How To Dress Up For The 90s

How do you dress for the 90s

The 90s were a fun time to be a teenager. You had your first cell phone, you could wear whatever you wanted to school, and there was a whole new world of fashion waiting for you. I remember spending hours pouring over magazines, trying to figure out what the popular girls were wearing so that I could get into their clique. Well now that we’re all grown up, it’s time to get back in touch with our inner 90s selves! Here are some ideas for turning your wardrobe into an homage to the decade of grunge, ravers and schoolgirls:


The grunge look is characterized by flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and combat boots. This relaxed look is inspired by the Seattle music scene that emerged in the 90s and is associated with grunge music. Although this trend has been around for a while now, it’s still popular today!

You can wear this 90s fashion style with a lot of different clothing items. You can find flannels at thrift stores or even buy one from Amazon. If you don’t have any raggedy jeans around your house (or just want to upgrade your current pair), then check out Urban Outfitters or H&M as they have some great options for you! If combat boots aren’t your thing either then try wearing Converse sneakers instead!

School girl

  • School girl
  • What to wear: A plaid skirt and a white collared shirt are the staples of this outfit. Make sure it’s not too long or short, but that’s up to your preference. Jeans and sneakers also work if you don’t want to go full out on the skirt.
  • How to dress up: Add some accessories like a belt or necklaces that reflect your personality! You can even add in some hair accessories for extra flare! If you want to do more of a “sexy” school girl look, wear heels instead of sneakers with your outfit.
  • How to do your hair: Rocking your natural hair will always be an option for this look! If you want something more fun, try adding in pigtails or braids for added playfulness.
  • What accessories should I wear? For this style there are many different options depending on what kind of accessory looks best against my skin tone/hair color combination—it’s all about experimenting until finding something unique but still stylish enough (because let’s face it, anything goes nowadays).

How to do your makeup: I love a bright red lip with this outfit because it adds some color and makes my eyes look bigger. If you’re not feeling so bold, try adding some mascara or eyeliner instead! For an even more edgy look, pair colored eyeshadow with black liner and mascara.


Now that you know the basics of how to dress for the ’90s, let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate your personal style into these looks.

When it comes to rave outfits, there are two main themes: cyberpunk and rave-chic. Cyberpunk can be defined as “a subculture inspired by science fiction, which tends to focus on technology and its effect on humanity.” Rave-chic is characterized by bold patterns and bright colors. It’s also important to note that while many people used certain elements of their clothing (such as hats) to be identified with said subculture, others just wanted to look cool.

Regardless of what aspect you want your outfit theme to reflect, make sure you pick up some accessories that fit in with whatever aesthetic or genre you’re trying out! You can find everything from goggles like those worn by early ravesters (or just someone who wants protection from dust) online or even through Amazon Prime Now if your local mall doesn’t have them yet! Try combining these accessories with other pieces like pants from Forever 21 so everyone knows how much effort went into putting together such a dope ensemble!

Blouse with skirt

A blouse is a button-up shirt. A skirt is a knee length skirt. The color of the blouse and skirt can be any color you want, as long as it’s not black or brown. You could also wear these clothes with a pair of jeans if you wanted to look edgy and cool, but this isn’t really what we’re going for here. These two items can be made out of any material you’d like—from denim to satin—and they don’t even have to match! Just make sure the blouse fits snugly around your waist so no one can see how flat your stomach is underneath it…and maybe try hemming those pants up an inch or two before wearing them out on a date.”

Leather jacket and jeans

The easiest way to dress up for the 90s is with a leather jacket and some jeans. The most iconic look of the era was a pair of baggy jeans paired with a black leather jacket, and that’s still what you should go for if you’re trying to get into that kind of style.

When it comes to colors, black is always going to be king. White can also have its place depending on how much time you spend outdoors or in direct sunlight—it doesn’t look good on everyone but some people manage it well enough! If you want something more colorful than white or black but still subdued enough that it won’t stand out too much from your casual clothes (which are probably already pretty loud) go for brown or navy blue instead; both colors are easy-to-wear alternatives that will help keep things looking normal enough when people look at them closely but still give off hints about what kind of person likes 90s fashion without making them feel like they’ve overdone things too much by dressing up as someone else entirely.”

These are some ideas for 90s dress.

The 90s were a colorful decade, and you can still achieve that look without breaking the bank. You can get a lot of mileage out of grunge-inspired clothing like plaid flannel shirts and ripped jeans. Wear them with thick-soled boots or combat boots to complete the look.

A school girl costume is also an easy way to get into character for Halloween or even just to wear as an everyday outfit! If you don’t have time for multiple layers, try pairing your school uniform with some leggings underneath (or even tights!) instead of wearing a skirt—you’ll still be able to rock that cute pleated skirt but will stay warm in case it gets cold outside!

If raves are more your thing than school dances, then go all out on neon colors and crazy patterns! Baggy pants from old pairs of jeans are perfect for this look since they’re already worn down from years of wear anyways—just add some bright accessories like sunglasses or jewelry if desired! To really make it pop though, pair these pants with an oversized blouse patterned in polka dots or stripes (maybe even both!). It doesn’t matter what kind of shirt you choose either; whether plain colored tee shirts or graphic tees with funny sayings printed on them will work great too!”


If you’re looking to get into the 90s dress style, these are some ideas that are easy and fun. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on them either because most of these outfits can be worn with items in your closet right now— just add some bandanas or a crop top!

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