How Long Should Women’s Shirts Be?

Let’s be honest: how often do you hear the question, “How long should women’s shirts be?” Probably never. People just want to wear them. But did you know that shirt length can affect your body shape? From what parts of your body are emphasized to the type of attention you get, shirt length is important.

As a woman, it might feel like your only option for shirts is to wear them loose and baggy or skin-tight. People think that in order for a woman to have a nice figure she has to look sexy or hide her curves with an extra large T-shirt and baggy jeans. Fortunately, there are other options for women who want their clothes to fit well and look good on them!

Long and loose

If you’re into very long and loose shirts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t wear them. Their length can sometimes be a bit tricky to pull off without looking sloppy or disheveled, but those tricky moments are exactly what makes it fun, isn’t it? If your shirt is loose enough that you could fit another person inside it (but never should), then that’s the shirt for you.

As for how to wear it, there are a few ways you can do this. First up: layering. Long and loose shirts are great for layering over other items of clothing because they make any other tops more interesting by adding texture and color (this rule doesn’t apply if the shirt is all one color).

Mid-thigh and longer

Mid-thigh and longer

If you’re in this category, congratulations! You have a larger selection of shirt styles to choose from. This length will work for anything ranging from a straight-cut tee to a more fitted dress shirt.

  • Longer tees: UNIQLO women’s Supima cotton long sleeve crew neck T-shirt (if you really want longer sleeves), American Eagle women’s sunwashed pocket t-shirt, Madewell sunday sweatshirt
  • Longer dress shirts: Everlane silk point collar shirt, Banana Republic relaxed poplin shirt (available in multiple colors), LOFT Ruffle trim striped blouse with tie cuffs
  • Longer blouses: LOFT ruffle trim dot blouse with tie cuffs, Zara wrap top with flounces, Anthropologie Amory lace ruffle blouse (in multiple colors)
  • Longer tank tops: Alternative Apparel women’s eco jersey racerback tank top (available in multiple colors), Athleta Mesh inset sleeveless crop top, Forever 21 frill hem camisole top
  • Longer polo shirts: Old Navy ultimate stretch pique polos for women (available in multiple colors), Columbia silver ridge stretch long sleeve plaid polo for men or women

Close to your body

If you’re wearing a shirt that’s tight and close-fitting, it should be close to your body. If you’re wearing a loose shirt — as was popular during the 1980s — then it should hit just below the waistband of your jeans (if you’re wearing jeans).

Most women have trouble with shirts that ride up when they raise their arms, or form “muffin tops” over their waistbands. Here’s what to do: try on a long sleeve shirt with long sleeves and sleeves that hit at your hip bone. See if the shirt is loose enough that you can comfortably raise your arms without it riding up your torso. If so, this is a good length for you!

If you want to show off your figure, then tighter is better — but keep in mind that if the shirt rides up when you lift your arms, people will see more of what they were only supposed to get a glimpse of.

Above the hips

If you’re tall, then you should give this style a try. Hip-length shirts are flattering for all women but especially for those who have height and a lean figure. You can wear this length of shirt in skirts, jeans, or shorts. For the best look, use the guidelines from the introduction: make sure the shirt’s hem is at least 2–3 inches above your crotch line when worn with pants and skirts that cover your crotch line. You can also wear these shirts with a crop top layered overtop.

Covering your bum

The reason a lot of people (of all sizes, not just plus-size) like longer tees is that they feel annoying if the shirt rides up in the back. This doesn’t just apply to skinny folks—even “regular” sized women can experience this when they wear something that’s too tight or isn’t made with an appropriate amount of fabric in certain areas. Look for shirts that are designed to be longer, or “boyfriend-style” tees, which tend to be oversized and will cover your bum.

For a more fitted look, I recommend scooped necklines and v-necks. They elongate your torso and help draw attention away from the belly area. You could also try layering a tank top underneath your tee: If you want to show off your arms but still want some coverage over your stomach area, this is a great option!

Just below your hips

Let the shirt fall just below your hips. This is a great style to wear if you want to show off your waist.

This is a good look for:* Short women

  • Tall women
  • Plus-size women
  • Petite women

If you are an hourglass, pear shape or apple shape, this silhouette will be beautifully flattering on you.

Tight and cropped

If you’re going for a casual, cool-girl look with your tops, then tight and cropped is the way to go. This style works great paired with high-waisted pants or skirts, because it can highlight your midriff in a sexy yet retro way. Just be careful about any bulges that might occur around the waistband of your bottoms — this style is best on lean body types.

Why are crop tops so popular? Well, they’re fun and easy to wear; they’ll help you stay cool in warm weather; and they allow you to show off all those crunches you’ve been doing.

Waist length

Waist length shirts are a universally flattering silhouette. They’re long enough to be modest and short enough to show off your waistline (if you want). They can look perfectly appropriate on their own, or they can be dressed up (or down) with a belt or tucked into fitted or loose bottoms.

It’s best to make sure that the shirt is not so tight that it clings to the body, giving an unflattering appearance. Before buying a shirt, you’ll want to check how it fits at various points around the torso. It shouldn’t be so tight as to create any sort of puckering at the buttons, and it should comfortably fit at the bust area without being too snug or too loose.

If in doubt, try on shirts in front of a mirror and get feedback from friends!

At the waist with a belt

You can also try tucking your shirt into a pair of high-waisted pants or jeans with a belt. This works best if you’re tall and slim, and even then, many people look better in shirts that are longer than the top of the belt. It’s not a good look to have a short shirt peeking out below a belt, so make sure your shirt is long enough so that it doesn’t peek out below your belt when you’re standing up straight. Also, don’t wear a belt with an already belted shirt.

If you want to add some variety to your wardrobe, experiment with the length of your shirts by pairing them with different belts and bottoms. However, keep in mind that there should be some length difference between your blouse and your pants or skirt (you don’t want both pieces to end at exactly the same spot on your body).

How long should a shirt be on a woman? It depends on not only your body shape but also the occasion. There are so many options!

How long should a shirt be on a woman? It depends on not only your body shape but also the occasion. There are so many options!

Let’s start with length: typically, shirts fall into one of two categories: long and loose, or mid-thigh and longer. This will be determined by both your body shape as well as what you plan to wear it with. If you’re tall and slender, or even just prefer a hipster style, then go for something that might hit closer to your body for an edgy look. A baggy top will look great with jeans or khakis; you can also pull it off if you’re petite and want a more laid-back vibe. On the other hand, if you’re short and have fuller hips, opt for something that hits below the hips like this button-up from ASOS—or maybe even over-the-knee length—to help balance out wider thighs while still looking stylishly carefree! The next factor is fabric weight: how heavy should her shirt be? For instance if it’s cold out there then go lighter so your outfit doesn’t get too bulky (think silk blouse versus thick sweater). If she’s going somewhere warm during summer months then heavier fabric would work better; otherwise she’ll likely end up sweaty within minutes of walking outside! It all depends on where she plans to wear her new piece – no matter what type though make sure they’re comfortable since garment quality matters most when it comes down decision making time! Make sure those proportions fit well with whatever else is going on around them too so nothing looks awkwardly sized next each other–for example tucking trousers into boots makes legs appear shorter than normal which isn’t always flattering especially when paired alongside longer tops tucked into belts at waist height instead of being left untucked like usual (although some people like this effect)! One final tip we have here at Lifehack HQ would advise adding accessories such as


In the end, there’s no easy answer to the question “How long should women’s shirts be?” That said, I do have some advice. When you’re ready to try out a new look and want to freshen up your wardrobe, take a risk and go with your gut. Experiment with different cuts and lengths on shirts, whether they’re long or short. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. It never hurts to seek out a second opinion from someone you trust—a friend, a family member—and just see what they think of your new shirt!


A: A shirt that is too long is unflattering, and one that is too short has a tendency to ride up. The goal is for shirts to be as close to 1″ shorter than the longest point of your hips as possible, but definitely not longer.

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