What Boots To Wear With Big Calves

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Finding the right pair of boots can be a struggle when you have large calves. It may seem like nothing is made for your legs, but that’s not true. There are plenty of styles that fit and flatter larger calves, and in this guide we’ll take a look at the best kinds of boots to wear with big calves.

You don’t need to avoid wearing boots altogether because you have bigger than average legs; there are numerous options available if you know what to look for and where to find them. For example, this article will provide tips on how to measure your calf size and where to get boots that fit your legs well.

Read on for more information before taking any action!

You have big, beautiful calves. You should be able to wear whatever boots you want! But if you’re like most people with calves on the larger side, then you know that some styles of boots just don’t work for you. It’s a bummer to be standing in the dressing room in a pair of adorable boots and realize once again that your calves are too big for them to zip all the way up. On top of that, many fashion blogs tell you to avoid calf-high boots and focus on ankle-length styles only—and do your best not to look at the longer styles longingly as they pass by.

But we think it’s time to put those ideas aside and get real about how to find stylish boots that will fit and flatter those amazing gams—and help you show off your personal style as well! For starters, let’s take a quick look at which boot shapes will work best with different calf sizes.


Booties are a great choice for any woman who is worried about their calf size. Since the boots extend only a few inches above the ankle, they will be much more forgiving around your calves. The bottom of booties has a harder opening than knee-high boots and this gives you less floppy fabric to worry about looking loose or bunching up.

A word on material: Leather is fine, but if you want extra warmth, try suede. These two materials are stretchy enough to help hug your calves, which will make them look even slimmer in comparison to other types of boot material.

Flat Booties

As we know, ankle boots are typically cut straight across at the top of the boot. This is a great option for those with bigger calves, because the straight line makes your legs look longer and leaner than they actually are. The slimmer you can keep this part of the bootie, the better. Smaller is always better in this case; looking to avoid chunkier heels or embellishments that add width to your calf area. Pointy-toed shoes also create a lengthening effect on legs, so if finding a pair of booties with a small circumference around your calf is difficult, opt for pointy toes instead.

If you’re still having trouble getting into a pair of ankle boots with big calves and want something more form-fitting, look for booties that have zippers on either side or on the back rather than in front. An added bonus? These zippers make it easier to get these boots on and off!

Knee High Boots

Knee high boots can be so much fun to wear, but the styles you choose to buy can make or break the look. If you’re on a larger side and want to find some great knee high boots that are flattering, I’ve got you covered! See what I think are the best options for women with bigger calves.

Stephanie Boot by Stuart Weitzman – This is one of my favorite knee high boot choices because it has such a great structure that adds shape to your leg and makes them appear slimmer. These aren’t technically wide calf boots, but they do look great on women who have thicker legs. The heel isn’t too tall either, making them super comfortable.

Wide Calf Boots by Bronx & Banco – Wide calf boots like these will not only add length to your frame but also make your legs appear thinner as well. These gray suede versions offer a sleek silhouette without being too tight around your legs, so as long as there’s a little room between the back of your leg and where it hits on your knees (or just above), this style will work for most women with bigger calves!

Over the Knee Boots

Over the Knee Boots (OTK boots) are best for women with big calves. We love OTK boots because they’re incredibly fashionable, versatile, and long enough to cover your calves. If you like dresses or skirts, OTK boots will make you look amazing! And if you prefer jeans, OTK boots will also look great – no matter what style of jeans or trousers you wear them with. These boots can be worn with skinny jeans and tight leggings or loose-fitting pants – it’s all about how you style the rest of your outfit!

But pairing this type of shoe can be tricky for women who have big calves because most styles tend to accentuate calf muscles instead of disguising them. Luckily there are some tips that will help any woman get her boot game on point! And our favorite tip? Get a pair as soon as possible so that you’ll never go without this classic piece again!

Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots can be a great choice for bigger calves. With some research and attention to detail, you’ll find the perfect pair that looks good on your legs and is comfortable to wear all day.

When shopping for boots with wide calves, it’s important to find a style that works for you.

When it comes to finding boots that work with a casual wardrobe, there are not a lot of options. While boots come in all the usual styles, there’s not too much variety when it comes to leg shape (broad or narrow), height (tall or short), and calf size (small, medium, or large). You may think this is limiting, but it actually makes shopping for these styles very straightforward. If you wear pants that fit at the waist but are loose around the calves, for example, you can easily find a pair in which the top of the boot fits snugly around your ankle and falls just below your knee. A pair that hits right above your kneecap might look more stylish than one that’s only ankle-length but is cut like an average shoe.

To find boots that work with your wardrobe, stay away from zippers and buckles on the ankles—they will prevent you from being able to tighten them while also preventing them from unbuckling when walking. Even if you do find a pair where these accoutrements are present, you’ll probably want to remove them once they’ve been worn for awhile getting holes in them. They’re also prone to breaking off too easily if worn over time. Once you’ve found a pair of boots with wide calves (about 12 inches or deeper in circumference around the widest part—this is especially important if you’re planning on wearing thick socks) made out of leather instead of faux leathers like suede or wools, then take a few minutes to examine how they fit before purchasing them online or purchasing anything made by Zappos.


In conclusion, if you have big calves, don’t be frightened. There are so many fashionable choices that won’t make you feel like a clown. Just make sure to follow some of the tips mentioned above, and you’ll be able to rock any pair of boots you want while still keeping your sense of style and comfort.

If you have big calves but desire a slimmer look, here are some exercises that can help:

  • Walking lunges
  • Leg press
  • Calf raises
  • Ankle circles

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