Do You Really Need A Golf Travel Bag To Fly?

airplane travel bag for golf clubs

Do you need a golf travel bag to fly? Can you take your golf travel bag on a plane? The answer is yes, but it depends on the airline. Are you a golf enthusiast who loves to travel? If you are, then you know that the two don’t always mix. You want to be able … Read more

why do travelers wrap their luggage

Wrapping your luggage is a simple way to protect it from theft or damage. It’s a good idea if you’re transporting fragile items, and there are no reasons not to do it. However, it will take a little bit more time than usual at the airport and there are some minor drawbacks—but they aren’t deal-breakers … Read more

can aer travel pack fit under seat

When it comes to flying by plane, there are certain things we have come to expect. We expect that our luggage will be weighed and checked before we board the plane, and we expect that our luggage will be stored safely in an overhead compartment during the flight. But what happens when your bag is … Read more

can figs be packed in checked luggage international travel

Fig season is in full swing, and if you’re like me you’ve been bingeing on figs. In fact, You’ve already bought yourself a year’s worth of fig jam and dried figs. But the question remains: Can I pack these delicious fruits in my checked luggage when I fly internationally? Let’s find out! Flying internationally with … Read more

can i buy travel pack sized cheese

The US Department of Transportation doesn’t have a clear-cut policy about airport cheese. However, the agency does specify that most cheeses are allowed in carry-on luggage. Some types of soft cheese can be stored in cooler bags and refrigerated on flights if necessary, but hard cheeses must be packed with dry ice or under direct … Read more

can i pack a patagonia bag into backpack for travel

Can i pack a patagonia bag into backpack for travel? Yes! In fact, There are so many options for backpacks these days, but what about when you want something that can pack into itself? The Patagonia Black Hole Pack is perfect for this. This packable backpack is lightweight and has lots of great features for … Read more

can you fly with golf clubs without a travel bag

If you are planning to travel with your golf clubs then one of the biggest questions that arise before you is whether you can fly with golf clubs without a travel bag or not. Golf is a very popular sport in many countries, especially the United States. It is estimated that over twenty million Americans … Read more

which is best travel bag

The best travel bag is the one that can hold all of your belongings, fits within airline standards, and keeps you comfortable. This list of five bags will help you find the perfect piece for your next trip! Five Cities Cabin Approved Hand Luggage Bag This bag is made of Polyester Oxford and has a … Read more

do I need a golf travel bag

Golf travel bags are the best way to get your clubs from Point A to Point B. But how do you know when it’s the right time to use one? In this article, we’ll go over what golf travel bags are and why they’re so handy for both frequent travelers and weekend warriors alike. There … Read more