5+ Minimalist and Sleek Way to Organize Your Closet For Less

This post is all about Minimalist and Sleek Way to Organize Your Closet For Less

Whether you have a smaller or bigger closet.

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You cannot deny chaos needs to be in order.

Dreaming of cluttered mess to be done? and finally seeing your floor.

We have all been there!

Loving the minimalist look, why? It looks clean and very pleasing to the eyes.

Very aesthetic if you’d ask me.

I always believe in organizers as they keep me sane, now your turn!

1. Cotton Hanging Dress Bag

$ 19.99
$ 24.99
Cotton Hanging Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

Something you can keep inside is the way to go for protecting clothes from dust.

The material is natural cotton so it is very lightweight.

Great for storing multiple garments especially the ones made from natural fibers, fur, or leather.

Super high quality because you get 9-ounce cotton twill which wears better and the stitches are more secured than the 6-ounce version you see elsewhere.

2. PEVA Jumbo Frameless Dress Bag

$ 11.99
$ 14.99
PEVA Jumbo Frameless Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

This one is for easy-to-grab stuff and it is see-through free from specks of dust and pests.

It is very unique that can expand to fit the number of clothes up to 24 inches in width.

You hang this one to your closet rod and your clothes are directly hung on the rod too.

Extra Strength!

What I love about this is when we are rushing in the morning to get an outfit, you can clearly see what is already there.

I call it a Portable Closet!

Since it is quite wide you have two zippered openings to make it easy to access what’s inside.

3. PEVA Hanging Dress Bag

$ 13.59
$ 16.99
PEVA Hanging Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

Wow! another PEVA model this size is perfect for small closet space.

This is different because this one is hanging.

Have you happened to have a spot? wherein it has a certain size that only a small portion of clothes can occupy, this one is perfect!

For everyday use or use it for capsule clothes that you have.

What is PEVA (Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate) a non-chlorinated vinyl?

Better for the environment because it is chlorine-free than PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride).

4. Cotton/PEVA Single Dress Bag

$ 10.39
$ 12.99
Cotton/PEVA Single Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

Your clothes can breathe through the Natural Cotton/PEVA Single Garment Bags again great for storing leather, fur, or natural fibers because the cotton allows airflow.

Plus seeing inside makes it much more easier in our lives.

This one is great especially if you have a special clothes you want to wear but knowing it is just right there on the rack is a good thing.

I have lots of sequins or clothes with rhinestones or beadwork ones and when it comes in contact with my regular clothes they get damage, rubbing each other triggered one of the accessories’ material to fall.

It also has the 9-ounce cotton twill good for wear and tear and the stitches are far more than secure versus the 6 ounce version elsewhere.

5. Wedding Dress Garment Bag

$ 47.99
$ 59.99
Wedding Dress Garment Bag

Find on The Container Store

Now this one is for the books! I hope ya’ll are ready.

This is designed by a professional wardrobe stylist in mind.

You got everything that you want to fit inside to get ready for the big day.

The best part of a wedding dress bag are:

  • Main Compartment is Vented
  • Gusseted
  • The Wiggle room size is generous
  • Lessen the Wrinkling of the dress

The front is super nice it has the small zipper to accomodate piuches to secure jewelry while the guesseted zippered pockets are roomy enough for lingerie, hosiery and large accessories.

On back, wide pockets that you can store shoes , even in their boxes. Yes!

Having translucent material is perfect for carry-on travel, and the reinforced construction makes this a dependable hanging garment bag, ideal for any special event or occasion coming up or even to a formal event.

It is a complete must have!

6. PEVA Single Dress Bag

$ 9.59
$ 11.99
PEVA Single Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

PEVA made material. Chlorine-free and good for the environment than PVC.

You can store up to four garments and avoid dust in closets, armoires, or storage areas.

You can clearly see what is inside which is always we appreciate.

7. Hanging Dress Bag

$ 5.59
$ 6.99
Hanging Dress Bag

Find on The Container Store

Store your garments and let them be free from dust with this PEVA Chlorine free-hanging suit bag.

The Window panel gives a little see-through action so you can check the contents inside without opening it.

Perfect for blazers or suits and you cannot go wrong with black.

Sophistication and Looking sleek wins!

8. Dress & Shirt Hanger

$ 6.29
$ 6.99
Dress & Shirt Hanger

Find on The Container Store

Break-Resistant hangers from The Container Store with a classic touch.

They claim to have the updated garment industry designs in an unbreakable material.

Unbreakable Container Store Hangers are:

  • Tight
  • Adjustable-Width Clips
  • Garment Friendly Contioured Shapes
  • Strap Slots for Skirts Loops and Camisoles
  • Hooks for tiering multiple hangers.

They have bunch of styles to accommodate as well if you decided to switch up your wardrobe.

This post has been the Minimalist and Sleek Way to Organize Your Closet For Less

These amazing closet organizers like hangers, coat shield are all basic and not that expensive.

Your wardrobe is an investment. Why buy expensive clothes but not let them be protected to maintain their luxe through the years.

I hope you find a better alternatives here, Good Luck!

If you have purchase from here, please send us a photo of your organized closets or tweet us too.

Would love to see the creativity that you can do.

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