How To Start Decluttering For Hoarders [Read This First!]

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Decluttering tips for hoarders

How to start decluttering for hoarders, hold tight! Decluttering will change the way we look at our stuff. Making room for what matters most to us.

For Your Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, please seek out your own attending physician. This may be a sensitive topic, please read with caution.

I understand it, clutter may be daunting at times. But decluttering may be highly useful to hoarders. In fact, you might argue decluttering is like a “eat-your-vegetables” sort of thing. It’s not enjoyable, but it is highly beneficial for your company.

You have a spot for everything, except the extra junk which is scattered around your house. So what do you do now? That’s when decluttering comes in.

We hoard because it makes us feel good, at least for a short period. Yes, hoarding behavior is a self-esteem problem, an anxiety condition, and a sort of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But there are also deeper reasons why we hoard and how to cope with getting decluttered.

For some individuals, decluttering is the solution to a lot of issues. Not only do you remove items that no longer serve a function in your life and make your house appear nicer, but you feel less stressed, are happier, and less nervous. If this seems like a chance to give your life a boost, then let’s get started!

If you’ve been living with clutter and your environment has become disorganized, then it may be time to take action. I want to help you accomplish exactly that. You’re at the correct spot. In this essay, I’m going to go through how to declutter your house step by step. This will aid your mind, body, and soul by lowering stress and obtaining natural cleansing energy.


How many pairs of shoes do you have? I don’t know about you, but I only possess two of each variety. In the end, we typically wind up returning the ones that don’t make the cut.

Objects have a propensity to collect up throughout every home. They may grow up rapidly and become a burden – literally. The most prevalent problem I notice is that individuals have too much stuff. Sometimes, it’s hard to let go of things and go on.

how to declutter a hoarders house

You’ve got to look out for them. They’re everywhere. Wasting space, eventually taking over your house.

Cluttering a physical environment might be hazardous for your mental health. But the same is true for clutter in the virtual world as well.

This post is all about How to start decluttering For Hoarders Tips

Let me just start I am Filipino and yes specifically my family, my mom likes to hoard stuff and I take after her. Is that something I am proud of? No.

My problem with hoarding started and I remember this like it was just yesterday.

Decluttering tips For hoarders

  1. Get up from your bed and think of how to declutter your home.
  2. Throwing things into a black trash bag is a major step to getting big instant results.
  3. Declutter duplicates and things that are taking up space at home.
  4. If you are finding it hard to declutter make a decluttering schedule to make it customizable to your needs and available time.
  5. Proceed with gentle care but be mindful of your goal to declutter will make your life better.
  6. Start slowly and proceed at a pace that you can.
  7. Declutter your home’s counter spaces, do the dishes, cabinets, and shelves clean, and do some dusting.
  8. Clear pathways and spaces when you work around at home.

Let me tell you something about me I graduated with a degree in Business but in the Hospitality Industry and I loved staying at hotels and tourism in general.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

Here is the exciting thing, Hotel toiletries! Again I bring my own and I take those home with me. Now I changed for the better as years grew by I tended to not use them at all. You will let go, I forgot or did not use them after the trip.


Have something new on the ads? With new product releases, there will always be improvements in technology or in our lives that we will consume. I will limit myself though from being a big consumerist.

Give yourself a Gift of Contentment

Pray that you only use what you get or buy. It is the timing right now when changing for the better, even if you are rich or poor.

Hard times can make the world flip upside down. You have to take what is inside of you to think about what is really the most important thing to you. What makes your life meaningful?

Even if you left the Earth tomorrow, people won’t be talking to you about at your funeral how you have tons of shampoo bottles, or how nice your couch is. Save those moments of being a good woman instead.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

Don’t you care about your friends or people you know having new stuff that they bought? Instead give thanks as you have contentment in your life, while it may benefit their family of things they bough then good for them.

The Hoarder in You: How to Live a Happier, Healthier, Uncluttered Life

Always have good intentions for everyone and for yourself.

Think About Money You Spending

Saving money and having a decent emergency fund that you get to tuck away for when times are rough you can pull out funds for that situation. As a hoarder too myself, I tend to hoard clothes when a sale starts at the mall. I have got my tendency of “Hey I might use this gown for my friend’s formal event or wedding that I might get invited to.” But in that scenario, you already have lots of nice dresses already.

Think about earning money, how many hours you have put in just to get $12 an hour for example.

People can never have enough if they do not have contentment.

It is nice to have backups of things you need maybe like toilet paper or extra bottles of shampoo. But can you keep an inventory of them, have a plan of how you would consume them well.

To lessen clutter, stop spending so much into stuff you not using.

Landfills Rapidly Increasing

being eco-friendly has been more relevant now than ever. I love this era for it. But still, there are cases that people that are bag-heavy shoppers don’t see is that many clothes or items are being put in landfills which they are not supposed to be there in the first place.

You might not hoard clothes but always look deeper, at the plastic bag you got from it. The plastic tags that came with it cannot be recycled easily once they are out. I am too guilty of not being eco-friendly enough.

Save Money

What is that feeling of not spending so much like too many fashion items, bags, shoes? Your wallet will thank you for that, learn that fashion might be evolving, but more on going back to trends nowadays.

To me, I only want to wear clothes that are REALLY loved and used. Then having a collection that I think I will use one day but don’t.

Instead of spending so much money on buying things, spend on actually things you need and will spark joy just like Marie Kondo says.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

Buy Only Enough

That is why we are called hoarders, we tend to buy extra stuff. Some might tell me I have mentally a doomsday thinker. I have grown and made more sound choices of buying important things only. I will never rely anymore on stores for my needs on a bigger scale. Buy what you will use and need. could be 1, or 2 maximum for me is 3. But before I tend to buy 1 dozen of everything.

Thus, my money spent that I worked hard on my 9-5 job, poof! gone. Do not be like me.

Give others a Chance To Buy

A simple way to stop being a hoarder at the store is to let other people get the chance to provide for their families. Other seniors who live alone need some supplies too. Let us be mindful of things we buy and not think entirely for ourselves.


For hoarders, decluttering may be difficult since every reminder of a former memory acts as a rope, drawing them more into their crowded state of affairs. Take things one step at a time and try not to overburden yourself. You may be amazed at how easy it is to take modest steps in the direction of the life that you want to live.

If you’re one of these individuals who feels compelled to retain everything even though you know you should get rid of the majority of stuff, there are methods for decluttering your life room by room, starting with your closet. By category, we’ll look at the problem of clutter and how to prevent it in the first place, as well as how to start the process of really getting rid of stuff.

What is the definition of decluttering?

At its most basic level, decluttering is the act of removing superfluous stuff from your house in order to make more room for your belongings. It is possible to do this in a variety of methods and to varying degrees. If you are attracted to a clutter-free existence, the steps outlined above will assist you in starting your personal path towards it. You should not feel obligated to attempt it if it is not appropriate.

While the procedure was more challenging than I had anticipated and took longer than I had anticipated, it was well worth it in the end. Taking even a little amount of time to declutter your home can allow you to create more space and make more places for the things that are most important to you.

At the end of the day, the decluttering process is about striking a balance.

I’ve included some tips for going ahead in the section below, but the most essential element of decluttering is to avoid being overwhelmed by the process. If you do need assistance, do not be hesitant to seek it via one of these or other avenues. You will feel a world of difference as soon as you begin this adventure, and we wish you the best of success on your journey!

The ultimate responsibility for determining why a person is hanging onto objects and the sentiments that they elicit when they look at them rests with the individual. As a general rule of thumb, ask yourself the following question: if you were to lose everything you possess after a certain period of time (one month, one year?) would you be able to pick out the objects that were worthwhile to keep? In the case of goods that did not make the cut, it is not suggested that you discard them until you have thoroughly decluttered your house.

Decluttering your living area will increase the value of your property and make it more livable.

Generally speaking, clutter is one of those things with which we have a love-hate relationship, at least for the majority of us. For example, when it comes to coffee cups, I have a bit of a hoarding problem. I have many more coffee mugs than I need or use, but for some reason, it’s difficult for me to part with MUGS that I don’t use. I’m not sure why. Not only do I have an excessive number of them, but they are also not very attractive. In making me recognize how serious my hoarding tendencies are, this article was tremendously beneficial, and it will be able to aid me in getting rid of my issue while still allowing me to preserve the things that are essential to me.

Income tax paperwork should be thrown away or given away. Make a thorough cleaning and organization of your cabinets. Throw away any medicine that has expired. Whether you have any expired coupons, go through them carefully to determine if you have something that you don’t need or use anymore. Repurpose objects for new use (this is for the do-it-yourselfers among you.)

Ultimately, let the cleansing take place on its own. As you return undesired objects to their proper places, you should notice that new possibilities for organizing will present themselves. Increase your focus on areas that need improvement, and you’ll uncover healthier, happier environments as a consequence.

This post Was all about How to start decluttering For hoarders to stop hoarding Tips

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