What Can I Wear With 90s Straight Leg Jeans?

90s-style straight leg jeans are the new, stylish and comfortable must have. They provide a flattering fit in a variety of colors and styles. If you’re looking for something that is both comfortable and stylish, this is your number one choice.

1. Pair them with a crop top and heels for a night out

If you’re feeling like channeling your inner Teen Witch, pair your jeans with a crop top and heels for a night out. There are many different types of crop tops to choose from, so the options are endless. Flowy or fitted? Boxy or sleek? It’s completely up to you. You can also play with different heel heights: kitten heels, stilettos, wedges—whatever strikes your fancy.

Bonus points if you add in a clutch with a fun pattern!

2. Wear them with a blazer for a casual office look

You might want to wear jeans to work, but you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. The solution? Pair your straight leg jeans with a tailored blazer. It’ll look polished and professional, and hint at the fact that you’re in a more schooled-up mood than usual. You can wear any color or print blazer that fits your personality—just make sure it’s relatively fitted so it doesn’t get lost in the voluminous denim.

Pairing jeans with a shirt, sweater, or blouse is also perfectly acceptable for the office. While less formal than slacks or a pencil skirt, it’s still an appropriate set-up for casual offices—or for when you just want to let loose on Casual Friday (say it with us: yaaas).

3. Try them with a bodysuit for date night

Bodysuits are the perfect top to pair with your straight leg jeans. They come in a variety of styles, including keyhole bodysuits, high neck bodysuits and lace bodysuits. The sleek fabric smooths over your curves for a slimming look no matter what you pair it with. You can go casual with a graphic tee or blazer, or dress it up for date night by layering on some chunky accessories like layered necklaces and bracelets. For an even more feminine look, try pairing your jeans with heels or leggings instead of sneakers. Whether you’re headed to class or out with friends on the weekend, there’s always an excuse to wear straight leg jeans!

4. Wear them with a graphic tee for an edgy vibe

You can tuck your graphic tee into a pair of straight-leg jeans so it doesn’t overwhelm the bottom half of your outfit. With this style, you can try out a variety of accessories like delicate necklaces or multiple rings. You can also get creative with your shoes—try a chunky sneaker, or even an oxford!

As the focal point of this look, pick a graphic tee that reflects your aesthetic. No matter what you choose, wear it with confidence and show off how casual and edgy you really are.

5. Layer them over leggings when the weather is cold

When the weather is cold, wear your straight-leg jeans with leggings. If you want to be casual, choose a tunic or sweater over them. For a more formal look, add a long-sleeved shirt under the sweater and top it off with your straight-leg jeans.

6. Layer your straight-leg jeans under shorts for an unexpected outfit

If you’ve been looking for a new way to wear your favorite pair of jeans, consider layering them under a pair of shorts. This look is comfortable and fashionable as well as keeps your lower body warm. For added style, try wearing a longline shirt over both the shorts and jeans. A crop top or bralette worn over the shirt would keep this look from being too bulky yet still be stylish. You could add accessories like belts and chokers to complete the ensemble. Finally, wearing ankle boots with this outfit will tie it all together in a sleek way.

7. Wear them with a crop top and a layered necklace for an edgy vibe

Nothing says “I’m a little bit edgy but also really classy” like a straight-leg jean, crop top, and layered necklace. This is the perfect combo for the gal who likes to take risks but still keep things on the relatively safe side. Because high waist jeans tend to be more fitted than other styles, they pair perfectly with a cropped top! If you want to add an extra dose of coolness, try complementing your color palette with some mules or sneakers. Just make sure that whoever handles your social media at work (or wherever) knows not to post any pictures of this outfit online—you’re trying to look like a risk-taker, not a full-on wild child.

Jeans can be worn in many different ways – get creative!

Straight Leg Jeans: the ultimate wardrobe staple for any occasion

While the straight leg jean will never go out of style, it has re-risen in popularity in recent years. They can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. The name itself suggests a more formal look than its skinny jean counterpart, while also being less stuffy and rigid than boot cut jeans.

What makes them so versatile is their ability to fit into many different wardrobe categories. Straight leg jeans can be worn casually with your favorite sweater and sneakers or dressed up with a nice blouse and heels! You can wear them to work by pairing them with slacks or a suit jacket. You can even wear them on a date, paired with an adorable cardigan or leather jacket! The options are endless when it comes to this one piece of clothing – there are no limits!

The best part about straight-leg jeans? You don’t have to worry about what you’re going to wear tomorrow because these pants go with just about everything else in your closet. That’s why we love the classic “mom jean” so much; they’re comfortable enough for all occasions but still offer some style flair that no other pant could ever dream of providing. With that said here at Flaunt Magazine we believe if you want something done right then do it yourself and that means finding new ways everyday whether it be experimenting with colors patterns fabrics textures etcetera until finally achieving perfection as designers ourselves we’re constantly trying our hardest not only keep up but stay ahead which is why today we’re talking about updating what might seem like an outdated trend: straight-leg jeans!


The 90s were about minimalism and comfort. As we return to the decade’s fashion, it is important to remember that it was not just about the clothing itself, but also the attitude behind it. We can learn from this by using our newfound 90s inspiration to get creative with our own style and make every day a runway.


  • What can I wear with 90s straight leg jeans? When you’re wearing these jeans at a party, that’s easy: just match them with a bold jacket, like a leather blazer or satin bomber jacket.
  • What should I do with my hair? Keep it long and curly! If your hair is long and straight, try curling it in loose ringlets to add more volume.
  • Do I need to wear makeup? No! Just put on some bright red lipstick to keep it simple.

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