How to be minimalist in clothing

Minimalist in clothing when you love clothes

You do not need to spend thousands of money to get yourself a minimalist wardrobe because let us face it, we can! (and we can save a couple of money to invest later or for savings!)

Curate items that have meaning to your life and heart.

English Conversation About Clothing
English Conversation About Clothing

Instead of prices input because some can be impulsive expenses. How to start a minimalist home

How to Make Minimalist Clothing

Other people tend to go for sustainable fabrics or without dye-colored items. Made from sweatshops or factories are not being liked by most minimalists or fast fashion. “They paid us like 5 and 6 cents for a piece.” – CBS News

How can you tell if your shirt was made in a sweatshop?

For me, I am not that very picky with my clothes, but I am conscious on which to get as it means space for my closet is a precious slot in my eyes.

A simple step by step guide to downsizing your closet today:

  1. Face your clothes and thanked them from all throughout the times they had served you. Most of my clothes are work wear that landed me jobs and held me professionally looking for meetings at office, but they lack buttons and fabric threads are loose from overuse now.
  2. Lay all your clothes to your bed. I did this step almost all the time rather than the floor. I would need to finish it so I can go to sleep. You already guessed it I cannot sleep if they are on the bed. Not to mention being on the clean bed is the most sanitary way to do it.
  3. Separate the hangers and clothes as you would decrease the number of items now.
  4. Fold nicely to store it back on the closet.
  5. You should already see the difference in the short while as you finally can see all your clothes in one go. HOW TO BE RUTHLESS WHEN DECLUTTERING CLOTHES [EASY AND EFFECTIVE GUIDE].
  6. Folding it back every single one to your drawers will let you think that wow this is taking forever and you will definitely feel the next step.
  7. As you are putting back stuff you want to still use and enjoy wearing you will realize that this is just ridiculous and wind up take out more. Learn more clothes that you actually can use than just being displayed there on the clothes rod. Why decluttering feels good that gave me tears of joy
how to make a minimalist clothing

How much clothing do I need as a Minimalist

Start with having 15 clothing items to 100 pieces sorting out for your typical living standard as a minimalist. Minimalist and Sleek Way to Organize Your Closet For Less

Top 5 Clothing for Minimalist Person

  1. Sleepwear
  2. Casual Day
  3. Formal Wear
  4. Exercise or Workout Clothes
  5. Multipurpose Clothes that you can wear many ways and many seasons

What is a minimalist clothing style

Neutrals are preferred to prevent color clashing vision that exudes more relaxation and promote a serene feeling. How do I start a minimalist lifestyle?

You can guess a lot of neutrals for minimalist clothes such as

  • Black
  • White
  • Beige
  • Caramel
  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Blush Tones
  • Korean Color Tones like butter yellow
  • Reverse neon color effects
  • Non striking colors

What is a Minimalist Fashion Style

Not to mention minimalist tends to strive to move forward and being timeless in a fashion sense.

Minimalist in clothing stylish Wardrobe

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