cookbook grill meats with fire burning

Best Meats To Cook On Gas Grill [FREE CHECKLIST]

This post is all about the best meats to cook on gas grill to help you with summer barbecue foods or family meals get together.

All my life I have been on a look out for best meats to grill on charcoal. The right amount of butter or herbs and spices whilst cooking on a gas grill recipes. 

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Looking for best grilling meats for your family meals or get togethers? Going to the butcher shop or ordering easily online is the way to go if you do not know the grilled meat names with bbq party menu planning. 

cookbook grill meats with fire burning

A Good Cook learns to lead with fire and that is the life of cooking. Time to enjoy a bbq party menu planning.

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Equipment and Ingredients Party Planning List for upcoming BBQ grill meat party

  • Meats
  • Thongs or clamp
  • Barbecue hot sauce
  • Apron
  • Gourmet brush
  • butter
  • Wiping towel
  • Veggies
  • smoked chopped flavored wood
  • gas tank
  • gas grill
  • plates
  • gravy boat
  • chopping board
  • scissors
  • knife
  • skewers
  • lunch cover cloth
  • fruits
  • flowers in vase
  • beer cans
  • soda
  • ice cubes
  • ice basket
  • ice chest
  • table napkin
  • fork
  • spoon
  • table knife
  • red pepper
  • soy sauce
  • sage
  • tarragon
  • thyme
  • rosemary
  • artichoke dip
  • bechamel sauce
  • party dip
  • salsa
  • baked potatoes
  • white cooked rice
  • cooking gloves
  • meat cooking thermometer
  • bbq bamboo sticks skewers
  • tomatoes
  • cheese

What you will find?

BBQ meat list that I will share you to inspire your next meat shopping, yes even bbq meat types.

Cheap meats to grill are not one to be miss by you. More or less we can find healthy meats to grill because we are also rendering and melting the fat away, or have a good meat marble like design.

Grilled meat cooking outdoors on gas grill

Grilled meat is the best it has beautiful charred grill marks. Outdoor cooking makes you relax and have fun especially with guys as they like to be in charge of cooking meats. 

Mostly people grilling on average cooks hot dogs or burgers how about expanding that array of ingredients to the best meats to cook on gas grill. Pair them with fresh and best tomatoes, bell peppers, mushrooms, and eggplants.

What is a good meat to grill?

Ribeye steak meat is quite expensive and has essentials of having good amount of fat to cook with the meat and enhance the flavors. A good meat size is about 1.5 inches thick and bone in the ribeye which gives additional flavor with the size of 2 inches and 2.5 inches thick. 4.51 lbs is the average weight of the ribeye steak visually.



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Seasoning of grilled meats

You can season it with some salt with the dry rub method, which is like massaging the meat with the one tablespoon salt, not by only sprinkling on top. One tablespoon pepper and one tablespoon rosemary.

Flavoring the meat is optional but needed to intesify the flavor because we do not want to take away the original steak flavor which is intense and rich already. You can add one tablespoon paprika, one tablespoon garlic or onion powder, Powder seasonings are very convenient for everyone today, use it if you do not have enough time!

Optional seasoning to add for the meat dry rub is little bit of sugar about a teaspoon and other seasonings you would like turmeric, zatar, thyme, parsely, and other herbs too.

What do you spray on meat when grilling?

Cooking oil is fine but you can definitely put the meat directly to your gas grill as the meat has already an oil on it;s own due to the fatty part. Think of it as a bacon is what I always say.

What can you cook on a gas grill?

If you are new with cooking on a gas grill you can definitely put on vegetables like tomatoes, bell peppers mushrooms eggplants, plantains. As for meats chicken, sausage, steak meats, burgers, and hotdogs.

Is cooking on a gas grill healthy?

Yes, the cooking process is the same and much more bearable and convenient. You will not have to take random charcoal bits from cooking from a charcoal grill.

Gas grill is typically cooking at home at the stove and what you ingredients you put would be similar as you are cooking on a pan but less oil, and less grease. Cons are they need to be always look after and never look away to perfect that grilled meat sensation.

What are the simple gas grill tips to learn?

Gas grilling can also start a smoke, better to grill outdoors too.

Cutting your meat from your gas grill

Let the meat rest from gas grill preferably wrap in foil let the juices come back to the meat for 20 minutes. Now, when cutting you want not too thick or too thin.

For perfect plating and serving you can leave the ends and choose not to serve it. Or I like to do I eat them while I slice the meats. Line them up similar cuts side by side and others drizzle the sauce above or have it on a small pitcher gravy boat for fancy decoration with a function.

When buying steaks it is best to get grass fed meats to your local butcher shop, most best beef slabs are from United States, Australia, and New Zealand to name a few.

Cleaning and Maintaining the grill 

Tips and advices are always clean and maintain that silver surface covered when not in use to avoid dust.

Different cooking styles versus cooking on gas grill

Adjusting the heat is much more easier as you can use buttons to control high heat temperature or for a low heat temperature until you are satisfied. Fun cooking with meats on a gas grill, open up your beer can and sit outside enjoy the scenery and relaxation. Taking a breather for a party or when you have family over.

Gas Grilling Tips and Techniques

Direct heat like cooking on a live fire under the stars roasting some marshmallows or fish is great and gets the job done. 

The strategy of direct heat cooking technique method is it gets cook very hot and very fast, you will not get to control the temperature and some other parts of the food can get overcooked as they are not equal to begin with. 

But grilling is way better as it is cooking indirectly and you can control the cooking process to achieve grilling perfection status. 

Best meats to cook on a gas grill that you have to know

Cooking foods at their perfect temperature and texture is really a challenge and it will get easy when you get the hang of it. 

  • #1 Ribeye
  • #2 Sausage or Bratwurst
  • #3 Spare Ribs
  • #4 Chicken
  • #5 Porkchops
  • #6 Tenderloin Beef
  • #7 Lamb and mutton
  • #8 Burgers 
  • #9 T-bone
  • #10 Flank Steak
  • #11 Prime rib
  • #12 Flat Iron
  • #13 Top Sirloin
  • #14 Skirt Steak
  • #15 London broil
  • #16 Strip Steak
  • #17 Porterhouse
  • #18 Filet Mignon

How to grill a steak?

If your grill is broken or suddenly shuts down on you, surely you can grill great using gas, having a heavy smoking point or others might use flavored wood to bring in more smoky flavor to their meats.

We love a good steak juice!

What is a Mesquite?

Guide when meat is done cooking now you know that. Mesquite is a tree and used in grilling meats to start or assist the cook for fire heat, The Mesquite tree has a well known flavor which has known to be Mesquite BBQ which early on was used to cook all foods by Southwestern people.

Grilling chart

Very helpful printable guide for best meats to cook on your gas grill.

Check out my video tutorial on How To Fry Catfish Fillets Without Cornmeal on my youtube channel make sure to like and subscribe and hit the notification bell, so you can be notified for more uploads.

You can easily have it as a guide or add to your binder cookbook so the next time you cook some meat on gas grill have it as a reference provided for you.

Best Meat Grilling Guide for Perfect Results Every Time you want to grill up some meats

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Should I use Grill Thermometers?

Yes, especially when you are unsure when it comes to your meat being in a certain cook status. Checking the doneness of the grill can be done with meat thermometers.

How to know if your meat is done?

  • Rare
  • Medium Rare
  • Medium
  • Medium Well Done
  • Well Done

In conclusion for best meats to cook on gas grill perfect or family meals quick and easy get together grub time

Have you enjoyed my list for best meats to cook on gas grill? Having to know each meat is very important as it can truly help us achieve more sense to cook meats perfectly.

Serving meats to family should be well sought as others have different meat perspective some like it rare or fully well done steak meat. Small mistake might blow up everything you prepared for in a dish.

What would you say about the list and any experience would you want to impart to me and fellow readers? Do you have similar experience or other grill techniques? If you liked the article please comment if you do. Thank you so much.

This post has been the list of best meat to cook on a gas grill with how to guides, care and maintenance of your grill. How to know the stages of doneness of the meat. Different kinds of food you can grill.

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