Valentines Day Ideas For Kids Classroom

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you don’t want your kids to be left out of all the fun. So get them in the spirit with these Valentine’s Day ideas for kids.

Valentines Day Ideas For Kids Classroom

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your class, here are some ideas:

Create a class book where students can write a note to their classmates. You can also have them draw pictures or collage their messages.

Make Love Coupons and pass them out on February 14th. These coupons can be redeemed by students who do something nice for their classmates throughout the year.

Have students create valentine cards for other classes in your school using supplies such as construction paper and stickers. Then have each student deliver his/her card to another classroom during lunch time or after school.

Ask parents to donate candy or other treats so that you can use these items as rewards for good behavior throughout the year instead of just giving them out during Valentine’s Day!