Do Agolde Jeans Shrink?

When you purchase Agolde jeans, you are investing in a pair of long-lasting, high quality denim. The material is made from 100% cotton and the jeans are known for their comfort and durability. They have a reputation for being one of the best brands out there when it comes to quality jean products. But do Agolde jeans shrink?

Agolde jeans are made from 100% cotton denim.

If your Agolde jeans are made from 100% cotton denim, you can expect them to shrink in the wash over time. Though 100% cotton denim is less expensive than other high-quality fabrics, it comes with a host of drawbacks.

You may have heard that a good pair of jeans will shrink to fit your body as they age. While this might be true in theory, 100% cotton denim is not the best fabric for this purpose—as mentioned above, it’s prone to shrinkage and lower quality overall. In order to get that broken-in feeling without sacrificing comfort and durability (not to mention style), you should look for other fabric blends such as those used by Levi’s or Wrangler instead of Agolde jeans with 100% cotton construction.

If you want to shrink your Agolde jeans, all you have to do is wash them in hot water.

In order to shrink your Agolde jeans, you’ll need to wash them in hot water and dry them on high heat. In fact, for maximum shrinking potential, we recommend doing this twice in a row (back-to-back). That is, wash the jeans in hot water once, then put them back in the washing machine and do it again. Then dry them on high heat not once but twice as well. This will ensure that they shrink as much as possible.

When you wash your Agolde jeans in hot water, they’ll shrink by 1/2 a size.

Your favorite pair of jeans will shrink if you wash them in hot water. What’s more, it’s not just the heat that causes shrinking — agitation, like from your washing machine or hand washing, can also cause cotton fibers to contract. When you put them in hot water and jostle the fabric around a bit, they literally contract because their normally long, thin fibers become shorter and thicker. And the higher the temperature of the water and more times you agitate the jeans by washing them or putting them in a dryer on high heat, the more they will shrink.

The amount your Agolde jeans shrink depends on several factors: how much stretch is already built into your jeans (i.e., how loose-fitting they are), what type of fiber they’re made from (natural fibers like cotton and wool will shrink more than synthetic ones), and at what temperature you wash them (hot vs. warm). For instance, an Agolde jean with 99% cotton fibers will be much more prone to shrinking than another that only has 1% cotton fibers blended in; this is because when those few strands of cotton absorb water from your washer or sink or bathtub, they cause nearby polyester strands to contract as well because polyester doesn’t absorb water nearly as easily as natural materials do—that is why it doesn’t feel wet when we touch polyester clothing during rainstorms but does feel wet against our skin when touching clothes made entirely out of natural materials such as wool which absorbs large amounts moisture then contracts upon drying out thus causing itchy sensations against skin upon drying out due its inability absorb significant amounts moisture so make sure always wear something underneath any clothing before going outside!

The only way to shrink jeans is by washing them in hot water and drying them on high heat.

The only way to shrink jeans is by washing them in hot water and drying them on high heat. If you wash your jeans in warm water with cold water rinses, they won’t shrink at all. It may be possible to put them in the dryer on high heat to shrink them after they’ve been washed, but that doesn’t always work. As one commenter put it: “I’ve tried this method a few times but I found my skinny jeans actually stretched out from being air dried.”

However, if you wash your jeans in hot water and then dry them on high heat, they will shrink. One person wrote about how she shrank her Agolde Riley Jeans: “I shrank mine by washing them inside out (to prevent fading) in hot water and then putting them in the dryer on high for an hour.”

If you don’t have time to wait for your Agolde jeans to shrink, you can always size down when you order.

One final way to get a shrink-to-fit result is to size down and then wait for your jeans to stretch out. This works especially well if you’re willing to wear the jeans in at first (see the next section for more on this). However, if you don’t have time to wait for your Agolde jeans to shrink, you can always size down when you order. Just remember to check the size chart and be careful not overcompensate with sizing down. If you think that a 28″ waist will fit after they shrink and stretch out, don’t order a 26″. Instead, find a store with free returns so that you can send them back if they’re too tight.

Another thing that’s important is not washing or drying your new Agolde jeans until you’re sure about their size. The heat from the dryer will cause the denim fibers to contract even further than normal, setting in any shrinking or stretching that occurs before it goes into the dryer.

Before you wash and dry your Agolde jeans, make sure to check the care instructions on the tag.

In general, though, you should wash your jeans in hot water and dry them on high heat. This will shrink the jeans and make them fit better. If you’re running low on time but still want a tighter size, though, you can always order a smaller size to begin with.

You can shrink your Agolde jeans if you wash and dry them according to the care instructions on the tag.

Do you want to shrink your Agolde jeans? Follow the instructions on the tag and go for it! Washing your jeans in hot water and drying them on high heat will cause them to contract slightly, shrinking by at least a half size. In addition to shrinking, this method will also break down the denim fibers slightly, giving your jeans a worn-in look that mimics years of wear. If you’re looking for a distressed look but don’t want to wait for it, just skip this step! Agolde jeans are meant to be worn tight and snug from day one; if you order the right size according to their measurements guide, there’s no need to shrink them at all.

Just remember that once you wash your Agolde jeans in hot water or dry them on high heat, there’s no going back—they won’t get bigger again. So if you decide that you’d like a looser fit or want more room for certain days of the month (you know what we’re talking about here), plan ahead and purchase a size up from your normal fit.


In conclusion, AGOLDE jeans offer a wide range of styles, so it’s important to know how their fits are supposed to look. If you’re unsure about the way your pair is fitting, keep in mind that many of their styles stretch out when worn and will ultimately conform to your body. To ensure the best fit for you, follow these tips:

  • Check the wash and size guide. The brand’s website has a convenient tool that calculates a recommended size based on your measurements.
  • Familiarize yourself with the style you choose before buying. Some fits run larger or smaller than others; make sure you get what works best for you.
  • Know that some styles will stretch over time but not shrink back down when washed. You can always opt for a different style if this is something that makes you nervous about getting the right fit with AGOLDE jeans!


Do Agolde jeans shrink?

Yes, they do. If you find yourself in a size-based quandary with your Agolde pair, the solution is simple: carefully follow the washing and drying steps outlined below.

It’s important to remember that these are raw denim jeans. This means they’re made of unwashed denim and are more likely to shrink than prewashed styles. As you might expect, this also gives them a stiffer feel at first—but don’t worry, we’ll talk about how to soften them up later too! In general, if you want your Agoldes to shrink or stretch out less (or more), wash with hotter water or dry for shorter (or longer) periods of time accordingly. The second step below—drying in the dryer on high heat—is what will cause most of your shrinkage; if you skip it altogether or shorten the duration of time by five minutes each cycle until reaching desired fit then allow them air-dry instead. We recommend doing so only after trying all other methods as skipping this step could result in uneven results depending on how thick/thin parts are constructed differently throughout garment construction process.”

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