How To Dress For 4th of July

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What to wear to july 4th party

Hey, girl! Do you know what day is coming up? No, not New Year’s Eve. We’re talking about the Independence Day holiday in America!

It’s a special time for us Americans to celebrate our great country and all the freedom we have.

One of the best ways to show your patriotism on this day is with your outfit, so we’ve put together some ideas for you that will help you express yourself through your clothes without looking like an out-of-date tourist from 1991.

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How to Dress for 4th of July

  • Wear patriotic colors.
  • Choose a dress or skirt.
  • Wear shorts. (Or pants if you’re feeling more conservative.)

Don’t forget to accessorize! A red, white and blue scarf will look great with any outfit, or you can wear some fun American flag jewelry.

Jeans can be worn on 4th of July, but it’s important to remember that denim will absorb heat quickly and may not keep you cool for long. If you do wear jeans to celebrate America’s independence day, try pairing them with a tank top or T-shirt.

Pick the best red, white and blue pieces

When you’re dressing for July 4th, you don’t want to be dressed in stuff that’s plain and boring. Instead, get some red, white and blue to help show off your patriotism! Red is the color of the American heartland; it’s also a symbol of courage and passion. White represents purity, innocence and cleanliness. Blue stands for loyalty, perseverance, truthfulness and justice.

You can wear any combination of these three colors but make sure they’re not too dark or light: if your shirt has dark stripes it could be hard to see at night when everyone’s having fireworks picnics on their lawns (which are totally a thing).

Strategize the perfect dress

When choosing your dress for the fourth, it’s important to consider how it will complement the rest of your outfit. First and foremost, you want a short enough hemline so that you can show off those long legs you’ve been working on all summer. Next, think about how high or low the necklines on your top and shoes are (this ties back into our previous point). If they’re not at least as low as where your hem is sitting then there’s no chance for a sexy peek-a-boo reveal when you twirl around. Lastly, consider how far down those arms go—nothing should be covered up!

Find the right shirt

  • Pick a shirt that you can wear with other outfits.
  • Pick a shirt that is comfortable.
  • Pick a shirt that is patriotic, but not too patriotic. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country, but if your outfit is more flag than person, then it might be too much for the occasion. Make sure the shirt is appropriate for the occasion (i.e., don’t wear a tank top if everyone else will be in suits).
  • Make sure the shirt is in good condition and in style (i.e., don’t pick an item from your college days).

Select the right bottoms

  • Jeans
  • Dresses
  • Shorts/pants

There are many ways to celebrate Independence Day, but the most important thing is being comfortable and having fun. You want to be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about how you look* Jeans.

Choose the right shoes

As you dress for the Fourth of July, the first thing to consider is what kind of shoes you should wear. That’s because if you choose poorly, it can ruin your look and make it hard for you to enjoy yourself. If you want to look good and also keep your feet comfortable, there are a few guidelines that will help.

  • Choose shoes that are appropriate for the event or venue: For example, if your family has been invited to an outdoor barbecue with dirt paths and grass fields as well as concrete sidewalks, sneakers are probably the best option since they’re versatile enough for both types of terrain. On the other hand if it’s raining outside then flip flops aren’t going to cut it either — but rain boots would work great! (Just make sure not too get caught in any mud!)
  • Choose shoes based on comfort: If there’s no way around wearing heels (because they’re part of an outfit or simply because they’re required), then I recommend wearing flats instead so that at least there won’t be any pain involved! It may seem like overkill but trust me when I say this will save us all from having sore feet later on 😉

If you want to look fashionable on the Fourth of July, you need to pick an outfit that is appropriate for the event. The easiest way to do this is by starting with a shirt that you can wear with other outfits. Pick a shirt that is comfortable. Pick a shirt that is patriotic, but not too patriotic. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your country, but if your outfit is more flag than person, then it might be too much for the occasion.

Go for comfortable accessories

You will be walking a lot, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes. You don’t want to end up with blisters on your feet. Avoid accessories that are too heavy or bulky—you don’t want to trip over your necklace or bang into someone because your bracelet is getting in the way. If you need to keep your phone handy, consider a crossbody bag instead of an armful of bracelets and necklaces!

* Don’t wear too many accessories. Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever you have on. For example, if you’re going to wear a necklace, don’t also bring along earrings and bracelets in addition to that because it’s just not necessary.

You can have patriotic outfits that are also cute!

You can have patriotic outfits that are also cute!

You don’t have to dress like a flag if you don’t want to. There are plenty of ways to be patriotic without looking like you’re dressed up as a flag.

Or just wear an outfit with red, white and blue in it.”Red, white and blue”, “patriotic”, and “American” are all basically interchangeable when it comes to what people think of when they hear this image.”Patriotic” doesn’t necessarily mean wearing what looks like a big piece of fabric—and especially not if there’s nothing else around but stars and stripes.


We’re sure you have a ton of fun 4th of July outfits in mind, but if you’re stumped and need some ideas, here are some suggestions. Try wearing a red tank top with white shorts and blue sandals for the perfect summer look. If you’re looking for something fancier than that, try out a sequin dress with your favorite accessories like patriotic jewelry or sunglasses! There are so many different ways to dress up for Independence Day depending on what kind of event it is or where you live (are there fireworks?). No matter what type of celebration it is though we hope these tips helped give us all some inspiration when choosing clothing items that go well together as well as being comfortable enough when wearing them all day long during July 3rd weekend celebrations!

How to dress for independence day

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