How reverse decluttering can help you downsize [Shocking Details]

People have been telling me decluttering is hard.

This post is all about how reverse decluttering can help you downsize

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Decluttering should not be hard and would benefit you instead of the other way around.

What is reverse decluttering?

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Focusing on items to be used now and giving their permanent purpose instead of getting rid of things in your space or home.

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I personally do reverse decluttering as a prerequisite to my actual decluttering, it all depends on the person but it does help when you are actually getting started and have no clue on what to work on at first. It does save me time but I still, achieve my little goals at home to make it a cleaner and clutter-free living every day and keep it that way.

Decluttering at the Speed of Life: Winning Your Never-Ending Battle with Stuff

How do you simplify your life by decluttering?

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For me decluttering was a life change and I liked having small spaces but a big impact. The more I try to store stuff for future use, it just did not make any more sense as I go along the way of me decluttering and organizing.

  • Declutter regularly I always say 1 times a week is feasible enough for maintenance.
  • Gifts are coming which is uncontrollable? Let the person know what you will need that you will certainly use because that will greatly help.
  • If your table or any space on your home is piled up with stuff, avoid it when it starts to morph into a bigger pile.
  • Dont buy things you will not use now. I know this might sound hard but it really is, cluttered homes started with stuff going in the house for sure.
  • Learn to be content and grateful. Having a feeling of contentment and being thankful for things you already have will let your house be clutter free finally.
  • Being consistent. Do not be a one shot wonder, being able to remember your reason and motivation on why having clutter free homes is always liberating to feel. Do not let go of that drive. Do not let go of that inner motivation.

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How do you drastically downsize

  1. Make sure to start right now
  2. Declutter list and Schedule them
  3. Finish one day at a time
  4. Focus on your outcome to give you motivation
  5. Think of ways to maintain your new uncluttered home
  6. Donate your stuff and Sort through items that you have sentimental value
  7. Throw away broken items instantly as they far more easier to accomplish

How can I downsize my home fast

Where do I start downsizing? You need to start on your personal belongings. You are capable to downsize without moving by clearing items that you do not need because it will just take up space.

  1. The easiest way to downsize your home fast is by decluttering.
  2. Throw stuff that is unrepairable
  3. Detach from dollar value and have a good judgment if you are sure enough the item is not usable anymore
  4. Have a yard sale for items that are resellable
  5. Put stuff to donate outside your home and put free signage on a ny box or an amazon box.
  6. Before decluttering ask friends and family that you are about to declutter and survey earlier who needs certain items.

It is worth it, downsizing to be mortgage free because the insurances are coming up, so many legal fees for bigger houses. It would be much smarter if you live alone to move into a much decent size of a house now.

How do you successfully downsize?

Get that space and home of yours feeling like a truly dedicated piece of a house you always need and want. When storing stuff I like to keep things elevated or have that second spacing above the first floor like this.

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My personal story is that I and my family lived before on a biiiig house like 3 floors and of course it is already full of many stuff, to begin with, I remember I was still in grade school and already felt claustrophobic.

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After that, we moved on to a much smaller house and the stuff was literally dominating our house.

I know how we got to the point that decluttering was such a major job because my parents were always busy and other family members too. Decluttering for my parents was kind of impossible as they are already getting old and decluttering seems a mundane task to them, which I can totally understand.

Easy 3 steps on Downsizing succesfully that you can do today.

This is an easy 3 step process I always like to remember whenever I think of downsizing a lot and needless to say. We are always making good positive changes at home that when I started alone was tough but I did it and I felt amazing.

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  1. Start today with decluttering on things you can handle to finally check off of your list of things you needed to do.
  2. Get motivation from anywhere. Have your beautiful container bins or acrylic organizers you have been eyeing but with a promise to yourself that you will stick to being organized and cleaning surfaces on your space or home when you do.
  3. Throw, Sell, Donate your remaining items after decluttering and you will feel do much better. You can finally say you decluttered things today and I assure you well that you will feel lighter and brighter.

How do you downsize and get rid of something?

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First, you must have a decluttering timeline as to when you have to move, the earlier the plan the better. Second, Get a decluttering process in check with decluttering, cleaning, organizing, donating, selling, throw systems. Lastly, Stick with your plan of downsizing weekly and sticking to your decluttering schedule.

This post has been on how reverse decluttering can help you downsize

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

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