50 Popular DIY Halloween Decorations Not Everyone Knows Yet

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DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is a great time to get creative and have fun with your decorations. With so many great ideas out there, you can easily make your house look spooky and festive. Below are some of the best Halloween DIY projects that you can try at home.

Witch Broomsticks

The witch broomstick is probably one of the most popular Halloween decorations these days. You can easily make one by using wooden dowels and attaching them to a broomstick. Then, cover the dowels in black fabric or paper so they look like broomsticks. You could also paint them black instead of covering them with fabric or paper. Once painted, attach the dowels to the broomstick using tape or glue so they stay in place until Halloween night!

Paper Napkin Ghosts

Make your own ghosts with paper napkins! First, cut out two circles from a piece of white paper napkin; one should be slightly smaller than the other (about 2 inches smaller). Fold down one side of each circle so it creates an eye shape on each side; then overlap the two circles at their bottom center points to create arms for your ghost! Add googly eyes and use pipe cleaners