of acne, I cried every day.

I healed my skin now from lots of acne but I know I need to maintain it.

Happy ending!

This post was all about best dorm appliance you need

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