Why Can’t I Be Productive At Home and How To Change That [Read This First!]

This post is all about Why can’t be productive at home When I am not productive working from home I tend to lose my focus…


This post is all about Why can’t be productive at home

When I am not productive working from home I tend to lose my focus and quite frankly never get stuff done. Home is better known for self-expression. Where do we find relaxation, how do we focus and give undivided attention to productivity at home? Read more to learn more.

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How to be productive at home

Try to have your own space and make it your own productivity area where you do your work and have your to-do list written.

Explore the resources that you currently have. Do you have a nice space for a table and chair for you to work with your computer or laptop in? Decorate to your heart’s desire and make it lovely to spark creativity and productivity while doing some work.

Let people know that you are working and still converse with people daily because you live together.

Do not ignore your family even if you are working. The family will be the priority and even if you are working for them it is no excuse for you to be absent around them. You can kindly excuse everyone to get back to your workstation.

Feeling more productive with a clean space and uncluttered working station. Dirty and many things on top of your table can make you less productive and can be distracted from left to right.

Have a walk and make it like a break time for you. Having a walking exercise can inspire you and center your thoughts and regain focus.

How to structure your day working from home

  1. Create a work schedule that you can attain easily and not setting unrealistic goals for yourself
  2. Set expectations that you can do and not struggle to do.
  3. Outsource some help if you need to. No one is an island.
  4. Having the right kind of mindset and get things done efficinetly and not have too many breaks which can lessen your productivity rate.

Creating your schedule at home might be new to everyone now. Your commute will become eliminated. Your lunch or snack time can be easier and healthier to make.

When working remotely you can manage your day by starting tasks with time-sensitive deadlines and prioritizing the sequence of your work or job duties.

Upon structuring your working day list out all the tasks that you do on a whole week and try filling out the slots of Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Start with organizing your tasks that are urgent and need to be completed in the near future. When you still have a lot of energy tackle the hard ones which require extensive work strategies and Lastly, leave in the end for small tasks that can be done in minutes to better restructure your workday schedule.

Why is it so hard to be productive during quarantine

I always wonder why is it so hard to be productive during quarantine. Maybe having a more inspiring point of view and having depressing days can suck out the creativity within a person.

Having to cope with the effects of quarantine takes time. We had never dealt with anything like this before. Being more prepared and taking care of yourself more will do wonders.

Do not feel the pressure to be productive during the lockdown. Some of us can be easily affected when people try to post their own experiences and achievements from quarantine. You just need to focus on your own lane and do not mind other people.

How to be productive at home

While I was staying at home some people can be unproductive. There are benefits of being productive at home.

  • When multitasking try to be more detailed and not freak out.
  • Take advantage of mornings to get tasks done sooner.
  • Planning the week is a strong start to be productive at home. You can require yourself to already have a plan for tomorrow. For expert planning and to be able to see a bigger picture of your organizing tasks management do 2 to 3 months ahead of time planning of your productivty plan.

Have all your essentials in one bag to avoid looking for stuff all over your home. You may end up stopping working and watching TikTok videos all day long.

Benefits of being productive at home

First, you can save money from commuting to and from work. Gasoline nowadays the prices only goes up and up as the day goes by. Even if you are driving an electric car. Lastly, You can expect an increase in electric bills especially the homes that becomes smart homes and depend a whole lot more on technology than human interaction or human actions.

  1. You get more work done comfortably because you are in the comforts of your own home
  2. You can dressed up whatever look you want without the pressure
  3. No more traffic and rude commuting
  4. No human interaction needed which is good especially for introverts
  5. Working at home will not last in some companies and will go back soon to your regular office if you feel awkward working from home.

Has the pandemic made you lazier or more active how

Have you asked yourself has the pandemic made you lazier or more active now? For me, I could say I had become more active because I finally have free time to work on projects and dreams I would like to pursue. It is just looking at the coin and either side is fairly different on design but at the end of the day, it is still in one coin body form.

Benefits of being productive in life

I love the benefits of being productive in life. You tend to be successful and hone your skills and evolve more as a person.

You have room for more growth and becoming a much better person spiritually and physically. You will love yourself more by filling your cup and spreading love and positivity to everybody.

Not being productive at work

Not being productive at work can be troublesome because you cannot have any progress when it comes to your workload. Chances of your promotion could be delayed. Hard work pays off but works smarter not harder. Enjoy the work you are doing then you do not have to feel like you are working on a job that you do not love and care for. Life is too short.

Why can’t I be productive at home and how can I change it?

Being too aggressive with productivity when in the first place you need to have some solid focus goals you need to do. Having a small step by step plan guide on how you can be more productive can make you change your habit. Having a coffee and breakfast in the morning can really jumpstart your day.

Have things on your to do list and handle each one at a time. Always have the motivation and cheer yourself up. Get that willpower to change old procrastination habits and stay productive at home. Have a different space wherein you can work instead of working on your bed. Wherever you feel most productive is where you should be at.

Making yourself productive is quite hard because of all the distractions around you. Turn off your cellphone, and tv for a while to stop you. Constantly checking Facebook, Youtube and Instagram can get you lost the track of time.

Make yourself more productive at home by setting small achievable goals that are realistic. Consider all the factors that your life has and work around them.

You can be productive when you have nothing to do by meditating and looking after yourself. Learn new skills or educate yourself. Learning never stops and will make you grow more as a person. This would be the time for you to sleep and relax. After a hard day’s work always find time to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure, take a hot bubble bath and read a good book.

Stop the feeling of productivity shame by making yourself accountable. Lead yourself the way to the life you want and what is honest. Changing your mindset is ideal. Make rules or things to remember from certain life struggles you overcame before and learn from the experience. Take advantage of what you already have instead of dwelling on things you currently do not have.

Never forget to make time for yourself to have energy for tomorrow and boost up your productivity levels. Resting does not mean giving up or moving on to a slow pace. taking a break from working is also being productive as you recharge yourself for the next big tasks that you have. Never feel guilty of taking a good ample amount of rest.

Making yourself to be productive, If you put all your energy into one single thing and not see growth. You need to have a new strategize plan and work on it for 6 months to see progress.
Make the sense of goals and what to do next to have direction. Measure your goals and know exactly how and when to finally have productivity increased. If you fall hard from being stuck rise back up faster and adjust. Time management and being more organized can avoid being overwhelmed by a lot of things that you need to check off your to do list.

Make yourself productive at home by having a schedule that works for all aspects of your life, family, career, and hobbies or self care. Designate a table where you will focus on productivity. One secret way is to finish tasks you need for the day quickly like taking a shower meal prepping before jumping towards working. Set a timer for tasks to equally divide your time wisely. Lastly, push through your tasks within the working hours and when you are done close your computer and spend time with the family and work on yourself.

How to not feel less productive working from home

You can easily tell people have been posting a lot of things related to working from home. Although seems to be that everyone has been exposed to change. Always having a good stable presence and peace of mind when working can double your productivity over time.

Why is it so hard for me to be productive and focus at home

You tend to take it easy when you are at home. No boss or employer can monitor exactly what you do at home. Easy to goof off or sleep. Home comforts us and which in return distracts us.

It is hard to focus at home because

Staying focused is hard as is. Having to focus while being home is difficult too. Having the same co-workers or colleagues is not with you anymore. Most times you can get affected by your work environment. Chances are more breaks will be made and can be distracted by other family members or low-performing computers that you have versus what you have at the office.

Being productive can be so hard

If you think it is hard then it will be. Be more organized about your week and think of what you need to accomplish for this month. When you are at home it does not mean you should slack off. I feel grateful when I could work at home because it means I do not have to deal with traffic, gas money, and eating out in restaurants to save more money. At home, I can have much freedom and time, cook, and eat home-cooked meals.

To increase productivity and focus by

I work hard and I noticed that to increase my productivity is having a complete set of things I needed to work on as my planner and checklists. Managing your time well daily can increase your productivity as you can easily track your accomplishments and goals you had to accomplish for today. Avoid your mobile gadgets and having too much noise can lose your concentration. If you need to remember certain notes or events definitely write them down and tackle them for later.

Here is what you need to do when you are struggling to focus

Have a quiet peaceful work setup and avoid looking everywhere so much. Control your mindset and know you can be done if you give your undivided attention and focus to one task at a time. Pen and Paper would be your best friend. Always relax and work on your tasks and see them get done one by one and how satisfying that is.

I am very productive at work but at home, I am not

Our motivation can be changed over time and maintaining productivity every single day is a challenge. It could easily be affected by our surroundings, our relationships, and our lifestyle choices. Working a job means getting paid and earning money. Make something for yourself.

Working from home can be lonely especially when you work on the same tasks each day, find a compromise and make your work more promising and inspiring again. I know it is never easy and it is very new to all of us. Adapt changes very well and try to find ways to be more productive.

Spending so many hours just sitting and grinding day after day can be energy draining. You can absolutely give yourself a reward from working so hard so you can have motivation when you feel like you do not have the energy and liveliness anymore.

Make yourself busy and finish your tasks meticulously and earlier. Change your home design to alter it to your current mood. Make your working space at home more beautiful and fun.

We are not alone and most people do struggle to be productive. If you digest everything you can easily spot that why we are not being productive at work is because of our mindset. Always take care of your mental health and well being which can, later on, translate to your working etiquette.

Productive at work, useless at home

What the difference is your mindset. Adjusting and having a good mindset before thinking you want to be productive at home is important.

You know it yourself and what you are being stubborn about and what can break your procrastination when being productive at home.

I noticed most employers can allow their own employees who have been in the company for years.

Keep up with good working habits and have tasks done according to schedule. You can be more strategized and tailor made your schedule when you are at home. Have a trusted routine you can always use as a system to avoid imbalance and fall over the productivity train.

How to be productive every day

  • Jot down tasks you needed to acoomplish that day and sort it from first priority to last prioritty.
  • Think of things that are simply not worth your time.
  • If you think you had wrong things you are doing try to correct the mistakes early on fast.
  • Do not have any room for distractions
  • Keep your inbox cleaned and updated for any new emails

Not so productive day

Having self discipline when working at home is hard. You need to start small and start achieving your small goals before going to bed every day.
Be productive as you could be to avoid feeling lazy and unmotivated. Most times pushing ourselves when we still have so little thing left to do can make us finish it in no time.

There are really days when we wake up and do not feel so productive. I have been there it was so difficult. Always try to push yourself, show up at work and perform well. Our thinking could be always the reason why we are stopping. Being consistent is being rewarded nonetheless in due time. Do not ever start at a later day as you tend to do nothing.

Handling unproductive days can be troublesome. It is okay to take a rest but not super long. Be mindful and intentional when you are wanting to gain rest time. Balance your time well at work to avoid being unproductive.

Writing your goals down for the day on a notepad will help you track time and your endeavors for the day. Working towards your list of goals can make you unproductive to being productive than you have ever been before. Over 73% of working employees feel unproductive at work.

Accept that you need to turn things around and start having progress at work. It may be today that you do not feel the motivation to be productive. Do a light task that can move the needle and make some improvements at work. On following days you can work hard and double down what you lacked from yesterday.

It is a great feeling that you have already done most of your work early in the day. While performing your tasks around at work, think of an incentive you can give yourself.

Having a plan towards becoming productive needs scheduling. When you need rest and do not feel guilty to take a break, it is okay. We are human and capable of feeling tired and drained. The plan will not always work, the plan is always changing. Keep your sanity and your willpower to push through a bad day.

Is it okay to not be productive one day?

Unproductive days whether we like it or not will come and it will be inevitable. We can always make ourselves more productive and try to bounce back even coming from weeks or months of being inactive. We could feel unproductive periodically for 1.5 to 2 days is normal. Weekends of having 2 days off are essential to rest your mind and body to handle unproductive days.

Even the most extremely productive people can feel down on most days. It is part of our life and we should start treating ourselves more nicely and to avoid overworking the rest of our lives. You keep working and working and get sick who will take care of you then?

Why Do I switch between highly productive days to being unproductive

Our issue is leaning towards having productivity as a measurement of success. Instead being consistent is how we can have hope to be successful.

Being productive does not only mean working or doing school projects at school. Being productive also means taking care of your body, having self-love, daily, exercising, and eating healthy meals and fruits and vegetables.

This post was all about Why can’t I be productive at home

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