Do You Wear A Shirt Under A Christmas Sweater?

The Christmas sweater (also referred to as several other names, including the Christmas jumper) is a big part of end-of-year festivities in many countries. In the UK, Ireland, and Australia, it’s called a jumper (more commonly), while Canadians and Americans refer to it as a sweater. While the names differ across countries, one thing remains universal: there are very few things more fun than getting together with family and friends to deck the halls and partake in generally festive activities.

No, you don’t absolutely have to wear a shirt under a sweater.

The short answer to the question, “do you wear a shirt under a sweater?” is: no, you don’t absolutely have to wear a shirt under a sweater.

There are many factors that influence this decision, such as the weather and your personal style. You can decide whether or not you want to wear something underneath your Christmas sweater depending on how cold or hot it is outside.

For example, if it’s very cold outside (say, below freezing), then wearing an undershirt can provide extra warmth. Layer up and pile on the sweaters! A stylish person will know how to pair things together and make them work in any situation—even when it’s 10 degrees Fahrenheit with strong winds coming at you from all directions. If you’re in that kind of weather, maybe consider also wearing pants instead of shorts.

On the other hand, if it’s warm outside (say between 50-80 degrees out) you might opt for something lighter underneath your Christmas sweater so that you don’t get too sweaty sitting around at the holiday party eating cookies and eggnog. Maybe wear some nice slacks or fitted jeans instead of a long skirt?

But wearing one gives you an extra layer in case you get cold.

As for you, you could try wearing a shirt under your Christmas sweater. It’s not a bad idea, though if you’re really trying to get into the Christmas spirit, there are better options available. Try a hoodie or sweatshirt—or even just another sweater. Choosing an extra layer like this means the perfect ensemble when you leave the house will still be the perfect ensemble no matter how many times Aunt Martha insists that you eat more eggnog.

At the same time, though, don’t dress too warmly. Don’t forget that your parents’ house might have a whole lotta holiday cheer but it likely lacks any sort of central heating system. Overheating is never pleasant but it’s especially annoying when all you want to do is enjoy some mulled wine and caroling by the fire with your loved ones in peace and quiet. If going on about your day in style means wearing a tank top under your Christmas sweater—go for it! After all, nobody knows how to do style quite like Santa Claus himself!

Most people who wear them are wearing long sleeves underneath.

Let’s say you’re a diehard Christmas sweater enthusiast and you have an important question about your holiday wear: do you need to wear a shirt under a Christmas sweater? If so, what type of shirt?

When it comes to wearing shirts under sweaters, the general rule is that if the sweater is thin or made of something other than heavy material, then it’s best to put on a long sleeve shirt or even a turtleneck underneath. If the sweater is heavier, like many vintage styles are, most people go with long sleeves anyway because they want their arms covered. However, some people opt out of wearing anything but a tank top or camisole underneath because they don’t want too many layers.

The bottom line is that nobody wants to see your nipples, no matter how adorable your Xmas jumper is.

You could also wear a tank top.

Instead of a collared shirt, you could also wear a tank top under your Christmas sweater. Tank tops are good for wearing not just under sweaters, but also sweatshirts, hoodies, and Christmas sweaters. Wearing a tank top under a Christmas sweater is especially good because it’s cold in December and you will want to be warm. In addition to tank tops, you could also wear another kind of shirt that’s not a collared shirt under your sweater if you like. There are lots of options!

Wearing shorts underneath is definitely not recommended

While the Christmas sweater itself is a fashion statement, it also provides an additional layer of warmth, which is why we don’t think you should wear another shirt underneath it. For one thing, if you are wearing a shirt under your Christmas sweater and get cold, you’re going to have to take off the sweater entirely in order to put on a jacket or coat. Alternatively, if you’re wearing shorts underneath your Christmas sweater and get cold, then things will just get weird.

Another reason not to wear shorts underneath your Christmas sweater is that the fabric can cause a rash due to chafing against certain parts of your body. Also, even though this article has been written as though we think people should wear shorts under their Christmas sweaters for some bizarre reason (because writing about that would be more fun than writing about what we actually believe), it is our firm opinion that doing so would make you look ridiculous.

Wear a shirt under your Christmas sweater, but it’s your choice!

It is your choice, but I recommend a shirt if it’s going to be cold. And it should really be a long-sleeve shirt, and you should probably wear shorts under your sweater as well. Let’s face it: you’re probably not going to wash that thing before next Christmas rolls around.

I knew this kid in high school who wanted to be extra cool so he didn’t wear a shirt under his sweater at all. It was obvious that he was sweating — and worse — the whole time!


In conclusion, to wear or not to wear a shirt under your Christmas sweater is a personal choice. You could try the in-fashion move of skipping the shirt altogether and just wearing your sweater without one—but then again, you don’t want to freeze to death. On the other hand, if you’re a rule-breaker and are concerned about making your own fashion choices rather than following mainstream trends, feel free to ignore these instructions and walk out of your house wearing an unbuttoned flannel over your Christmas sweater with no shirt underneath.


You might feel like you want to wear a t-shirt under your sweater for an extra layer of warmth. If this is the case, it’s important to remember that the Christmas season is all about giving.

And if you really love your friends and family, you’ll give them a break from the smell of your sweat by wearing deodorant.

Beyond that, there’s no real need to wear a shirt under any sort of sweater or sweatshirt—you have other layers on top! That being said, if it’s comfortable for you and makes you happy, then do what works best for you!

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