Can You Wear A Christmas Jumper After Christmas Day?

There are so many reasons to wear festive knitwear after December 25th, but first, let’s talk about why some people may not be keen on the idea. Some feel that wearing a Christmas jumper after Christmas Day is almost sacrilegious – and we agree. Not in the religious sense of course (you can wear what you want when you want), but in that it goes against everything we have been taught about being festive. We are taught to shun anything remotely Christmassy until December 1st, and then once the big day has arrived we should pack our kits away forever more … Or should we?

We don’t think so! Yes, there is something wonderfully nostalgic about getting your decorations out once a year, but if you love all things festive and knitted (and who doesn’t?) why limit yourself to just one month? There are still weeks of winter left! Why wouldn’t you want to brighten up those dark days with a bit of sparkle or some joyous jingle bells?

Some people think that Christmas jumpers should be saved for Christmas Day only, but we disagree.

A Christmas jumper is an essential part of the Christmas spirit, and some people think that they should be worn only on Christmas Day. However, we disagree—these festive sweaters are for everyone to enjoy all December long!

Christmas jumpers are a fun way to get into the festive spirit. If you wear them in the lead-up to Christmas, it can help you get excited about this special time of year.

Plus, your Christmas jumper doesn’t have to be about celebrating Christmas specifically. It could be about a general celebration of winter. You can even wear one before December starts if you’re just very enthusiastic about getting into the winter mood!

Finally, if you have kids or a family who aren’t keen on joining in with the holiday fun, your festive sweater can help change their minds and get them excited too!

You might just love them so much you want to wear one all year round.

If you are left feeling in two minds about whether to wear a Christmas jumper after Christmas Day, why not give it a go? After all, there may be some people who still haven’t had the opportunity to see your new festive jumper and it would be such a shame if they missed out. You might just love them so much you want to wear one all year round. You might not want to put them away again next year, preferring instead to have a Christmas jumper which is ready and waiting for the festive season whenever it comes around. Alternatively, you might prefer to wear one every now and then or only when you feel like it. There are no rules here!

Other than that, there is always the option of donning your new festive favourite as a reminder that Christmas will come back around again eventually – especially if we live through another lockdown! It might also be nice to wear one from the previous years with pride; perhaps on each anniversary of the day you came home with your new garment in 2020 (and even beyond). Or maybe you just want to know that your carefully chosen purchase from last year is hanging up in its very own space until next year comes around again?

If you’re concerned about being too cheesy, here are some tips on how to avoid looking like a walking Christmas tree.

If the answer to “Can you wear a Christmas jumper after Christmas Day?” is yes, then the follow-up question becomes: how do you wear it after December 25th?

While wearing a Christmas jumper with confidence and style will always be more important than picking the right garment, there are some rules for those who want to avoid looking like Father Christmas on their way to the office. We have listed them below.

  • Pick a plain colour rather than a novelty print or colour.
  • Choose stripes or spots over shape prints like snowmen, reindeers and Santa Claus.
  • Wear your Christmas jumper with jeans and a T-shirt underneath (regardless of whether it is winter or summer).
  • And look for garish colours that are more neutral – such as burgundy, green and blue – rather than reds, whites and yellows!

Pick a plain coloured jumper with a subtle theme

If you’d like to avoid the classic Christmas jumper, try opting for a festive item that’s subtle enough to wear all year round. For example, red and green are both useful colours to have in your wardrobe, and if you want something a little more wintry, opt for white or silver.

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s not really a Christmas sweater.” Well, let me tell you about a breakthrough I made recently. I was shopping for some new sweaters and came across an affordable burgundy pullover with white buttons up the front. It was perfect—until I realized that there were several patches of black felt sewn onto it in various geometrical patterns. I took it into the dressing room anyway and tried it on; it looked great! Only later did I notice that they weren’t just any old geometric shapes—they were actually tiny Christmas trees (with ornaments!). It’s the most subdued Christmas sweater I’ve ever seen; my friends didn’t even realize what it was until I told them.

Choose an understated print

The key to wearing a Christmas jumper after December 25th is to keep it subtle. If you’re going for the vintage look, don’t choose the one with a massive flashing bulb that reads “Merry Xmas” (especially if the bulbs are blinking). And avoid anything that has an obvious spelling error on it like “Marry Xmass” or a misspelled word like “Chrismas”. The same goes for those sweaters that have an image of Santa and his reindeer flying across the moon—opt for something understated, like one with just Santa on it instead. You don’t necessarily want someone asking you why there’s a picture of Rudolph prancing around your torso when you’ve already told them about how much you hate Christmas.

If you want to be festive but can’t find any vintage sweaters, consider buying new ones! Any sweater with poinsettias or holly leaves will do–just make sure they’re not too garish. If you don’t want to wear red and green all year round, then go for more neutral colors such as black or blue. This way they’ll still work when it’s time to celebrate again next year!

A cute kitten on a sweater is also holiday-appropriate without being too in your face about its fashion statement; this means that even though some people might not know what season it is by looking at what kind of sweater someone is wearing (or if they only see part of its pattern), others could guess based off their knowledge about cats and Christmastime decorations.”

Go for stripes or spots instead of a novelty print

And speaking of novelty, the best way to wear a Christmas jumper after Christmas day is to avoid the actual novelty altogether. Instead, opt for stripes or spots in deep, moody hues like dark green and navy. If a patterned sweater isn’t your thing then go for a plain coloured sweater in an autumnal hue – rust or mustard yellow will do just as well. A bit of texture like ribbing or cable knit is also acceptable if you’re not into block colours, but do your best to avoid prints that scream Christmas!

You can wear your Christmas jumper after Christmas in three easy ways.

If you want to wear your Christmas jumper after Christmas, here’s how to make it work in other situations.

  • Pair with smart trousers for a day of meetings at the office. The smart/casual look is easy to pull off. You can even add a tie if you like, and make sure your shoes are formal too.
  • Wear with a blazer for an evening out with friends or family. This look works well if you are heading out for dinner or drinks as it’s casual but still stylish, and gives off a relaxed vibe.
  • Match with jeans for a casual weekend coffee date. If you’re going on a laid back date this is the look for you; just don’t overdo the layering because this could get too hot and uncomfortable, especially during winter!

The only rule when wearing your Christmas jumper after Christmas? Don’t wear it too often


So, are you feeling inspired? Christmas jumpers are a fun and charming way to ring in the holidays. Their ability to bring joy and warmth is undiminished by the end of the holiday season. In fact, their presence in your wardrobe can help keep you looking on the bright side of life even when it’s freezing cold outside and your building manager has cancelled winter heat for budgetary reasons. Let’s be honest: none of us really want this Christmas-season business to end, so why not wear a fabulous yet tasteful sweater that says “I love Christmas!” into January? I hope this guide helped demonstrate what an attractive option it is to keep your festive sweaters around after December 26th—and how much they can add to an outfit.


You know you’ve been good this year. Really good. You’ve done the right thing, you’ve helped people out, and you’ve gone to all your sister’s kid’s birthday parties even when she lives in New York.

So why not treat yourself to a Christmas Jumper? But what about after Christmas? Can you wear them after Christmas? What about Boxing Day? Or any other day of the year for that matter?

We answer all these questions and more in our dedicated guide on the subject. And remember – if in doubt, just dance it out!

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