How to get motivated to clean and declutter [easy Guide]

This post is all about how to get motivated to clean and declutter

I love being motivated to clean and declutter at home. When the going gets tough, how do we keep on going? We could have our busy days but there is a wonderful way and tips to stay motivated.

Keep In Mind Your Family’s Welfare

A family that has a great home is not bound by high price furniture or an overly decorated place. A home nurtured by the love of our family and togetherness in mind and spirit. With so much to clean and declutter how can we spend quality moments with our family. Let alone have the willpower to declutter.

Have a cleaning schedule that you can follow. Decluttering once per week is very doable. If you tend to be busy always remember you can have at least 5 minutes a day to do a quick clean-up around your home. Have family pitch in and they could ask what they could do to help.

Decluttering could help cheer you up

For me, I think about how my senior parents are dealing with clutter for their entire life. We tend to accumulate stuff throughout the years and we frantically freak out if we lose track of items because of emotional intention.

A Clean Home is a Relaxing Home

It is hard let alone cleaning a home because it simply takes a bunch of work to do. How would we let ourselves and our home go looking untidy? We should develop a system that we can partake on a regular basis to save our home even if we are super busy with work, hobbies, and school.

A dedicated cleaning plan should help us stay motivated and focus on tasks that we needed to accomplish. Clear from clutter you can move around and not feel restricted. Make your home less cluttered pick up a trash bag to instantly declutter and clean your home faster. In this way when the clutter and dirt get minimized you can avoid feeling overwhelmed and be motivated instead.

Cleaning Your Room Is A Good First Step

I love going home to clean and well-organized minimal stuff. Smells of fresh citrus and lavender fragrance can help me feel more relaxed than ever. The best part is ending my day by sleeping with fresh clean sheets to help me relax and unwind after a long day of work.

One Less Problem and Maintain Your Home

There are so many problems that we encounter on a daily basis. Cleaning and Decluttering should not be on that list. Getting motivation daily is a struggle but doable if you focus on it more.

Lessen the Lack of Motivation to declutter and to clean

Focus on one decluttering problem at a time. Doing a major decluttering like throwing stuff away, donating, and selling your items can take up time. It might take time but it is worth it as you can be more motivated to maintain your home fresh and clean clutter-free. Decorate into the space of your dreams right after to feel inspired which will spark your motivation.

Develop your energy for cleaning and decluttering

I do get problems like a normal human being. Instead of dwelling and feeling sorry for myself, Moving on and appreciating me more. Be less angry in the world, you have to do something about it. It is your choice if you want to stay unmotivated to clean and declutter your home or not.

Decluttering Routine

In this time and age, we have so much going on and so many priorities in life but we tend to forget the basics of getting the motivation to clean and declutter. A decluttering and cleaning routine might just be the answer to maintaining our home. Get yourself a big motivation as you tend to be less focused on cleaning tasks that you needed to tackle.

Overwhelmed no more

Get motivation by setting up a good mindset in order for you to push through a big decluttering task. You need to channel hard and push yourself to be motivated because if no one will, you have to. Think more independently and maturely think of the pros and advantages of a cleaner home which will do wonders in your life.

Motivation daily will instill

Having a decluttering routine is so perfect for me. I love scheduling and being organized, but I tend to overbook myself. Learning what works and which tasks like cleaning and decluttering should be prioritized and added to your to-do list in order to get things done.

Motivation to Declutter Clothes

Which item do we tend to purchase most throughout the year? Clothes. Yes, clothes might seem harmless to purchase on a shopping trip. We tend to overconsume and buy lots of clothes in one go and just leave them on the rack or closet for years. Do you also vow to wear your clothes soon but don’t?

I love being fashionable do not get me wrong. Being more intentional with clothes that I would really wear is what I would keep on my wardrobe.

Be motivated to declutter your clothes by setting the intention of why you wanted to do it in the first place. Clothes can help pile up space in our homes. Decluttering clothes can be a major pain but to avoid this by not buying trendy clothes or accessories in the first place without any occasion or event you need to go to.

This post was about how to get motivated to clean and declutter

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