Can You Wear Red After Christmas?

Whether you’re a dedicated Christmas enthusiast or one who barely gave the holiday season a passing thought, now that it’s over, you might be wondering if there’s a red-wearing protocol to follow. Maybe your wardrobe consists entirely of monochromatic looks or maybe you have just one statement piece in your closet—a red dress, jacket, sweater, or something else—that you can’t help but wear. Or perhaps you’re simply curious about whether there is any sort of etiquette associated with wearing the color after December 25th.

We’ll answer all these questions and also explore how fashion has changed over the years as it relates to color and seasonal trends.

You can and should wear red after Christmas! Here’s why.

You can and should wear red after Christmas! Here’s why:

  • Red is a bold, beautiful color. Its rich, deep quality adds elegance to any evening look, while bright red is perfect for expressing your fun, flirty side. The color brings joy to any wardrobe, so why retire it just because the holidays are over? If you love it in December, you’ll love it in every other month too.
  • There are many ways to wear red all year long. If a full-on gown of crimson silk isn’t appropriate for your afternoon meeting at work or lunch with friends, you can still incorporate the hue into your outfit by wearing it as an accessory such as a purse or shoes. That way you’ll get the look without going overboard—and no one has to know that your go-to pantsuit is actually puce and not gray until they get close enough to see the fabric tag peeking out from under the waistband!

You don’t have to stop loving Christmas just because it’s over.

You don’t have to stop loving Christmas just because it’s over. You can still celebrate the holiday after December 25th, and that includes wearing red. There’s no law that says you have to immediately change your color palette from red and green to white and blue as soon as midnight strikes on December 25th (unless you live in the North Pole).

Here are some ideas for how you might continue incorporating red into your wardrobe:

  • When it comes to plaid, a pattern like red buffalo check can work year-round. It doesn’t scream “Christmas,” especially once January rolls around. Wear it with navy or grey to keep it casual.
  • Winterberry is another plaid pattern that doesn’t strike anyone as particularly Christmassy when worn in winter, even if its name sounds like a song by Mariah Carey. You could also try this color scheme with something like a tartan or gingham instead of plaid—and remember that there are so many other shades of red besides bright crimson!

Red plaid goes well with a variety of colors.

The great thing about red plaid is that it goes well with a multitude of other colors, but particularly well with neutrals like white, black, grey, and brown. For example:

  • Black leggings
  • Brown boots
  • White blouse or cardigan overtop
  • Grey coat

Ways you can wear red after Christmas

  • You can wear red pants with a black, white, or grey shirt.
  • You can wear a red shirt with black, white, or grey pants.
  • You can wear red shoes and socks with an outfit of any color.
  • Red accessories like belts and hats are also a viable option during the winter months when your red holiday party dress is wearing thin in the closet, but it’s still too cold to walk around outside in just your bra and underwear on St. Patrick’s Day (and every day).
  • Red and black plaid looks good after Christmas because you’re being super goth about no longer being able to wear red for the rest of the year until next December 25th rolls around again (typically 1-2 months later each year). The plaid pattern signals that although it’s now the new year, you’ll be stuck wearing black until summer (June-July) rolls around again—unless you live in Alaska or Russia, where winter lasts nine months out of every year and everyone dresses like they’re attending a funeral all the time anyway because there’s nothing else to do but ski and drink vodka other than drinking more vodka while skiing on top of volcanoes that could erupt at any moment if you ski too hard or accidentally get into a shoving contest on one with someone who doesn’t know their own strength (although this would be kind of amazing if it were to happen because then at least you’d have one last amazing story from your life before dying).

Business casual

It’s not about what clothes you can wear, it’s about a mindset. Red is a very strong color and you need to be confident in wearing it otherwise no matter what other colors you wear with it, you will look awkward.

Every color goes well with white, so as long as your red is fresh and tasteful then you should have no problem wearing it after Christmas.

If you want to go for a classy look, remember that the blacks and whites are always safe combinations. If your outfit includes a red skirt or trousers, try pairing them with black shoes (boots, flat or heels).


If you’re strictly thinking in terms of the color red, the answer is yes. In fact, it’s easier than ever to wear head-to-toe red right now and be on trend. The most recent runways were filled with fashionistas showing off their crimson hues, and as we all know, what happens on the runway eventually trickles down to our closets.

That said, even though red is totally “in” right now, you should also pay attention to any specific colors that are trending at the same time. One year it might be a great idea to wear bright red pants with a gray top (for example), but just one year later that exact outfit could end up looking very dated. In other words—there are no hard and fast rules about which colors go with others (other than perhaps not wearing hot pink with neon green). So if you see something you like—go for it!


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It’s okay if you aren’t ready to put away all your red clothes.

It’s okay if you aren’t ready to put away all your red clothes. The color red transcends cultural references, and is just as at home in the summertime as it is in the winter. That said, fashion sometimes does have a way of aligning itself with seasons, and some people believe that wearing red after Christmas just isn’t done. But that’s just not true! Red looks great anytime of year—it’s festive! So wear your red plaid shirt now—and wear it all year round.


All in all, as we’ve seen from this blog post, the color red is not just appropriate for Christmas time. It’s a versatile color that can be worn during any season—which means there’s no bad time to don your favorite plaid shirt, buffalo check dress, or pair of red jeans. So get out there and show those people that you mean business! If you feel like it’s too late to wear red this past holiday season, remember: it’s never too late to have a good time.


Here are some common questions you may have about wearing red after Christmas:

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