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There’s nothing worse than being a hoarder in your own home. And if you don’t have any kids, that can be an especially difficult problem to deal with. So how do you organize a room without having the motivation of children? You start small and build from there!

Get vertical.

  • Hang clothes, bags and belts on a wall hook. If you don’t have enough space in your closet to hang everything up, try hanging some items on the wall instead. You can use an over-the-door shoe organizer to hold small items (like socks), or opt for an actual wall hook if you have easy access to one.
  • Use a tension rod to hang clothes. A tension rod is basically the same thing as a curtain rod — it’s just shorter and meant for smaller spaces like bathrooms or closets. These rods allow you to hang folded shirts or pants without folding them first, which will help save space in your drawers!
  • Use shoe racks for shoes that don’t fit into dresser drawers comfortably but won’t fit well on shelves either (like sneakers). In addition to freeing up space in your closet, it also helps keep each pair of shoes together so they’re easy to find when needed!

Use closet space wisely.

The first thing to do is use all the space in your closet. If you have a lot of clothes, it’s tempting to cram everything into a few drawers and hang just a few things on hangers. However, this doesn’t maximize your closet’s potential!

Instead of using wire hangers for everything, try using wooden or plastic ones instead. Wooden hangers are ideal because they are sturdy enough not to fall apart when you’re putting on or taking off pants or shirts from them; they also look nicer than wire hangers if they’re visible from outside the closet. Plastic ones tend to be flimsier but can still be useful as long as you don’t overload them with weighty items like coats or heavy sweaters that might cause them to bend outwards (and possibly break).

Label everything.

Label everything.

Labeling is an easy way to help you remember where things are and what they are, which can make it much easier to find them again later. Labeling also helps you remember when items were last used, so that you know when it’s time for them to be replaced or disposed of.

Organize and display toys.

  • Organize toys by category, such as all the dolls in one place and all the trucks in another.
  • Use a toy box or basket to keep small toys like cars, blocks and stuffed animals organized. The boxes can be stacked on top of each other for easy storage.
  • Use a large chest or shelf to store larger items like bikes and sports equipment. A chest with wide drawers is ideal for this purpose since you can store many different types of items inside it without having them mix up with each other too much while they’re being stored away until they’re needed again later on down the road!
  • A bin made out of fabric (like those used by quilters) makes an excellent storage solution for stuffed animals and pillows because these types of things tend to get crushed up over time when kept inside regular cardboard boxes which aren’t designed specifically for holding such delicate materials as cloth fabrics or foam pads/pillows filled with cotton batting material–and these materials also tend not last very long if exposed constantly under direct sunlight exposure conditions which cause them fade quickly over time due their weak resistance against UV radiation exposure damage caused by sunlight exposure conditions affecting their colors due UV radiation damage causes discoloration—which causes irreversible damage overtime causing unwanted dyes fading from them permanently making those once colorful items now look dull grayish color after some months down there; so make sure that whatever type material you’ve got stored away into any kind place (including but not limited only) where moisture cannot reach directly onto those surfaces at all times since excess moisture could cause mold growths developing within seconds once exposed within humid climates where high temperatures are enough hot enough.

Make the most of wall space.

Wall space is an underutilized resource. If you have a lot of wall space, consider making use of it for storage by hanging up shelves. Shelves can hold your books, pictures and other knick-knacks in a way that keeps them from being covered by dust or knocked over. You can also hang up hooks to put coats and bags on—this will free up floor space and make getting ready faster in the morning!

If you have less wall space than that then try hanging up mirrors instead: they look lovely, create more light in the room (which helps fight depression), and allow people to see themselves easily when putting on makeup or fixing their hair (which leads to better self-image). Hanging calendars or schedules next to where you do things like cook is also helpful; this way you know what day it is while doing something else at the same time!

Organize with decorative storage boxes.

If you’re looking to get your room organized, try using decorative storage boxes. These containers are a great way to organize your space and make it look good at the same time.

Decorative storage boxes are a popular choice because they’re not just for storing things—they can also be used as decorations throughout your home. The same goes for organizing your bedroom: by placing decorative storage boxes on shelves and in corners of the room, you’ll not only keep things organized but also add some style to your decor!

Organizing your room will make it more comfortable to be in and less cluttered for you and other people who use it.

If you’re looking for ways to organize your room, you’ve come to the right place. Organizing your room will make it more comfortable to be in and less cluttered for you and other people who use it. It’ll also make it easier to find things when they’re needed!

Organizing your room means having everything where it belongs and making sure that things are easy to reach when they need them. To help you get started, here are some tips:


It’s time to get started on organizing your room! It doesn’t have to be a huge process, but it will make you feel much better once it’s done. You can start with one area at a time—maybe even just one drawer if you want. Just get started and let the organization flow from there!

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