How Can I Look Expensive?

You know that feeling you get when you walk into a room and everyone turns to look at you? You’re the center of attention, and it feels great! It’s not just your imagination—people are drawn to those they perceive as expensive.

How do people assume a person is rich? A lot of subconscious cues come together to make nonverbal signals that let others know we have money. The clues start with posture: if you stand up tall with your shoulders back and chest out, it broadcasts confidence and power. Your facial expression also makes a huge difference in how people perceive your economic status; smile more often, keep eye contact when talking (it shows respect), and maintain an open-mouthed smile instead of pursed lips (the latter signals dissatisfaction).

A white t-shirt

A white t-shirt is a must-have for any wardrobe, and it can be both casual and dressy. A white shirt is versatile and can easily be dressed up or down depending on your occasion. It’s also timeless, classic, and a blank canvas for accessories.

A white shirt works well with jeans or trousers as well as skirts, shorts, and trousers—and it’s a good idea to have at least one in different shades of grey (light grey being an obvious choice). The easiest way to wear a basic white tee is by styling it with simple black skinny jeans or leggings plus ankle boots or heels; this will elevate the look without being overly fussy or complicated.

Black pants

In addition to being a good alternative to jeans, black pants are also versatile. They can be worn in the office or out on the town. They’re perfect for any occasion and can be paired with a variety of tops and accessories. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some tips:

  • Look for classic black pants that fit well—this will ensure they’ll last you longer than a few months at least!
  • Black pants are great if you want to look taller or slimmer; however, keep in mind that this isn’t an instant fix for those who need it most (you know—the ones who aren’t tall or slim).
  • For women who have trouble finding bottoms that flatter their shape, black pants are often a great choice since they tend not to emphasize any particular body type over another

Dark jeans

Dark jeans are more expensive than light jeans. Dark jeans are more versatile than light jeans. Dark jeans are more flattering than light jeans. Dark jeans are more fashionable than light jeans. And dark denim is generally more appropriate for work and other formal occasions than its lighter counterpart, which makes it a better investment over time because you’ll have to buy less of them as you age into different roles in your career trajectory or life path (at least if you aren’t the kind who has something like ten pairs of white chinos).

Blue blazer

In this case, you have to know that blue is the color of confidence and style. If you wear a blazer in this color, it will give others the impression that you are confident in yourself and your choices. It also makes the wearer appear more stylish than they really are because most people don’t own blue blazers.

You can wear a blue blazer with jeans or jeans-like pants like leggings or jeggings. You can also pair it with skirts and dresses to take them up a notch! If you want to go for an edgier look then try pairing it with black pants (jeans) instead of regular pants because they will make your look stand out even more than if they were gray or white ones instead!

A simple little black dress

If you’re pressed for time and need an easy way to look expensive, then the Little Black Dress is your best bet. It’s classic and flattering on almost every body type—and it can be dressed up or down depending on your mood and occasion.

Classic button down shirt

The classic button down shirt can be yours for as low as $20, but if you want to look expensive, consider investing in a more expensive version. A classy button down shirt will cost between $50 and $100. The most expensive button down shirts are made from high-quality fabric and have special features like mother of pearl buttons. This type of shirt makes you look classy, sophisticated, and rich all at once!

A little white dress

A little white dress is one of the most classic looks in fashion. A little white dress is always in style, and it’s sure to make you look like a million bucks. The best part about dressing up with a little white dress is that it takes very little time and effort. You can put on some heels, pop your hair up in a bun, add some jewelry and accessories and boom—you are ready to go!

If you are looking for an easy way to cover up your body if you don’t feel confident about yourself or if you want to hide something (like extra weight), this will be perfect for that as well. You can find lots of different styles of dresses at many affordable prices so everyone can afford one!

Cashmere sweater

Cashmere is the softest, most luxurious fabric in the world. It was once worn only by royals and nobles, but today cashmere sweaters are available to everyone. Although you can find them in a wide range of styles and colors, they’re most commonly made from neutral shades like black and gray that will go with just about anything else you wear.

The best thing about cashmere is that it doesn’t require dry cleaning like many other fabrics do—a simple hand wash or air dry will do! However, since it’s so delicate and prone to pilling (getting little balls on its surface), it’s important that you don’t put your sweater through the washing machine or tumble dryer after washing it by hand. Instead, hang your sweater flat somewhere clean where there won’t be any dust particles floating around in order to allow it time to air out properly before wearing again!

Trench coat

  • Trench coats are an investment.
  • Trench coats are classic.
  • Trench coats are versatile.
  • Trench coats are timeless, just like you!
  • When it comes to style, a trench coat is always in fashion as long as you keep it simple and classic.

Faux fur stole

Have you ever wanted to look like a supermodel? We wait for the day when we can all wear designer clothes, walk down the street and not be judged by what we choose to wear. However, that is not going to happen anytime soon so we have to make do with what’s available on the market.

Faux fur stoles are one of those items that can help you look expensive without actually breaking your bank account! They are also super versatile; you can wear them as scarves or even use them as shawls or wraps! Here are some tips on how you can style yours:

  • Wear it around your neck and let it hang loosely at the front or back of your body (this works especially well if you have longer hair). You could even add a belt around your waist using this method.
  • If you want something more formal, try wearing it over one shoulder with a black blazer over top (or just tie up high-waisted jeans). Adding high heels will make sure everyone takes notice of how chicly dressed up they’ll be looking too by comparison!

Two-piece suit

Don’t be afraid of a two-piece suit. A well-tailored, flattering two-piece can make you look more sophisticated and polished than a three-piece. The key here is to get a suit that fits well in the shoulders, is not too tight or too baggy and flatters your body type.

Avoid wearing clothes that are too baggy or too tight, as this signals sloppy dressing habits.

With the right wardrobe pieces, you can always appear to be more expensive than you are.

The key to looking expensive is not spending tons of money on one outfit, but instead buying fewer, higher quality items that you can wear for years. It’s okay to spend more on a dress shirt or pair of pants if it means that they will last years longer than cheaper ones would. Quality matters here!

If you’re going to invest in an item, make sure it fits well. A tailored suit can be eye-catching when worn by someone with the right build and body type—but if the proportions are off, it won’t look its best. When shopping for clothes that fit properly, ask yourself: how would I feel if someone were taking my picture right now? If your answer isn’t “terrifying!”, then maybe go down a size or two (or three). The same goes for shoes—make sure they don’t pinch any part of your foot as soon as possible after purchasing them; otherwise they could end up being painful and uncomfortable throughout their lifetime.

Another important factor when dressing expensively is having signature pieces—items that “make sense” together because they highlight what makes your personal style unique. For example: If you love bright colors and bold patterns but don’t want them all over your wardrobe (which would make things look too busy), try pairing them with neutrals like black or gray instead! This way each piece can stand out without overwhelming anyone else around us who might not share our preferences as much.”


The most important thing to remember with this idea is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on your clothes. In fact, many of the pieces that will help you look more expensive are things you can find at thrift stores or in secondhand shops. The key is knowing what clothes will make your wardrobe more chic and sophisticated, so you can make sure to include those pieces in any new additions to your closet.

The next time someone compliments how nice your outfit looks, instead of feeling flattered, take it as an opportunity to ask them why they think so! You never know what kind of tips or tricks they might share with you!


If you’re wondering how to look expensive, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few tips on how to look rich and classy:

  • Invest in a good suit. Suits are the most important part of any outfit, but if you don’t have the budget for one yet (or even if you do), stick with solid colors and simple designs that won’t draw too much attention—no bright colors or bold patterns here! And don’t forget about accessories like ties, shoes and socks. The more professional they look, the better!
  • Wear classic clothing pieces like button-down shirts and blazers instead of trendy items like graphic tees; they’ll last much longer than their trendy counterparts anyway so why not save yourself some cash? You can always add your own personal touch by trying different colors or patterns but remember: less is more when dressing up for work!
  • Keep an eye out for sales at department stores so that way when those big retailers run their annual sales events (like Black Friday) then we’ll have something nice waiting for us without paying full price for it.”

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