Can minimalist be colorful

Minimalist colorful palette?

How exciting is that minimalist does not only limit to earth neutral tone colors? The colors remind me of the fall season with all the muted neutral tones that are perfect for a minimalist color story. 17 fall decorating ideas, according to interior designers

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Are minimalist colors are boring?

I used to think colorful neon pop color houses are better, Never did I understood why adults or my elders like boring brown colors.

minimalist home color

Not until today I changed my perspective in 360 degrees view.

My Expert Opinion

Our family owns a construction company and we built big houses, apartments, resorts, and hotels there was a common denominator and that was colored.

Ewald sphere construction for structural colors, colors that can direct to a projected light can transform to different colors; Cause and Effect.

Minimalist Color For Room

Select and Choose a color that light can reflect well into the room What are the 7 elements of interior design.

artist minimalist color

I have compiled various examples wherein how you can incorporate colors in a minimalist home setting.

Simple Colorful Minimalist

  • Light Yellow
  • Eggshell
  • Sage Green
  • Seashell
  • Blue Reef
  • Pink Quartz
  • Butter Yellow
  • Reddish Brown

Minimalist Color Combinations

minimalist color background

Take inspiration from daily activities and nature aspects.

Simple Minimalist Color Variations

Starting with neutral colors, add a pop of color perfect for a minimalist color interior design in the process.

  • Yellow and Green
  • Pink and Blue
  • Blue and Yellow
  • Yellow and Brown
  • Gray and Red
  • Brown and Orange
  • Purple and Gray

Derive colors that do not clash in order to bring order and balance. Remember not the colors should not be vibrant and striking in nature. Better to test colors under daylight and nighttime display to gauge preferences and achieve home pegs.

This post has been the minimalist can be colorful after all

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