5 decluttering garage tips that got people talking about it

Here are Decluttering Garage Tips You Should Know!

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This post is all about decluttering garage tips that got people talking about it

I always clean up my dad’s car and organize everything on Sundays when he does not have any work.

decluttering garage tips

I remember that there is a lot of my dad’s clutter in the garage, I was thinking “Oh maybe it was guy’s stuff and I should not clean and organize that too” I was wrong.


Once I decluttered the garage, it feels more spacious and not too saddening anymore upon looking at it.

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Ready Your Organizing Bins

When you organize at your garage expect that there will be all sizes to conquer such as screws, old paint cans, car covers, to big-ticket items like spare steering of the wheel.

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Ask and collaborate with anyone in your home that you will declutter and organize the garage, ask them nicely if they want to join in. If they are busy making them a checklist of what you can get rid of and cleanout. Not only this is polite but throwing stuff away will be gone forever.

Use Gloves, Face Mask for Protective Gear

Due to the garage suppose to handle dust, or stocks gets in here. Try to practice not having a lot of stuff in your garage, even if in our mental minds thinking that the garage is where we hide our junk and unused materials.

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To be safe avoid dust by wearing gloves so you cannot get allergies or scratch yourself up. Wearing a face mask helps to deal with dust and allergens, try to double up your face mask for added protection.

Be careful of Toxic Materials

How many times did I find a bottle of car oil in the garage? If I were to stop writing and go downstairs to our garage I definitely could find an old car engine oil somewhere. When cleaning or decluttering there will be instances that things could fall down or pieces might move. Be careful and always be cautious with your movements.

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Throw things properly and in an organized matter

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Throw things carefully like toxic materials should be enveloped in double plastics or boxes. Even if you get rid of it on a trash can. Have the decency to seal it properly to avoid leakage.

Some animals like dogs can get through your trash. Poor animals, poor innocent birds inhaling or worst licking toxic waste. Do not be this person.

Declutter and Clean up as you go

I always tend to get tired after decluttering and see a huge pile of the mess after. I keep a rule to myself that you need to clean the garage as you declutter because chances are, you might have no energy left whatsoever. Feel lazy after all the decluttering. Better get the job done nicely and properly.

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This post was all about decluttering garage tips that you should know about

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