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I know phones are ever-changing and yes can be pricey. before you think to replace your phone please read these tips along the way that might help you save yourself from buying a new one. It is tempting but trusts me the more you sweep this under the rug it will not get easy.

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Avoid slow phones at all costs and your storage memory might be the main cause of it. I always complain to my boyfriend about my iPhone getting low battery fast but the worst of all is having no internal storage memory anymore. That is not a good day whatsoever.

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1. Offload or Delete Apps

I always tend to not know that you can have your phone automatically do this for you. Offloading apps are not completely deleted on your phone and can be activated to work as a normal app when enabling it to refresh again for new app updates. Whereas Deleting apps are entirely removing the app icon on your home screen which truly saves up and clears your phone memory storage.

2. Create Subcategory Folders

In this way, you can figure out which ones do you actually use on the daily basis. For me, I run my own small starting business I have Instagram and email apps which I needed. Putting subcategories than a general category sometimes an unused app still gets in the way when decluttering.


3. Clear your Home Screen Pages

I always use apps normally then is it just me or you that when I saw an ad for new apps for video editing or games I get excited and download them all. When I look back at it thinking why did I do that. I just let myself suffer around and get my phone slow. When I go search on youtube there are clearly tutorials and gameplay I can watch first before investing or trying out the apps if I truly wanted it and will use them for my needs it wants. Trust me if you have LOTS of apps on your Home Screen pages you will get lazy and not declutter your phone files and apps in the long run because that happened to me too.

Your phone and you should be tight.

4. You can use Cloud Storage

For me, I use cloud storage if it is the last step I needed or for files that are not that important. Well, I certainly know people use the cloud for their business too. What suits you best should benefit you in the long I believe is the path you should take. Cloud storage is basically unlimited space on the internet that you have which you can pay a lot more or nothing to use. When saving on cloud storage your phones, files, videos that take so much of your phone’s memory storage will be lifted off its weight for sure. DO not forget to log in and your password so you will not lose your files and keep them safe at all times.

5. Turn off Unwanted Push Notifications

How many times have I done this? Several yes. Unwanted push notifications I remember when I first heard of it. Saves me so much declutter mess in my phone and I was not aware there was an off and on the switch. This happened when I switched way back from an old keypad phone to a touch screen smartphone.


When you have too much notification you can get lost and you will not find the most important messages or notes that you actually needed on your phone.

Go to phone settings and click the notifications menu to sort your updates on your phone.

how to declutter your android phone

6. Clear Photos and Videos

Who also has millions of thousands of cute cats or cute dogs screenshots on your phone or videos menu? I know I do. Like I said on the previous trick when it comes to decluttering and if all else fails, delete photos and videos as they contribute big on your phone to get slower. Yes I know it is hard, I had been through that but you can always save it elsewhere like cloud storage, google drive, and many more. Unlike some files like a simple app, Photos, and Videos if you check and observe they quickly build up the momentum of your phone system going slow and hard for you to sell your phone one day if you decide to buy a new one.

7. Browser Trick

Now here is the secret and best hack to a simple person using their smartphone, the key is never downloading a new app. If the app can run or work on a browser then just use the browser. I learned this trick from my godson Adrian and also cousin, he taught me that I can watch youtube on my browser instead of downloading the app to avoid adding unnecessary file storage on my phone. If you like me and just want to watch youtube videos when free time comes, definitely use your own browser or safari app you already have on your phone and you do not get to keep all extra files from your youtube anymore. Along with Facebook, if you just want to check in on a friend’s timeline or news feed for current events in your hometown or country using the browser app does wonder and you do not have to give out an app downloading commitment and lets you declutter your phone even more.

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