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Similar Products Cheaper Olaplex Alternative Dupe Review (Should You Skip Hair Treatments!?)

This post is all about Similar Products Cheaper Olaplex Alternative Dupe Review.

“Hair is our Crowning Gloryyyyyy”

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Want Gorgeous Hair?

The GROWING popularity of Olaplex Dupe? What’?

(Alyssa gasped inaudibly)

My Quick Comparison Review: Products Like Olaplex

Find the Best Olaplex Products Options for your Damaged Hair Needs, I will share you every dupe of Olaplex and what results you can expect.

1. REDKEN Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream

Product in a Nutshell

Deeply Nourishing Leave-In Treatment, CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Our Rating

My Top #1 Rated


5 Out of 5 Stars Rating

In Olaplex Alternative Category


  • Leave-In conditioner with Cica Cream
  • For repairing damaged, color-treated and bleached hair.
  • Strengthens damaged and bleached hair
  • Moisturizing hair from the inside out.
  • This product is great for bleached and color-treated hair.

2. B3 Brazilian Bond Builder

Product in a Nutshell

Deep Reparative Treatment, CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Our Rating

My Top #2 Rated


4 Out of 5 Stars Rating

In Olaplex Alternative Category


  • This deep reparative treatment quickly
  • Fortifies hair.
  • Helping to reduce damage
  • Extending color life
  • Restoring softness.
  • Instant Restore & Protect
  • Reconstructor

3. BLONDEME Keratin Restore

Product in a Nutshell

Intense Care Bonding Potion CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Our Rating

My Top #3 Rated


4 Out of 5 Stars Rating

In Olaplex Alternative Category


  • Provides extra bonding care
  • Blonde keratin restore
  • Bonding mask
  • Highly caring silicone oils
  • Extra smoothness

4. Wella Fusion Plex

Product in a Nutshell

Intense Repair Mask


Our Rating

My Top #4 Rated


4 Out of 5 Stars Rating

In Olaplex Alternative Category


  • Designed to repair
  • Protect the hair against breakage and damage
  • It penetrates deep down the cortex
  • Instantly recovers hair fiber and
  • Helps to prevent future hair breakage

5. Fanola Nutri Care

Product in a Nutshell

Restructuring Mask


Our Rating

My Top #5 Rated


4 Out of 5 Stars Rating

In Olaplex Alternative Category


  • Ideal for dry hair
  • For frizzy hair
  • For treated hair
  • Help bring some life back into those damaged strands
  • With a milk protein composition
  • Smooths hair
  • Softens the hair

What exactly does Olaplex do?

In simpler terms: Olpalex is a product hair treatment you used to make your hair free from tangles, make it shiny and beautiful.

They are usually found in salons, that is how effective they are, but it can get expensive.

Olaplex New Products

While Olaplex has been reported to have amazing results,

Olaplex can help the hair to have a life again with its own molecular chemical compound product formula. 

They do now have lots of hair product lines that can be confusing.

Do the Kardashians use Olaplex?

I do not know about you but I am with Kim Kardashian.

Olaplex has been a longtime favorite with her being popular with different hair colors over the years and hair styles in the past.

Kim Kardashian’s hair would definitely have suffered and uses Olaplex to help her damaged hair to be healthy hair again.

Olaplex is a major breakthrough for celebs, hair salons and hair stylists.

There are other products that will give you closer results without breaking the bank and wallet due to low price alternatives for Olaplex.

That’s where Olaplex dupe comes in.

How to choose the best alternative to Olaplex

Step One. Look for the contents inside,

Step Two. Depending on your hair needs it might be an ingredient’s price that it is cheaper and affordable.

For Solid Hair Care Strategy Routine

Check as well The Ultimate Guide To Korean Hair Care Routine Products

Hair Damage is a real struggle and we can help prevent more damage

We are not perfect human beings and we can always get our hair damaged due to hairstyling, high ponytail that grabs tensions to your hair, and also for free radicals like our polluted environment.

Most common causes of hair damage from everyday activities

They can be seemingly harmless, but the more you get exposed, the more the hair will be damaged:

  • Swimming at a bleach pool. Chlorine has always been the mortal enemy of the hair, it strips off the hair’s natural oils and makes it dry
  • Sun damage as well. Heat does not really do well for your hair. Humidity let alone makes your hair frizzy.
  • Playing with your hair adds friction. Hair can be prone to static Leading to split ends in the long run.

What is a Split end?

Split ends are the way your single hair follicle splits into two.

The only way of getting rid of split ends are trimming your hair.

In the future avoid getting your hair split ends as it is already not healthy.

These are so little things that we do naturally on a day to day basis that makes our hair more prone to damage. 

I want to try basically other options I have for my hair. 

I hope you appreciate me with my honesty.

Determine your Hair Issue and Address the Problem Solutions

You really have to look for the ingredients, With me having years and years of experience with growing long hair and coloring my hair it does suit me well depending on the hair issue that I want to tackle. 

No time to go to a hair beauty salon

Having an appointment at the salon can be nerve wrecking and time consuming to say the least. 

Women of today like me have to look presentable and also as a form of loving yourself type of way, You feel me?

Olaplex downsides

Olaplex can be big maintenance because you need to have several treatments in order for your hair to respond to Olaplex.

According to hairstylists and can vary per hair structure and texture. 

Virgin Hair using Olaplex

If your hair is not that damaged at all then I might say that you do not need to bother with Olaplex.


The price can really be down in the dumps and before they have the Olaplex only available in Salons and Many salons do not carry the product.

Now they have at home treatments line.

Fake Olaplex Online

Beware of fake and unsure Olaplex products online sold elsewhere than the official brand because they are fake. 

Having fake products might cause our hair more harm, we want to avoid that.

Achieve great results with low price alternatives that helps

Many brands now have come up with more affordable ones and give great hair results.

Results May Vary

Olaplex can sometimes work on people and sometimes it does not. 

Olaplex does not last and like I said you need to do many treatments to maintain which is very overpriced. 

Hair can always get damaged and having that option is not that sustainable in the long run.

Olaplex Certifications which makes before getting a product is hard

Olaplex Trainings for Hairstylist or Hair Salon Owners, others had classes and workshops so they can get a hold of the full knowledge with Olaplex background and the chemical background.

You do you

If you love to color your hair and style it most times then having a hair treatment will be a lifesaver. 

Your hair will thank you for it. 

Especially with lightning to achieve your dream blonde can be used with Olaplex. 

Should You Stop Using Hair Treatments?

No, But Not Everyday. Getting Hair Treatments Once a week or once a month is okay. Rinse well and let your scalp be clean and healthy.

Before using hair treatments or Before Using Olaplex

If you have damaged hair or color-treated hair that needs help then try using Olaplex hair treatment at home or at the beauty salon.

But If your hair has never been bleached, dyeing the results will not have a grand outcome as it responds more to damaged hair which has dramatic before and after results.

  • Do not wash hair unless you need to
  • Microfiber to dry hair to reduce rubbing
  • Sleep on silk bed sheets and pillowcase
  • Rinse very gently when rinsing out hair from water
  • Do not brush hair when it is wet, Hair experts say to use a large wide tooth comb
  • If you find split ends get a trim on few inches
  • When having treatment done try to just get your natural hair color instead to avoid damage as much as possible.
  • Never use hair heating tools like a hairdryer or hair curling iron or hair straightener.
  • Avoid having your hair burned under the sun, with damaged hair the heat or direct sunlight won’t do good for you.
  • Using a straightener do not use everyday which makes hair prone to damage
  • Apply a good conditioner below your ears because hair scalp tends to be oily and we only need the mid to ends for softer and less tangled hair.
  • Prevent hair loss by being happier and less stressed as people tend to lose hair this way. The way we eat also affects our hair especially when we do a deficient diet that lacks vitamins and minerals.
  • Any hair conditions that are keener to hair genes or health conditions definitely speak with your specialist to give you recommendations. Go to your dermatologist to get to the root of your hair problem.
  • Hair Dandruff is something I should not overlook, I recommend buying 3 different anti-dandruff shampoos and when you notice a change or loss of effectiveness on the first bottle you can alternate to the next one. In my experience, my hair tends to get used to this one shampoo and does not give me results when I first had it. I quickly noticed that hair problem and applied my strategy and so far it worked on me.

Top 15 Natural Products can be an Olaplex Alternative

  1. Rice Water
  2. Mayonnaise
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar
  4. Virgin Coconut Oil
  5. Coconut Milk
  6. Aloe Vera
  7. Egg
  8. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  9. Cocoa Butter
  10. Avocado
  11. Tea Tree Oil
  12. Rosemary Oil
  13. Sage Oil
  14. Onion Juice
  15. Castor Oil

Top 3 Ingredients That Will Harm Your Hair

  1. Parabens
  2. Sulfate
  3. Formaldehyde

What is the best treatment for female hair loss?

Minoxidli or Biotin, the best hair growth products to get brilliant results and popular products for men and women.

My Conclusion for Products you can use that give the same results as Olaplex does

When it comes to repairing your hair, there’s such a wide range of different hair care treatments, masks, deep conditioners that we can use now. 

I look back before when we only had shampoo and conditioner as our main weapon to combat unruly hair. 

You can choose to spend a little and go for a more natural route in taking care of your hair without sacrificing quality. 

You could also choose to spend quite a lot of money and end up with luxurious hair. 

When it comes down to it, it’s a case of personal preference.

This post has been the Similar Products Cheaper Olaplex Alternative Dupe Review.

Of the 5 products I reviewed, the general consensus was that the best product like olaplex and top alternative in terms of good quality, 

reliable consistent before and after results as well as price was the

Redken Extreme Bleach Recovery Cica Cream | For Bleached Hair | Deeply Nourishing Leave-In Treatment Reduces Hair Breakage | With Cica. 

Overall people thought a hair bond treatment was their last resort with hair revival and did a great job of hair results being the closest to the real deal.

Aside from a few price differentiation and effectiveness it is the next affordable solution, 

and considering that people were able to achieve great hair results following correct instructions of the packaging, 

there really weren’t that many negative comments about this hair bond treatment. 

It’s well liked by many people who thought it did an efficient job and excellent value for money. 

It also comes with reducing hair breakage with Cica is short for Centella Asiatica Ingredient as the key ingredient.

Centella Asiatica extract helps hair and scalp damaged from external irritation to recover.

Which just enhances it as the best product you can purchase for hair bond treatment.

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