This post is all about how to keep your dorm room from smelling this year

best odor eliminator for dorm room

Cleaning up of the dorm room

  1. Clean up sheets
  2. Fresh sheets
  3. Clean dusts
  4. Vacuum carpets
  5. Wipe down furniture
  6. Maintain with air freshener
  7. Install a Humidifier

How do hotels keep their towels and sheets and blankets so white?

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I know cleaning might be daunting but it is the first step for you to actually get your dorm room smelling. It does not matter if your dorm smells nice but at the end of the day, there are spiderwebs on the walls. Even dead insects can contribute greatly to the smells.

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Clear Air Odor Eliminator Gel Beads

I want to say there is something magical about the gel beads to me. Even when I was a kid I would always be amazed by it. Now they have made it more scented and into different colors. The color blue makes it more serene and relaxing with a sea breeze in my imagination. Funny how we can visualize moments or pictures or scenes whenever we smell something. I sure do hope I am not the only one. I am sensing fond memories from wherein I smelled a certain scent from years ago. Ain’t that magical and beautiful at the same time.


Plug In Air Freshener

Now, in my early years, I was kind of hesitant with plugging a device then it gives off the scent? Now that sounds sketchy. But to me it was everything, I did not like the part when it has to use electricity though. This scent is a fresh linen variant, which is what I prefer the most because it is always nice to go back to our place smelling like fresh sheets and fresh linens. This would be the safest smell ever because some people might be allergic to floral scents or others dislike citrus scents like lemon, lime, and oranges. As technology evolves I have come to realize that they improve this plug in air freshener as you can already see when they needed to be refilled once again with a flashing light indicator.

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how to get rid of musty smell in dorm room

Essential Oil Diffuser

I know you might here this numerous times already but having a diffuser serves its purpose. I learned this from going to my friend’s apartment after school she had this one on top of her cabinet. I asked her hey what is that you got there and it seems to be there is a cloud of smoke coming out of that thing. She told me it was her diffuser, the next day I ordered one myself and the rest is history. When I always walked by spas and massage places their smells are always inviting and having a diffuser is a key.


Solid Gel Air Freshener

This is the one I currently have in my little office. Right, when you open the container a little bit it will reveal the solid jelly like gel air freshener. I experience sudden bad smells here in there like when I eat instant noodles for an afternoon snack even in a confined room I just open my solid air freshener then I am good to go. In dorms, there can be little to no window at all but trust me have this on your bedside table or study table and it will do its job of deodorizing your dorm in seconds. I call this my not so secret- secret weapon to make space or dorm smell good instantly without spraying on the ground or in the air. The great thing is you can close the body container and it will stop evaporating the smell. Before going out to attend college classes just lightly tap the upper part to close the air freshener to save and use it for a long time.

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best air freshener for dorm room

This post was about how to keep your dorm room from smelling that you can copy this year

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