How To Dress For A Wedding On The Beach

How to dress for a wedding on the beach

I love a good beach wedding. I love the sand between my toes, the breeze in my hair, and even the sometimes-uncomfortable shoes that come with it. But there is one thing about beach weddings that can put a damper on your day: If you don’t dress well enough for them, it can lead to some very uncomfortable moments (and not just because of sandals or heels). Thankfully, there are plenty of simple ways to ensure your outfit will stay comfortable during this special occasion.

Choose light colors.

If you’re getting married on the beach, you can’t go wrong with light colors. They’ll help keep everyone looking their best, no matter what their skin tone or age might be. If you have a darker complexion, lighter colors will give your face a more flattering shape without washing you out. If you’re older than 30 and want to look younger, choose a light-colored dress that draws attention away from wrinkles and other aging signs—and toward your eyes!

If your bust is larger than average but still proportionate to the rest of your body (i.e., it doesn’t make anyone else’s eyes bleed), then even if it’s not an issue for most women—it might be one for yours! A white top will ensure that all eyes are on the bride—not her cleavage!

Pick breathable fabrics.

When you’re dressing for a hot, humid climate, it’s important to choose fabrics that breathe. This can be anything from linen or cotton to rayon/viscose blends and even silk. Fabrics like wool and tweed are not going to be comfortable in this kind of weather because they don’t let air pass through them as easily as other fabrics do.

It’s important to note that just because something is breathable doesn’t mean it’s necessarily good for the environment—some synthetic fibers have been found to be less environmentally friendly than natural ones like cotton or linen because they require more resources during manufacturing (like oil). If possible, try looking for organic options if you want something that’ll help out Mother Nature too!

Wear lightweight shoes.

Wearing sandals is the best option. Seriously, what other kind of shoe could possibly be appropriate for a beach wedding? If you’re going to wear shoes at all, make sure that they are comfortable and closed-toed (flip flops are not an acceptable choice). And whatever you do, don’t wear heels—they’ll sink right into the sand and ruin everyone’s day.

If you’re concerned about keeping up with your friends or family members who are running around barefoot on the beach, then consider wearing flats or loafers instead of heels. You’ll still look stylish but won’t risk ruining someone else’s photos by getting stuck in the sand like an idiot!

Opt for drapey styles.

If you’re having a beach wedding, it’s important to make sure that your dress is loose and flowy. You want to avoid anything too tight or short so that you can enjoy the ceremony without any worry about flashing anyone when you stand up from your seat. Additionally, choose a skirt that isn’t too poofy; this will ensure that you aren’t feeling self-conscious about the way it moves around when walking on sand. Finally, avoid long dresses; they’ll make it difficult for other guests at the wedding to see what’s going on as well as getting in their own way should anyone want pictures taken with them later on in the night!

Dress to impress but don’t go overboard.

You don’t want to be the person who shows up in a tuxedo, even if it’s a casual wedding. However, you do want to make sure that your dress looks nice and suits the occasion. If you’re on the shorter side (like I am), it’s best not to wear heels because they can look silly when standing next to taller people. You also don’t want to wear something too short or revealing, as this may make you uncomfortable while sitting down at dinner and/or dancing later on in the night.

For me personally, this means wearing capris with my strappy sandals and a cute top over my bathing suit for added coverage. While I’m not worried about trying out new things at this point in my life—especially when it comes to fashion—I still find myself worrying about what other people might think of me based on what I’m wearing!

• Beach weddings are a great way to celebrate your relationship, but they can be tricky when it comes time for choosing what to wear. When planning an outdoor affair, you need something that will hold up against wind, sand, and sun (oh my!). Fortunately we’ve compiled some tips on how to dress smartly while still looking fabulous.Another option is wearing a maxi dress or skirt, which will give you the freedom to move around without feeling like you’re showing off too much skin. You can also pair this with an off-the-shoulder top so that it doesn’t look like you’re trying too hard..

This is a great time to experiment with a new style that’s been on your mind for ages but never had an occasion to wear it. Beach weddings are casual and fun, so don’t be afraid to be a little adventurous!

Beach weddings are fun, and so is dressing for them.

Beach weddings are fun, and so is dressing for them.

There’s something about the beach that brings out the best in people and makes everyone feel a little more carefree. Plus, if you’re getting married at your favorite vacation spot or somewhere else where there’s sand everywhere, then choosing a wedding dress that won’t get ruined by it will be easy—just pick something sleeveless! But no matter where your beach wedding takes place, there are plenty of options for how to dress for a sunny day on the shoreline.


The most important thing about attending a wedding on the beach is to remember that it is a celebration of love and joy. It’s not about what you wear, but how you feel in your heart and mind. The bride and groom will be dressed in whatever makes them happy, so don’t worry about your outfit being too casual or not formal enough! Just make sure you’re comfortable in whatever gets chosen by the bride

How to dress for a beach wedding guest

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