How to declutter and live simply [For Beginners]

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This post is all about How to declutter and live simply

Living with less stuff and being a minimalist is nowadays getting more and more popular. Minimal life of just having basic necessities after decluttering. You can easily judge a minimalist living is far different from the norm because now you live with intention in mind.

How to declutter Your Home Like a minimalist

Choosing differently than before. Downsizing your belongings.

Be a minimalist when you have a lot of stuff by decluttering. Let go of things that you had forgotten to clean or throw away. The difference between Decluttering is getting rid of stuff while Minimalism is living with less stuff.

Extreme Decluttering is connected with minimalism by having a before and after if you came from a different lifestyle.

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Decluttering is simply putting into categories of items that you have to donate, sell, or throw. After decluttering you will know which items you actually use and you can live minimally by being more conscious of what you bring at home.

Minimalist home tips

If you are thinking of starting to have your home in a minimalist design or minimalist way now is the time to start.

Having the Minimalist home essentials list of having muted colors to avoid distractions, Cute decorations that give meaning to you, Furniture pieces that have double purposes, or multipurpose usage.

Declutter your home by really putting an effort towards choosing pieces that you only use. You might want to practice First In, First Out process when decluttering. First In and First Out decluttering process lets you decide on what to get rid of one item and replace it with the current item you have.

Start living a minimalist lifestyle by first being intentional about what you put in your home. Make a minimalist home cozy by adding texture or items that give you serene and calming energy when you wake up.

Minimalist needs basic essentials list

Have you ever wondered what items to have when starting your minimalism journey? Think of the items that will greatly help you.

Multipurpose household items are very helpful and save up money and space in your home. Read on How to Make a home inventory binder [Easy Guide]

  1. One plate per person
  2. one bowl
  3. one bag
  4. one shoe for walking
  5. one shoe for work
  6. one multipurpose spatula for cooking
  7. a can opener
  8. food containers that can be used to reheat and store your food
  9. A sleeping area of your bed
  10. a pillow
  11. blanket
  12. sofa or sitting area
  13. dining table
  14. on your closet, start by having 10 items you usually wear including shoes, jewelry, and bags.
  15. Memorable items and personal items that makes you happy

Having the basic needs of humans are food, clothing and shelter is a popular one. Circle back and think about what items you need in your daily life to continue each day is the way to start living minimally. Ask yourself some questions and really go deep and evaluate your spending habits and specific needs and is it really important for you?

How to live minimalist with a family

We all love our family but sometimes we tend to buy unnecessary stuff which sometimes could be many useless items too. Have a more good inventory when it comes to what items you are letting inside of your home.

Our family needs tender loving care and items or the latest gadgets are not the answer to make your family member feel your love for them. Spending quality time with the family is the biggest factor and understanding the concern and welfare of each other.

  1. Know what your family really needs
  2. Happily spend on things that can give you a better cash back than a happiness of just a short time
  3. Nurture and always guide your kids
  4. Live in the present and enjoy your life
  5. Do not look at what other families are doing and making it a standards of your own family
  6. Your family should be your priority
  7. Love your family unconditionally

Minimalist lifestyle for families is a big chance that most might think it is hard. Always remember that switching to a minimalist lifestyle for your family cannot be done overnight others take 2 years to get results.

It is like relearning and understanding deeply why families choose to live a minimalist lifestyle. The most common reasons are to become financially free, tired of maintaining a big home and taking care of many household chores. A very dysfunctional home system in accumulating items is very tiring that is why decluttering and living minimally is a much better option for families.

How to live frugally with a family

Learn what items are a big necessity in your home. Avoid big brand names that the quality is not that good. Living with intentional with everyday things. Always stay grateful and loving to your family. The impact of having investments can bring you a good tomorrow. Make a good judgment of what you should spend before losing your money right away.

Living frugally does not mean you are not living life to the fullest. You make life more meaningful for things you already have and what you have in your life.

Having a grateful heart and using items till their last makes you smarter. Live an honest to goodness life and you will not regret any of it.

Decluttering by Choosing Items Intentionally

Having to choose which ones to get will make you rethink your spending habits. Making your purchase from before counts as you tend to live your life minimally.

You may declutter stuff that does not give you any more purpose. Get rid of things that may be already broken through time. Having a lot of stuff attracts a lot of dust and can make you have an allergy.

Just simply having too many clothes that need to be decluttered could have bacteria growing on fabric threads.

How to live minimalist with a large family

Living minimally with a large family is having to take all areas of family matters and manage them well. Items could be heartfelt like things especially when holidays and special occasions roll around.

You can either get your family members other meaningful gifts like special tickets or experiences like having a family picnic in the back yard prepared with all their favorite snacks or foods and desserts.

  • Toys can be a good source of entertainment for our children, think twice and let your children be happy with what they already got.
  • Having too many groceries that your large family cannot consume well.
  • Have more fun and exciting things plan at home rather than going outside of the countries often just to post on social media. Traveling should be educational and keeps your family together and not bragging to other families and friends at your facebook account.
  • Have the whole family help and do chores together to save up time and effort plus a bonding experience for everybody.

Living minimally with a large family can be done by cooperating and seeing the end goal and that is love and togetherness. Have more meaningful things that people can enjoy and have memories with.

Learning to have a grateful heart and not get jealous easily by other families’ things. The latest trends can make you rethink your lifestyle choices but always know to be strong.

How to Start Decluttering Today and Live Simple

Getting rid of stuff and living simply is hard at first, but once you get the hang of it you can completely declutter things fast and well after.

The easiest way to declutter is by always having a trash bag handy at all times so you can eliminate your items right there and then.

  1. Just get up and start decluttering
  2. Have a different perspective of cheering up yourself to accomplish your goals
  3. Start today and the minute you are in right now
  4. Decluttering can be tiring so try to declutter items and areas of your space little by little
  5. Think of who else can benefit and give joy to others by donating or selling your item to get rid of old stuff that is still in a good condition.
  6. Why do you have clutter and realize to not do it anymore the next time?
  7. Decluttering is the key to living simple and start of something new for a minimalist person
  8. Avoid clutter from now on, as much as you can.
  9. Store and keep items you really use and have value. Choose wisely

The first thing to declutter is always visual clutter. Items you can see and find on top of your spaces and countertops are the ones that always get messy right away.

Minimalist living looks very intentional and the items that you have are really essential for your everyday life.

Start living more minimally by having the heart and understanding of content. Being grateful and content with life will make you appreciate the things around you and items that you already have. Instead of longing for things you do not have, be happy with the blessings you have.

This post was all about how to declutter and live simply

How do you live simply when you have a decluttered home. Always get rid of items that are already broken and send them to the garbage disposal. You can also go a zero waste lifestyle and reduce, reuse and recycle. Being more organized in your home can help you live minimally a whole lot easier.

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