How to stick to a routine [For Beginners]

This post is all about how to stick to a routine

From a new life perspective, we tend to plan things to better ourselves more. Whether it is the new year and setting up resolutions and goals. To just want to improve our daily habits.

This post will definitely help you out, learn how to stick to a routine from now on. Let me help you!

As a fellow procrastinator and get distracted by silly shiny objects. These tips are super easy and foolproof.

  • Goal setting. What do you want to improve and the best part what outcome do you want after this?

Now we know what we want to achieve let us move on to the next.

  • Weekly planning. Learn Steps and List of tasks you can do. Add items to your to do list. Not daily as you can have different work or personal lifestyle needs. Weekly basis is how I do it.
  • Compile all items that you needed to do on a whole week. Now prioritize the ones that you need in your life like work, school or self-care. Next, add now tasks or inject them to your usual routine whereas applicable.

Now you still get to do both goals for your new routine versus your old routine.

  • Prepare your items and materials needed for the week in advance to avoid rushing or cramming.
  • Track your progress in a month. I used to track my activities daily whenever I can or before sleeping and that disrupts your schedule even more.

I was impatient and now I know better. And yes, better for my sanity’s sake.

  • Never ever compare yourself to anybody. Tackle your goals and routine at your own pace and time.

Lastly, repeat the process until you achieve your goal and you can start another.

This post was all about stick to routine that you will last and maintain

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