How To Dress Joggers Up

Metal buckle belt

To dress joggers up, you need to make sure that your choice of belt is neutral. This means that it should be a color that goes well with the tone of your pants and top. Be careful not to get too matchy-matchy, or else you’ll look like you’re wearing a pajama set rather than dressed-up joggers. A metal buckle belt will also help keep things looking more polished than casual, as long as it’s the same color as your pants.

Statement tee

  • Statement Necklace
  • Statement Bracelet
  • Statement Earrings


A blazer can take your joggers from the couch to the office and beyond. A blazer is a great way to dress up joggers because it looks professional and polished, but still feels casual. If you have an office job or need something more formal for a night out with friends, try wearing a more casual top underneath your blazer with some heels or boots.


  • Beige or white sneakers: These are the most versatile options and work with all colors.
  • Sneakers with embellishments: Embellishments can really make a footwear look stand out, so if you want to go for more of a statement look, this is a good option.
  • Sneakers with a pop of color: This can be nice if you want your outfit to pop but don’t want anything too bold or loud.
  • Sneakers with a heel: This is an interesting way to dress up your joggers; it gives them an elevated feel while still keeping them casual enough not to scare people away from getting close enough to talk to you! Make sure they’re comfortable though because heels aren’t always known for being comfortable!
  • Sneakers with statement socks: You’d be surprised how many different kinds there are out there these days!

Leather jacket

A leather jacket is the perfect way to dress up your joggers. You can wear it in any season and make a casual outfit stand out, or you can wear a leather jacket in the summer and keep your body warm while looking dapper.

A leather jacket goes with nearly everything—jeans, shorts, pants, or even suits! It will look good on anyone who wears it because of its versatility.

White shirt with black bow tie

You can dress up joggers by pairing them with a nice shirt, blazer and tie. This look is perfect for weddings or any other formal event that requires you to wear a suit. It’s also great to wear at work because it makes you look professional while still being comfortable enough to do your job well. If you want to go out after work or on the weekend, this outfit is ideal because it’s more stylish than regular sweatpants but not as formal as most jeans.

Fitted tank or top

If you have a waist that is wider than the average, the best option for you is to go with a fitted tank or top. The reason for this is because it will draw attention away from your waist and give emphasis on your bust, which will make it appear smaller. If you want to wear joggers with an oversized top but don’t want this effect, try wearing a v-neck t-shirt instead of something with sleeves.

Collared shirt

For a more dressed-up look, you can try a collared shirt in place of your joggers. A dress shirt or polo would work well with this outfit. If you want to go for something less formal, try a button down collar shirt with a blazer instead.

If you’re not sure about trying this look on its own, pair it with some jogger pants and leave the top half of your body exposed for added flexibility of movement! You could also wear a turtleneck underneath if you want extra warmth around the neck area – just make sure that it has long sleeves so that they don’t get in the way when reaching up overhead (think: cooking).

Oversized scarves and cardigans

  • You can wear an oversized scarf with your joggers, which can be worn in a variety of ways. The scarf can be wrapped around the neck or head to add warmth, or it can be draped over one shoulder like a shawl.
  • A cardigan is another great way to dress up joggers. Most people wear them as an extra layer over their upper body when they’re cold or chilly, but you can also wear them casually by buttoning up only one or two buttons on top and leaving the rest open so that only your arms are covered by the cardigan.
  • If you’re wearing a blazer with your joggers and want to add some flair without going overboard, try wrapping an oversized scarf around your neck under the collar of said blazer before heading out for the day! This look is perfect for those days when it gets colder later in the afternoon/evening but doesn’t require full coverage from head-to-toe; just throw on some boots and voila: instant style upgrade!

Pointed flats or other shoes that tuck under the jogger

Pointed flats are shoes with a pointed toe. They’re also known as Mary Janes, but you can wear them with any outfit, not just dresses or skirts. If you have slender ankles and legs, pointed flats will make your feet look pretty awesome (you know those jeans that are way too short? Well they work great with a pair of pointed flats).

If this is your first time wearing pointed flats and they feel a little weird at first, don’t worry—that’s normal! But once you’ve got the hang of them and are ready to dress up joggers with other shoes, I recommend sticking with something else on top: like sneakers or boots (like Chelsea boots), ballet flats (such as ballet slippers) or mules/sandals (such as sandal loafers).

Now let’s talk about how to use the key pieces above in different outfits together!

Slouchy sweater and booties or heels

A slouchy sweater is a great way to dress joggers up. A pair of booties or heels will complete the look. To wear them, simply put on your slouchy sweater first and then your booties or heels. You can also wear these items separately if you’d prefer, but we recommend pairing them together because they really make a statement!

Joggers can be dressed up to look professional.

  • Joggers can be dressed up with a blazer.
  • Joggers can be dressed up with a leather jacket.
  • Joggers can be dressed up with a collared shirt.
  • Joggers can be dressed up with a slouchy sweater.

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