How To Dress Down A Dress

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How to dress down a bodycon dress

When it comes to dressing down your dresses, the key is finding a way to balance the femininity of the dress with an element of casualness.

No matter what style you’re going for, there are plenty of ways to dress up or down any outfit — from sneakers and jeans to lace-up sandals.

In this post, we’ll walk through 9 simple tricks for styling your dresses so they’re ready for everyday wear.

Choose ones that match the color of the dress, or go for something in a contrasting shade.

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Adding an oversized denim jacket is one of the easiest ways to dress down a dress.

Adding an oversized denim jacket is one of the easiest ways to dress down a dress. The denim jacket can be worn over your shoulders, buttoned up and tucked into your skirt, or unbuttoned and draped loosely over the front of you. The best part about adding this piece to your outfit is that it doesn’t need to match—you can go for black or white, skinny or wide-cut, ripped or clean-cut. Just make sure that it’s oversized enough that it doesn’t overwhelm your look!

Layer a big, comfy sweater over your dress

  • The most important rule of layering a sweater on top of a dress is that it can be any color, style, material and size you want. What’s more, its condition doesn’t matter in the slightest.
  • All sweaters are fair game when it comes to layering over your dress.
  • You have probably heard this idea before but I am going to repeat it because I believe in you: if something is too hot for your neck or arms when wearing a sweater under a jacket (or coat), then you are probably already dressed warm enough to handle being outside in the same outfit without having another layer added on top!

Lace-Up Denim Sandals

Lace-up sandals are the perfect shoe to dress down a dress. They look great with jeans and the lace-up detailing gives them a feminine touch, which is especially important in this case because you need to balance out the formality of the dress. If you’re going for an edgier look, lace-up canvas sneakers might be more appropriate (they’ll give a bit of street cred to your outfit).

If you like these shoes but want something even more casual, try denim chukkas or oxfords instead. They’ll still have that earthy feel while still being on trend!

Wear Your Dress with a Cozy Turtleneck and Knee-High Boots

If you’re looking to wear your dress another way, try pairing it with a cozy Turtleneck and Knee-High Boots.

  • Turtleneck
  • Knee-high boots (note: these are not the same as knee socks)
  • Scarf
  • Sweater or blazer for colder weather

For a look that’s slightly more casual and laid back, pair your dress with a denim jacket. Or if you want something even more relaxed, throw on a leather jacket or vest over top of everything else! For an even more formal appearance, try wearing an oversized trench coat.

Pair Your Dress with Some Casual Sneakers

It’s not just for sneakers, you can pair your dress with some casual sneakers. It’s a simple way to dress down a dress, but it will make you look stylish and put together as well. This is especially useful if you want to go out in your new outfit but don’t necessarily want to be dressed up all the time.

You can wear sneakers with any type of dress—whether it’s a maxi or minidress—and add some flare by adding jewelry or a statement belt. The best part about wearing sneakers is that they’re inexpensive, versatile and easy to match with whatever else you’re wearing!

Try a Flannel Shirt Over Your Dress

Flannel is a quintessential fall and winter fabric, so it makes sense to try it over your dress. By layering a flannel shirt over your favorite sundress, you can add warmth and texture to the look with minimal effort. This look works especially well if you’re wearing an oversized dress or flowy skirt in dark colors like navy blue or black—the contrasting pattern will make for an eye-catching ensemble that’s sure to turn heads!

Layer It Under Tops and Sweaters

  • Layer it under tops and sweaters.
  • Add a turtleneck or a chunky sweater.
  • Add a long cardigan.
  • Add a pair of jeans, trousers or leggings to your dress to make it more casual. You can also wear joggers underneath the dress to make it look more casual as well!

A denim jacket is a great way to dress down a dress. When you’re wearing a dress, it’s important to accessorize with items that will make your outfit feel more casual and daytime appropriate. One of the best ways to do this is by adding an oversized denim jacket. The denim jacket can be worn over your shoulders, buttoned up and tucked into your skirt, or unbuttoned and draped loosely over the front of you.

Try Sneakers or Casual Shoes Instead of Heels

The most popular casual shoe is the sneaker. The popularity of sneakers has exploded in recent years and it’s easy to see why. Sneakers are comfortable, versatile, affordable, trendy and durable. They can be worn with anything from a dress to sweats and jeans. You can even find them in a wide variety of colors and styles so you’ll never get bored wearing them!

As for dress shoes or heels? If you’re going to wear them make sure they have a low heel (2″ or less) so that they’re easier on your feet and ankles during long days of standing up (especially if you’re wearing heels). Heels also need an open toe box so that they don’t pinch when walking around all day long!

Try these 9 style tips to make your dresses feel ready for everyday wear

  1. Add a denim jacket.
  2. Layer a sweater.
  3. Wear sneakers or boots, depending on the occasion, of course.
  4. Try wearing it under tops and sweaters for an extra layer of warmth during winter months, or just for fun!
  5. A flannel shirt layered over your dress will add both texture and warmth (and you won’t have to worry about your outfit looking too put together).
  6. And don’t forget to pair your dress with some casual sneakers (or even boots) — no one said dresses should only be worn with heels!
  7. If you’re trying to dress down your favorite party dress for more casual occasions, consider pairing it with a turtleneck underneath. This can give the outfit an extra layer of warmth without making it too formal or stuffy.
  8. Wearing a dress doesn’t have to mean you’re at the mercy of your shoes or handbag. If it’s cold out and you don’t want to wear an overcoat, try throwing on a denim jacket over your shoulders instead! Then just grab some flats and go about your day without worrying too much about what everyone else is thinking.
  9. For a more bohemian look, add layers like chunky sweaters and scarves. This will give you all the warmth (and style) you need while still being able to move freely. If it’s still warm out but you’re not feeling like wearing heels, go ahead and put on some sneakers instead! They’ll keep your feet comfy while also looking cute.


There are so many ways to dress down a dress! Dressing down a dress doesn’t have to be hard, but it does take some creativity and patience. The most important thing is to find the look that works best for your body type, personal style and mood. If you love wearing dresses but want them to feel more casual or everyday-appropriate, try out one of these tips today!

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