Can minimalist be colorful

minimalist home color

Minimalist colorful palette? How exciting is that minimalist does not only limit to earth neutral tone colors? The colors remind me of the fall season with all the muted neutral tones that are perfect for a minimalist color story. 17 fall decorating ideas, according to interior designers Are minimalist colors are boring? I used to … Read more

Do minimalists buy homes?

minimalist house cost

Do minimalists buy homes and why Finding a home for any minimalist is quite an interesting challenge. It has to suit your taste and make it your own. Housing Market News – CNBC. You can own a much less expensive space when you think of it Inside a 27-year-old’s $560,000 condo in Hawaii – CNBC. … Read more

How to start a minimalist home

How to start a minimalist home that is cozy

How to start a minimalist home today Why do you want to start a minimalist lifestyle? What do you call a minimalist person? We cannot deny that transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle could take 1 to 2 years now with the help of current articles and many people to have inspiration from. 10 minimalist houses … Read more