8 negative effects of clutter you must know (with Best Tips)

clutter clean up tips

Negative effects of clutter are spreading, are you aware of it? Decluttering is one great organizing tool we could all use. Negative effects of clutter You Were Not Aware of Lose of concentration Always feeling unproductive Having a negative mindset Creativity blocked Unbalanced sleeping Not in the mood Feeling trapped Avoiding to declutter Why clutter … Read more

Why is minimalist living important

living a minimalist lifestyle

Why is minimalist living important that you need to know Living simple and minimalist might be the very important thing you need to know right now. Here are some money secrets of single-income families – CNBC. Being able to contribute to life in a more meaningful way is a whole new level of thinking. Living … Read more

How to set up a minimalist iPhone

how to make a minimalist iphone

This post is about how to make my minimalist iPhone Did you know apple the inventor and owner of the iPhone have Apple says it rejected almost 1 million new apps in 2020 – CNBC. Talk about very surprising! Summary Takeaways Clean Neutral color palette Minimal App Icons on Deck Delete unused apps Clean up … Read more