What Are Some 80s Outfits

If you love the 80s, you probably remember some of the trendiest outfits and fashions. You may have even worn some of them yourself. Either way, there are dozens of great looks to remember from this era.

The 80s was a decade full of neon colors and really big hair (among other things). It was also a time for punk rocker fashion clothing. The following examples were featured in movies, on TV shows or simply became popular by word of mouth or by pictures in magazines.

Just like the fashion trends of the 70s, the 80s had some pretty rad clothing styles.

80s Fashion Trends for Women

The 80s was the period of time in which fashion went completely crazy. Women could actually get away with wearing almost anything they wanted, especially when it came to accessories. There were no rules and everyone dressed exactly how they wanted to dress.

  • Shoulder Pads – The 80s is probably best known for the shoulder pads and large hair that women wore everywhere they went. All women had shoulder pads in their shirts, and many women wore them as a standalone piece too. They also made a comeback during the 90s but have once again disappeared from our closets today.
  • Leg Warmers – Leg warmers were an essential accessory for any woman who enjoyed wearing short skirts and dresses during the 80s decade! They came in just about every color you can imagine, including neon colors!
  • Belts – Every outfit required at least one belt; usually a fanny pack or other belt that covered your midsection area for convenience purposes.

For women, these included leggings with oversized tops, slouchy turtleneck sweaters, and denim jackets.

If you want to try some 80s outfits, then start with these options for women: leggings with oversized tops, slouchy turtleneck sweaters, and denim jackets. These are just a few of the classic looks from the 80s that you can wear today. You can complete any look with a pair of stiletto heels and big hair or make an even bolder statement by sporting brightly colored clothes with shoulder pads.

For men wanting to experience 80s fashion, try wearing jumpsuits and overalls, like in the movie Top Gun.

80s teen fashion was also filled with accessories, from headbands to large hoop earrings.

Just for fun, here are some more accessories you can pair with your 80s-inspired outfits:

  • Headbands
  • Large hoop earrings
  • Fingerless gloves and arm warmers
  • Belts (worn high on the waist) and suspenders
  • Tights and socks in a variety of patterns, like animal prints and stripes

Remember, however, that when it comes to accessorizing your look, less is more. Too many accessories at once can be distracting for others—and not just because their eyes will have to dart all over the place to take everything in. Whether you’re wearing fishnet tights or a fanny pack, if you’re also sporting a lot of other items that aren’t part of your outfit (like jewelry or scarves), they could end up competing with each other instead of complimenting your look as a whole. Plus, when people see too many accessories at once they’ll likely assume you were trying too hard to put together an ensemble that makes sense. To avoid coming off as desperate or misguided in how you dress yourself, keep things simple. The key is moderation: You can show off a lot of personality without having to walk around decked out like the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center.

For young kids, 80s clothes included sweatshirts and sweatpants with logos or characters on them.

For young kids, 80s clothes included sweatshirts and sweatpants with logos or characters on them. Popular TV shows and movies were a common logo for clothing. Logos were also used for popular sports teams. Colors were bright, loud, and saturated.

Popular choices included neon green, pink, orange, yellow, blue and purple. These outfits helped kids to have fun while being comfortable in an active lifestyle.

There were many different types of jackets that became popular in the 80s as well – from denim jackets to bomber jackets and varsity jackets with the sleeves cut off.

And for teenage boys, tight stone-washed jeans with a sweater on top was an 80s look that’s since gone out of style.

As a teen, you can impress your friends with an 80s costume party. It’s the perfect time to wear 80s fashion trends like neon clothes, leggings under ripped jeans or even acid washed denim jackets. You can also try out some of the pop culture-inspired fashions such as Madonna’s pointed bras or Michael Jackson’s red jacket. For guys, other 80s fashion trends included tight stone-washed jeans and sweater vests, or an all white outfit combo complete with a white fedora hat.


In conclusion, the 80s were a decade of fashion that you probably never want to see again. It was filled with neon colors, oversized pants and shirts, puffy jackets, and accessories galore. If you were an adult in the 80s, it was all about looking hip and sophisticated when going out on the town. For teens in the 80s, it was all about being yourself. And for young kids in this decade of fashion, they just wanted to be comfortable while watching their favorite cartoons.


The 1980s were all about excess, which means that 80s outfits weren’t just bold, they were overstated. Like the decade itself, fashion in the 80s had a single-minded focus on being bigger and louder than the 70s—whether by going all out with bright neon colors or adding extra zippers and buttons to an outfit. It was a time when regular clothes couldn’t cut it: if you wanted to be fashionable, you better be ready to make a statement.

It might seem like this makes pulling together an 80s look difficult—but one thing about dressing in the era is that no one ever said you had to get it right. Like everything else about the decade of excess, 80s outfits are about faking it until you make it.

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