Can You Say Wedding Shower Instead Of Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is a party celebrating the bride-to-be. The occasion is usually hosted by the bride’s friends and family, who gather to give her…


A bridal shower is a party celebrating the bride-to-be. The occasion is usually hosted by the bride’s friends and family, who gather to give her presents and well wishes before she gets married. A wedding shower might also be celebrated for the groom, but that isn’t very common these days. A bridal shower is usually held either before or after the wedding. It’s common to have multiple showers, especially if the bride has a lot of friends and family who want to celebrate her special day. Some people even throw showers for both bride and groom!

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A wedding shower is a party for the bride or groom. It’s a way to celebrate the upcoming wedding, as well as thank and honor the bride and groom for including you in their big day. The main focus of this party is gifts, but you can also have games and other fun activities at it.

  • Wedding showers include gifts for both the bride and groom–you shouldn’t just buy something for one person and ignore the other!
  • You can throw your own shower if you want to do something different than what everyone else does (and maybe save some money).

What Is a Wedding Shower?

A bridal shower is a party for the bride to celebrate her upcoming marriage. It’s usually held by the bride’s friends and family, usually in the bride’s home shortly before the wedding.

In some cultures, showers are seen as an opportunity to ask friends and family to give money towards buying things for your new home. In other cases, it’s considered tacky or inappropriate to ask for presents at all; this is especially true among older couples who may already have everything they need.

What Happens at a Wedding Shower?

No matter what you call it, a wedding shower is a fun and light-hearted way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials of a friend or loved one. The bride typically takes center stage at the event, with her family and friends surrounding her as she opens gifts and gives speeches. She’s also likely to be asked to dance by other attendees—a tradition that dates back centuries!

Who Hosts a Wedding Shower?

As the bride-to-be, you may want to plan your own bridal shower. However, it’s common for the mother or sister of the bride and groom to host the event. In fact, this is often considered a good way of honoring both families while they prepare for their new life together.

If you choose not to have a family member host your bridal shower (or if you don’t have anyone in your family who would be willing), then consider asking one of your close friends or someone in your workplace community — this way, there will be less pressure on any one person and more opportunity for everyone to get involved!

Who Attends a Wedding Shower?

Who attends a wedding shower?

A bride’s side of the family is invited to attend the bride’s shower, and the groom’s side of the family is invited to attend the groom’s shower. If there are two brides or two grooms, each couple will have their own separate shower. In this case, both couples may choose to host their own party together as well.

When Do You Have a Wedding Shower?

Although weddings are often held on Saturday or Sunday, they can happen on any day of the week. Since many people work on Saturdays and Sundays, a wedding held on another day of the week has a better chance of getting everyone’s attention.

Should I Send My Wedding Party to the Bridal Shower?

Don’t send your wedding party to the bridal shower unless you want them to have a good time, be more involved in the process, or both.

If you do want them to have a good time and/or want them to be more involved in the process, then by all means send them!

What Gifts Do You Give at a Wedding Shower?

Wedding shower gifts are usually not very expensive. In fact, the bride-to-be will probably spend more than you on her bridal shower. This is because she has to buy a lot of things for herself and her future spouse for the wedding.

The best wedding shower gift ideas are practical ones that can be used in your everyday life. A good idea would be to give a nice set of wine glasses or a nice bottle of wine (if they’re drinkers). You could also buy them some travel accessories if they’re going away together soon after the wedding. If they’re not big travelers, then consider giving them something like towels or sheets that will make their bed comfortable when they need it most!If you’re looking for something more personal that shows how well you know them, try giving them an electronic device like an MP3 player or tablet computer so they can listen to music while traveling or use apps on their computer at home. Don’t forget about those couples who love reading books—you could get them one by their favorite author!

What If a Person Can’t Attend the Bridal Shower?

There are several ways you can send a wedding shower gift if you are unable to attend.

  • Send a gift in the mail: You can purchase items from the bride and groom’s registry or purchase something else that they may need for their new life together. A card is also a great way to let them know that you are thinking about them on their special day.
  • Gift certificate: If you know what the couple would like but cannot find it anywhere, consider giving them a gift certificate so that they can purchase something else after the wedding. You don’t want your friend getting stuck with an item she doesn’t need!
  • Gift for the couple: Another option is to send something nice directly to their home as well as sending gift cards or cash cards in case there’s anything else that comes up at last minute (as we all know happens!). This option is especially helpful if there are no bridal showers scheduled nearby but still want some sort of party before heading off on their honeymoon trip abroad somewhere exotic 🙂

A wedding shower may be celebrated for either bride or groom, or for both.

A wedding shower may be celebrated for either bride or groom, or for both.

The bridal shower is a party hosted by the bride’s female friends shortly before her wedding to which they invite the bride’s and groom’s families. The couple is honored with gifts of household and kitchen items, linens, china and crystal. Bridesmaids often throw the shower as well. Traditionally, the guests gather at home of one of the guests who throws the party. Bridal showers are lavish affairs that can turn into all-day events where friends of family come together to celebrate a couple’s upcoming marriage. A bridal shower may also be held in honor of an engaged woman before she gets married — this event is known as a “couples’ shower.” But what about just for men? There are no restrictions on who can host a bachelor party — it really can be anyone! In fact, we tend to hear more about these types of parties than bachelorette parties because they’re more likely to involve drinking and other activities that might get people in trouble if they were held at public locations such as bars or restaurants (though there are certainly many ways around this too).


A wedding shower is a great way to celebrate the bride or groom, and their upcoming marriage. It’s a fun event that lets all your family and friends come together for some good food, drinks and gifts! After all, you’re in this together!

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