How To Dress Cottagecore

How to dress cottagecore on a budget If you are Living in Colorado, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of “cocooning” and…


How to dress cottagecore on a budget

If you are Living in Colorado, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of “cocooning” and retreating into my home during the cold months. But I think that’s a bit silly when you have such beautiful weather most of the year! So, instead of hiding from your friends and family, why not embrace what makes them so special? Cottagecore is all about feeling comfortable and cozy while looking cute and charming, so here are some tips for how to dress cottagecore:

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Embrace prints and patterns.

If you’re looking to add some excitement to your wardrobe, patterns are a great way to do it. There are so many different kinds of patterns out there, and they can be found in all sorts of places. You may already have an item in your closet that has one on it—or maybe you just need a new one!

Patterns can be found in nature, such as flowers and trees or even clouds when they’re shaped like animals or faces. Patterns can also be found on clothes—you just have to look closely at those plain white t-shirts (I know mine has some). Or perhaps the best place for finding patterns is in accessories like scarves or socks which will help break up any monotony from wearing all black clothing every day this winter season at home with family members who love spending time together but don’t always want to dress alike!

Get a lot of layers.

Layering is a key element to cottagecore style. Layering allows you to create multiple looks with one outfit, and gives your wardrobe a lot more versatility. There are many different ways you can layer, including:

  • layering different types of clothing (i.e., pants and a shirt)
  • layering the same type of clothing but in different colors or patterns
  • layering jewelry, scarves, belts, hats or other accessories

Don’t hesitate to mix textures.

To add visual interest to your outfits, explore mixing textures. The easiest way to do this is through fabric selection: you can mix fabrics of different weights (like a lightweight tee with a heavy cardigan), or you can play around with varying degrees of sheen and shimmer in your pieces (a silk tank top with a metallic skirt).

Another option is to layer different kinds of materials on top of each other—for example, a sleeveless button-down shirt under an oversize sweater draped around the shoulders. This type of layering will help ground the outfit against more flowy shapes and give it some structure that feels very “cottage-y” while still having some fun elements like the sleeveless shirt peeking out at the bottom!

Ditch bras if you’re comfortable doing that.

One of the most controversial aspects of cottagecore is that it encourages its adherents to eschew bras. A bra, as a garment, is not an essential item for living a happy life. We are told by society that we need bras in order to look good and stay healthy, but this simply isn’t true. Bras do not make us look better; they just make us feel more secure about our bodies by restricting natural movement and minimizing the appearance of breast movement in kangaroo suits (which are very popular at cottagecore festivals).

Bras also restrict air flow which can cause health problems over time; they’re one of the most environmentally unfriendly garments we wear because they often contain harmful chemicals like BPA or other materials that pollute landfills when disposed of improperly; and finally, there’s no evidence that wearing a bra makes women happier or healthier overall!

Wear comfortable shoes with every outfit.

There are many reasons why you should dress comfortably. The most important reason is that it’s much easier to wear a pair of comfortable shoes than it is to sit in a pair of uncomfortable ones. The second most important reason is that you can’t be expected to perform at your best if your feet hurt all day, which can happen if you wear the wrong type of shoe for your foot shape or size.

In general, people have either a high arched or flat foot structure, with only about 10% having mid-arched feet. To determine this for yourself, stand barefoot on a hard surface and look down at where each toe touches the ground (the ball) as well as where each heel touches the ground (the heel). If there is space between one or more toes and/or heels compared to others around them then this person has high arches in their foot structure; conversely if they are touching evenly around then they have low arches in their foot structure which means they will need extra room inside any footwear that they purchase so as not to over-pronate when walking around all day long – especially if wearing heels!

When shopping for footwear make sure that whatever type of shoe style (elevated heel/flat) fits correctly within its size range because even though something might fit well initially after an hour or two into wearing them out somewhere fancy like a party or wedding reception these might become uncomfortably tight after sitting down at first glance due some kind of material used inside construction process making them feel snug but once pressure builds up due constant movement throughout event time frame causing discomfort later on during night when trying step outside

Also consider whether color combinations match well together depending on clothing pieces being worn alongside outfit styling choice .

Blouses, blouses, blouses!

You can layer a blouse over anything. That’s why you need so many of them in your closet. You can wear them with skirts, pants, jeans, shorts—you name it!

You may think that this is because blouses are soft and comfortable to wear. But there’s actually another reason: they have sleeves! And sleeves are very important for layering because they keep your torso warm against the cold winds of winter or summer air conditioning units (depending on when you live). Sleeves also protect your arms from spilling hot drinks onto themselves when holding them up to talk about something interesting that happened to you recently at work (like how a coworker accidentally cut off his thumb with an office paper cutter).

Don’t be afraid of color.

Don’t be afraid of color.

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s easy to fall into the trap of wearing colors that you’re used to and comfortable with. If your wardrobe is mostly earth tones, don’t be afraid to experiment with a bright orange or yellow sweater or scarf; if blues and grays are your go-to colors, consider adding some reds and yellows into the mix! Cottagecore fashion is all about embracing authenticity (or as close as one can get) so you should feel free to experiment with what feels right for you—even if that means trying something new!

Play around with accessories.

Accessories are a good way to add color, texture, or pattern to an outfit. They can be simple things like a scarf or jewelry that you wear with your everyday clothes or something more elaborate like a hat and gloves that go with your winter coat. They’re also an easy way to mix up your look if you’ve worn the same outfit multiple times in a row!

Cottagecore is all about feeling comfortable and cozy while looking cute and charming.

One of the most important aspects of cottagecore fashion is comfort. Cottagecore is a much more relaxed style than other styles and you want to keep that in mind while shopping. You should feel comfortable and cozy in your clothes, so don’t buy anything that’s uncomfortable or doesn’t make you feel good.

  • Comfortable is key!
  • You want cute things, but not too frilly (unless it’s your thing). Don’t go overboard on bows or ruffles; they can easily make an outfit look childish instead of charming!


Last but not least, remember that the most important thing about cottagecore is to feel comfortable in your own skin! Take risks and be bold, but don’t forget to have fun with it. If you like an outfit, wear it! If you don’t, try something else out next time. Above all else though — remember: life is too short not to dress up in a onesie sometimes.

How to dress cottagecore in winter

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