Best Tilapia Fish Coconut Milk One Pot Stew Recipe

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This post is about a delicious tilapia fish recipe with coconut milk cooked to perfection.

For the preparation of the fish, I cut them in half in our dish for today. Fitting the fish into the pot is important so that they can be cooked evenly. When you eat it you do not need to slice it in half, it is ready to eat. Preparing fish is very important that it is very fresh, to begin with. 1. Go early to your nearest farmer’s market. 2. Buy from your trusted fish vendor. 3. Find gills that are red. 4. Look at fish scales, check if it is shiny. 5. Eye of the fish, crystal white or not super reddish eye. 6. Fish was not smelly from afar, but do not physically put your face to smell the fish for sanitary reasons. 7. Consume the fresh fish earlier, the better. Adding ginger especially a lot you include the dish will be tastier, the soup will taste better. The tilapia fish will be a less fishy smell. The lightly tapping of the ginger is very important too to release the juices of the ginger to let us enjoy more its extract which is a fan favorite to fish recipes. Slicing the ginger into big sizes so that we can boil, It cannot be like sautéing the ginger normally, but I chose to boil the ginger altogether in one pot to make our lives much easier. Big slices of ginger are More suitable for soups and stews as the only goal is to have the extraction of the good oils and juices that the ginger has to offer. Add the ginger first to the one-pot dish so they can boil at the same time with the tilapia fish so that the flavor will come out. The fish by that process will have a new taste now and merry together. The red onion was used because it is much more delicious. The white onion is sweeter, but the red or violet onion is much more flavorful and sweet too. Eggplant worked fine for the dish as an extender. The only fish for the dish is plain Jane, we add more flavor and unique vegetables that can surprise our family meals loved ones for us to eat. Much more delicious to add vegetables and get more excuses for us to up or add our vegetable intake for health and better wellness. Fresh Coconut Milk is your best bet. The freshest coconut milk you can find the better. The coconut was ordered by my father early morning when he went to the wet market. Just buy on coconut nut and they will grind the coconut flesh inside for you. Coming back home you have to squeeze it out by yourself. Freshly cut open coconut and extraction of coconut milk is the best and freshest taste you can use. Fish stew is perfect with other types of cooking you can use tuna or salmon. Another meal you can pair with fish stew is a fried pork belly. A stew would always be perfect with something fried on the side. Fish stock is needed when you are cooking tamarind soup or stew. Fish enriched soup can also be needed when cooking with fish stock.

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