The Complete Guide to Long Nails and How They Can Make You More Confident

Long nails style

Growing up Alyssa always have seen long nails on magazine covers like Vogue, Seventeen Magazine, and more. I seriously thought wow look Alyssa those nails look amazing and how can I get those for myself too?

Let’s Style & Nail Your Wet L...
Let’s Style & Nail Your Wet Look

Love these Neutral Long nails that I could rock basically every day. The Neutral long nail press on nails is available on Amazon. Neutral colors are every girl boss trusted go-to nails. When in doubt go neutral.

Long nails are not just for decoration purposes, they are also a fashion statement.


You can definitely customize more of your style incorporating it with your nails too, because who doesn’t right? If you love the color pink, chances are you will choose more pink shades of long nail designs.

What are Long Nails and Why Would You Want Them?

Long nails have been the trend in recent years, with celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Rihanna sporting them. But long nails are not just for decoration purposes, they are also a fashion statement.

In more emphasis, these are most celebrities are seen wearing long nails time after time. Long nails definitely long feminine and seductive in a woman.

They can make your hands look more elegant and feminine. Longer nails can also be used to create different nail art designs that you couldn’t do with shorter nails.

Other girls would explore more extremely long nails. But if you want to see a couple for more options you can see more ideas for yourself.

Getting yourself a new nail art and a fresh manicure is having the feeling of becoming a new person, or you could say a new personality.

A fantastic way to be a female superhero feeling of energy is getting long nails or a new manicure in short.

Feeling like a hot girl instantly will boost your confidence and feel more empowered. Having long nails are not that easy. Being a stunner with your new nails will make any woman want to flash her new nails every single time.

Long nails can be done through artificial nails or popularly known as fake nails or acrylic nails or better yet nail extensions. Placing over your natural nail concealing with a professional nail glue adhesive to prevent from moving around too much.

super long nails

The good news is we can all recreate long nail designs in a simple way against growing them for too long.

You can have more freedom and space to decorate your nails the longer it is of course.

The best long nails for me are having an elegant feeling and aura around them. You can definitely add to your nails some rhinestones, elegant jewel stone pieces to shine as the sunlight hits. Best to get a gold-themed long nail design to complete the elegant look we all want to achieve.

This nail design is more on a funky nail retro calling Get The Nails on Etsy, It varies with a lot of mixed designs already as you can see. You can wear this right away for a mini Instagram photo shoot or for a stylish afternoon tea with girlfriends, A real conversation starter if you ask me.

How cool are these nails that are not only pink but also included some rhinestones-like designs Get The Nails on Etsy. You can literally wear these to a wedding to have a little put on effort to coordinate with your wedding guest dress as it looks more on the neutral side. If you want to dress down a bit, look so put together and like a pop star with these long nails. They would look super cute when you drink some iced coffee at a relaxing new cafe near you.

How to Grow Your Own Long Nails

Growing your own nails could be a lot of work especially if it is your first time. A big reminder of course when you are wanting to grow long nails is to avoid cutting it at all. We want to speed up the progress of getting long nails.

The only way to get long nails is to have strong nails. You can care for your nails by cleaning them up regularly when they are dirty.

Nails could get nutrients from what we eat and drink, make sure to always be nourished to have your nails growing healthily. Avoiding nail cracks but avoiding any harsh scratching.

You can have an at-home remedy that I always do when I have my free time is to mix extra virgin olive oil and castor oil, heat it up on a microwave or saucepan, and let it cool for 10-5 minutes before dipping into your nail cuticles. Like I said if you want instant long nails, the best option is to have nail extensions.

How to make nails grow faster

Apply a warm castor oil dipped into your nails to promote nail growth in the healthy way possible. While your nails are growing you can apply a topcoat to strengthen your nails too.

Look sultry and sexy hot with black nails Get The Nails on Etsy. They look elegant and can be best worn with a long black sparkly evening gown. Pair with a bright blue-toned red lipstick then you are all set.

More youthful number if you plan to wear these nails Get The Nails on Etsy. You can clearly have these while wearing a black top or a white blouse because the nails will do the talking instead of you. You also have to pop 3D Long Nails art that is just so beautiful and very detailed.

Nail Art Ideas for Long Nails

You can clearly have more space and with long nails, it would be fun to decorate more and more as you go. Have a good nail adhesive that you might probably need. While deciding on what look you want your nails to be looking like.

Get your creative juice flowing by assembling beforehand the nail decor that you want to add to your design.

Feel free and include more details on the end, and you can alternate designs per fingernails too.

Do not restraint yourself into just making nail art on one fingernail to be all the same.

In shorter nails, you have limited nail real estate to design ith in the first place, grab the opportunity now.

Best nail designs for long nails

The best nail designs for long nails would be different patterns to fill up every nail. If you want more minimal style you can definitely add more shimmer and shine like making your nails glossier or sparkly.

Adding more rhinestones to your long nails is one thing you can simply do to achieve a nail glam look. You can match your rhinestone long nails with your gold jewelry or silver jewelry to look like royalty.

The yellow outline is out of this world detailed design Get The Nails on Etsy matched with sparkly different sizes of nail art stone is just what you will need for a glam nail look for the night.

You can get away with wearing this as well on a casual day-to-day basis as the color is gearing toward neutrals and clearly, you can update more and translate to mix and match with your outfit and compliment it at the same time.

As you can already tell this bubble gum pink colored long nails is so perfect Get The Nails on Etsy. This nail design is perfect for everyday girly girls like me. You have a pop of design with a floral nail finishing it off with pink color nails around now.

This got all of the cool nail designs rolled into one with marble design and colorful tie-dye ones too Get The Nails on Etsy. You can clearly have different outfits you can wear with these type of nails and just select a color the nails already has.

If you are not sure what to get for your long nail art this would be the fastest choice which you will not regret as it can be dressed down or dressed up in my opinion.

Long Nail Care Tips & Tricks

Definitely when grooming your long nails, shape them into the long length that you are comfortable with. As all girls with fake nails do, they have a spare nail glue stash into their handbags for emergencies.

How to take care of your nails

Taking care of your nails should become a habit already as they grow in a good amount of time. Others can be fast too when growing their nails.

I always wonder why boys grow their nails out much faster than girls you know how do guys get thicker eyebrows and luscious lashes. Have you ever wondered that too? Hopefully, it is not just me.

Of course, I cannot let my girl down and have selected the most seductive and fabulous long red nails for you Get The Nails on Etsy.

I really understood the assignment, I am reminded of these Christian Louboutins red backings of shoes with these colors.

If you would ask me what go-to long nails I should have? It is definitely this one!

A very whimsical white colorful moment when you have these nails on for sure Get The Nails on Etsy. You can clearly see what I am talking about, as these nails are out of this world already.

If I were to talk to my girls or anyone I would always smile when I see these colorful but have white background long nails.

Reminds me of a rainbow after the rain it looks so pure and child-like and reminds me to be happy in life.

Mint Green in long nails is always a staple Get The Nails on Etsy. Almost a resemblance with luxury brand Tiffany and Co signature blue color.

We are glad to have a silver moment as we go with these nail designs. If you are into greens or mint green colors you can definitely wear these ones.

The Benefits of Having Longer Nails

In summary, having long nails will make you look glam and effortlessly put together. The big advantage is you get to have more room space to design each nail to make them look fuller.

Long nails for woman

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