7 Ways On How To Start A Blog And Make Money in 2023 [EASY GUIDE]

You have heard other people making money through blogging and wanted to research more about it?

I always get asked how to start a blog and even helped some, now I am here to help you out too!

Yes! It is possible to make money with a blog. Read everything on my guide as this will be the only one you need to start.

For me, it is very important that I always keep this free blogging information guide updated for you! Please expect this article will be updated every month.

Putting a lot of effort and hours into my blog, especially at the beginning of your blogging journey is crucial. I too did not believe it at first that is why it was my mistake to not give it my all and not be consistent in blogging. Over the years since I had started since January 2021 and fast forward, I am earning through blogging.

On my first paycheck from blogging even though it was only small but I was very proud of it, I paid for groceries, my father’s medicine, and my mother’s vitamins. Treated them to buy two boxes of pizza along with my younger brother and my man Saul. I told myself yes this is real, blogging is real.

Everybody has to start somewhere right?

Trust me I know how blogging works and how to start a blog to make money.

This post is all about how to start a blog And make money

This was not my first time blogging, I have been an established blogger before when I was in school particularly in high school to my college years. I was blogging just for the sake of blogging my day or my personal diary, I got invited to brand events in return I get a product or goodie bags after.

How cool is it that I met in person YouTubers BubzBeauty and ItsJudyTime from ItsJudysLife? Even Peng Joon and Robert Kiyosaki’s event for entrepreneurs cost a lot to get in but I went in for free as a blogger in exchange to cover as a media for the event.

Got me curious as Peng Joon and Robert Kiyosaki were talking about a website and blogs along with passive income and financial freedom. I subscribe to their newsletter and at first, I wasn’t paying attention to their emails but one day I did and attended a webinar and that changed me and opened me up into this new world of digital marketing.

Making money from blogging is passive income and you can earn money while you sleep.

Into the unknown, I jumped into blogging quitting my job right away (Which I do not recommend that you do) With more effort with blogging and staying consistent it will be worth it. The important thing is you know what you are doing.

How to start a blog and make money for beginners

First Step: Picking Your Niche

Here we go, we need to pick our niche which is the term we say in the digital blogging world for topic or subject. Validate yourself if you can make money with your niche, in the long run, you can read about this further along with this guide.

Yes, Blogging Niche. Which passion do you have interests in or think you would have a piece of knowledge at? Try to brainstorm which Niche do you want to be known for as an authority blog one day. Wherein people can tell, you are the go-to blog website to be at.

Many bloggers pick their popular and profitable niches like pets, food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, fitness, personal finance, camping, banking, DIY crafts, and more. I believe that you can be a successful blogger with any niche you can tackle with.

Make sure to plan for your blog direction 1 year to 5 years because that is how I am doing right now. It is by far the best decision I had before starting.

Second Step: Listing out Topics To Write About UpFront

I know this step could be the first time you will ever hear a blogger would say. But let me tell you because this will help you plan out the blog topics to write about to get less distracted and less overwhelmed.

I want you to succeed so please listen to me and see if it is for you to give blogging 24 months up until 36 months of consistency of hard work and dedication. Yes, I am keeping it real here everybody.

Showing up for your blog every single day and Treating your blog like a business.

I highly recommend blog writing topics that are close-knitted to each other, for example, Why do Rabbits love to eat carrots? Why do Rabbits eat Timothy Hay Grass? Is it safe for Rabbits to eat bananas? Best Rabbit Travel Bag for a Roadtrip. Thus, You get my point.

Step 3: Selecting a Blog Name

Your persona in the internet world. Think about a name that you are will be going to be known for. You can start to think well in a year’s time or forever your blog name will stick by you through thick and thin. You can start with a blog name with well, your real name if you want but if you plan to sell your blog in the future that would be a bit difficult.

You can absolutely have a blog name which should have a big potential to extend topics around the area for example BasketballShoes website which later on will be hard to branch out to other types of shoes, something like SportShoesHow website is a much brandable and better name.

How To Come Up with A Blog Name Safely

Important is to get the domain name of your blog by checking it first to see if it has been trademarked or registered already before securing the blog name. As much as possible check with social media accounts if it is already taken on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc and Of course, find the blog name that is not taken already.

Important Note: If you do not have a blog name yet that you are ready to be with forever (or for a long time) a web hosting I recommend is Bluehost allows you to start a blog without deciding yet on a blog name. That is how I researched well for this web hosting carefully before recommending it to you. Whilst all other web hosting doesn’t have this feature yet as I am writing this, I am not aware of any. How amazing is that? You can pick a blog name in 30 days to come back and finally choose one.

Check your blog name now if it is available:

Step 4: You Need Blog Hosting

I would only recommend BlueHost when starting your blog, I had no problems with it whatsoever personally. It was so nice to pay for it upfront so you won’t be bothered and just focus on your blog.

My biggest mistake with blogging is that before I used my blog name dot blogspot and my blog name dot wordpress or Squarespace. I had limited capabilities like adding or design of my blog how I wanted to. Getting into ad agencies in the future will only hinder and they will ask you if you are under those platforms.

Register with Bluehost

Getting your own blog domain and web hosting is much more professional and trusted, Most importantly more secure it as 100% control because you own a “piece of digital land” with hosting. This is the way to make money blogging online.

Walmart price type cheap of only $2.95 per month and you will get already a .com blog domain name that you like for free included! Bluehost is the first web hosting I ever had to recommend especially when you are starting.

The Bluehost support is always there for you 24/7 and when signing up you will automatically create your blog finally and install the very important WordPress.org, instead of WordPress.com (which is the free blogging platform that WordPress owns and has the freedom to do anything on your website, it is free for a reason.)

You can easily have a chat with a Bluehost representative which I do every time If I have basic questions or help if I do not understand something or have clarification (and yes, I always read their help guides too). WordPress.org is used by professional bloggers uses.

Very convenient and easy dashboard with settings and options on where to write, designing your website will be at. Which you will go to every day to write your blog posts to start making money online. Writing blog posts is what will make the needle move for you.



Bluehost will automatically create your blog and you can log into the WordPress dashboard as the main platform wherein you can write posts, add images to your website.

Now you will need a WordPress theme to be able to make your site beautiful. I highly recommend Kylee More WordPress Theme by Studio Mommy If you are on a budget like me, when I found it I instantly bought it and I cannot believe it was very affordable too maybe one of the most affordable ones out there.

The design is seamless and even my co-bloggers said she likes it and It is Alyssa Germaine’s aesthetic style approved. It looks very good on mobile and desktop. It is made on a Genesis Framework which is very good for SEO and fast too. Even has instructions for step-by-step easy setup, no need for an expensive Website designer.

Step 6: Writing Blog Posts

After all the setting up of your web hosting of Bluehost and going to your installed WordPress dashboard. You can finally start writing blog posts which I recommend you do on day 1. No time to mess up with your branding or colors or logo. Have a simple logo design or just type your logo in the site’s name. At the beginning, set up what works and not worry about perfection.

Can i start a blog and make money

Remember the early step of listing topics, use that now when writing and in tune with your schedule. In the beginning, you need to write posts in your free time and pump up the content. Google will start to understand your website better with some content in it to be able to start ranking and having blog traffic.

Please Note: If only you were to ask me, I highly suggest writing your first 100 blog posts in 1-2 months and proceeding to have 100 or more 2-3 months and 500 blog posts under 6 months which should be all high-quality content. To get data for what works and what doesn’t earlier. Again as I am speaking to a beginner blogger, you can whip out 6 high-quality blog posts a month when starting and keep at it for 24 months.

Best way to start a blog and make money

Carpet bomb blog posts from your lists and write content that is highly helpful and high quality. I recommend getting your first 100 blog posts in the first 1-2 months. Get your blog posts every single sentence to be helpful and relevant and write 2,000 words to 3,000 words minimum. Yes, it is a lot of work.

How To Write Epic Blog Posts People Will Read

Make the posts about your audience and not about you. Write posts like a Business and Produce content that is already popular out there. People want to read about themselves, I studied Tourism Hospitality in college and it is the bottom line helping people out, and blogging is sort of that way too.

Have 3 sentences per paragraph and break your text with Headings to make it easier for people to scan and also easy to read on mobile phones as everyone is always on their phones, unlike computers. Include freebies, printables, and guides for people. Test out review products and give step by step guide for people wanting to research about the product.

Use bullet points, Headers, outside source link for more information, free beautiful images that you personally take is the best. Reread everything and check for spelling and grammar too.

Step 7: Growing your Blog and Getting Your ROI or Return of Investment

Getting Traffic to your blog

One of the recommended ones and I wish I had done earlier was Pinterest and SEO at first then social media and email list, with optional Ads. You cannot be a master of all, and if others are- they have a team of employees already.

Pinterest Traffic

Starting with Pinterest by pinning your blog posts to market and adding free eyes to your website and Thinking of your ROI or Return of Investment. I love Tailwind so much and they are a verified Pinterest Partner to schedule out your pins on autopilot. Schedule your pins easily and get a free one month of Tailwind when you upgrade from a free plan. I grew my Pinterest Monthly Views from 0 to 1,100,000 under a month with only pinning my own content which I am very proud of! Pinterest is a way to get readers that are ready to shop to click on the pins to your blog posts and get Blog Traffic faster.

Especially if you are busy and cannot keep up with Pinning, Tailwind will!


Google SEO thankfully has been good to me too. Search Traffic like Yahoo Bing, and Google are giving me traffic now for more than a year. In Google it is a slow grind, you can get results pretty good if you give it a 24-month overview but once you have it, It is pretty sustainable. They are always so many blogs that are newly created Google will need time to read your site but will be much quicker if you have niche-focused content writing first.

Social Media, Email List and Ads

You can have a good following to start with social media first then direct them to your blog or lurk over to your blog. Nurture your followers and Easily connect genuinely such as Influencer Marketing, A Social Media Star to have a loyal audience.

With an email list, you own your list no matter what happens, best to have them opt-in with a freebie or helpful guide to get them inside and be able to send them a newsletter for your promos or offers in the future. Lastly, with Ads, you can spend for advertising fees to spread blog awareness or increase sales of your products with an offer into a funnel to earn money.


Monetize your blog through Affiliate Marketing, Own Products, Sponsored Posts, Having Services, and Display Advertisement.

Display Ads

When you have started a blog and put on high-quality original content you can start with Ezoic to start making money from Display Ads.

At Ezoic even if you are starting they accept high-quality original content blog websites and earn through Display Ads, they pay much higher than Google Adsense.

Increase ad revenue 50-250% with Ezoic

You can earn with the Ezoic Access Now program with no pageviews requirements, You can withdraw your money once it hit the $20 threshold and above and they pay a net 30 days.

With Ezoic taking advantage of their Leap free tool to make your website faster which is good for your audience and SEO.

A Google Certified Publishing Partner. Learn more about Ezoic here.

Whenever I have questions about my website issues or advice from Ezoic they assist me very well.

You can ask me in the comments below if you have more questions about joining Ezoic.

Other networks ad agencies are other bloggers are on Media.net, Mediavine, SHE Media, Adthrive.

Affiliate Marketing

Easily recommending other people’s products and earning commissions for years even night and day.

You can join Cj Affiliates, Share A Sale, AWIN, ClickBank, ShopStyle, One of my few favorites are Amazon Affiliates but you need to have a good amount of traffic before signing up as they have a reviewing period before they approve you but when it comes to Amazon you can earn a commission on every qualified purchase along with any products they have in their cart even if it is not the item you recommended in a short timeframe that they allow you to have, Flexoffers, if you are just starting as approval is much easier you can sign up and Rewardstyle which has a higher commission percentage, if you are a blogger and have good content already with social media presence for straight months I could help you to get in as they are much strict. A fellow rewardStyle member is a much higher chance to be accepted please email me at alyssa@alyssagermaine.com so I can refer you!

Own Products and Services

Most people can earn right away by selling products and services with a following on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube already. You get to create your own product and earn money with sales! I recommend you start selling when you have a good solid 10,000 monthly viewers to sell to. Services can be offered to help like a virtual assistant, graphic designer, or writer, and be able to negotiate and earn right away.

Writing sponsored blog posts and the brand or sponsor will pay you money as you need to have a highly engaged audience first in order to do so.

Do you have any more questions or request more guides? Please let me know in the comments below.

This post was all about How to start an online blog and make money

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