How To Be Brutal When Decluttering (The Definitive Guide)

This post is all about bring brutal when decluttering

Can decluttering your house really make you happier? – BBC. Being clutter free at home is a big deal. Clutter can greatly affect you and people around you. Do not let clutter dictate your entire life.

How to be brutal when decluttering

Marie Kondo, Tidying Up and the Ruthless War on Stuff

  • Learn what clothes you only need and wear all the time
  • Say no to buying more stuff especially when you have enough
  • Learn to be more digital, store your excess files or photos online
  • Develop a paperless habit
  • Avoid triggering to hoard or declutter, Out of Sight – Out of Mind
  • Giveaway toys that your kid will not want anymore
  • Remember that there will be someone out there that can be happy when you give your stuff to
  • Rally up your items that you own, and ask yourself if you will use them still
  • If you haven’t used an item for a month then give it up
  • Let go of clothes that does not fit you well and your lifestyle
  • Storing Appliances just in case, you should know by now which ones you really ought to use.
floor brutal declutter with baskets

How to be ruthless when decluttering

HOW TO BE RUTHLESS WHEN DECLUTTERING CLOTHES [EASY AND EFFECTIVE GUIDE] When it comes down to it being gentle is not enough to clean and be clutter free. You need to thank your item and the memories that item has saved and done it’s purpose. After that it is time to move on and move forward.

How to be ruthless when decluttering clothes

Do not keep anything you do not wear. Stop buying clothes that are not your size even if you say you will lose weight for many times now. Learn to love your body you are in right now, focus on the present time.

How to be ruthless when decluttering your home

Remember that your home is where you start and end your day, it is mostly true for other people. Even if times and days get super hectic and super busy always have time for what matters most, and that is cleaning and organizing to get things done.

Top 5 Ruthless decluttering tips

  1. Learn to say no to any item that will enter your home without a purpose
  2. Living intentional with what you want your home to be clutter free vision.
  3. Live simple and happy life, memories with loved ones should be the most important thing in this world. It all starts by loving and accepting yourself.
  4. Live contently in life. Pray to God that all your feelings will be calm and feeling of gratitude will always prosper.
  5. Live sustainable and avoid consumerism with a logic of buying things and consuming things you only truly need.

How do you seriously declutter?

Declutter clinic: It’s time to be ruthless – House Beautiful. Decluttering is not an easy job in the first place, no one said it was going to be easy, yes not even me. With so much going on in the world cleaning, organizing, and decluttering would be one of the things you might think last. To be serious on decluttering is to think how great it would be to change your life for the better for free, if by any chances you can earn money by selling your Knick knacks in the process. Meditate and Pray everyday to gain strength and guidance.

This post was all about how to be brutal when decluttering

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