5 Easy Tips on How to Wear Navy Shoes with a Navy Dress

Add a contrasting belt.

If you’re still not sure how to pull off a navy dress with navy shoes, think of the belt as an accent piece. Rather than donning a contrasting color belt, as is common to do in other instances, you won’t want to be too jarring here. A tan or black colored belt will work well and give your outfit a bit more of an understated quality, which can be very appealing in a navy-on-navy situation.

  • Wear black shoes instead

If all else fails, simply trade out the blue for black. The shoe color is far less noticeable on the feet than from afar, and it will have a nice effect of creating depth with both the navy dress and white shirt beneath it. This is also a good option if you’re looking for an alternative look—the benefit of avoiding colors like brown and red is that they tend to clash more noticeably when paired with something as specific as blue or grey!

Pick shoes with a toe that sticks out.

We all know that picking the wrong pair of shoes for your outfit is a big mistake, but it can be especially egregious when you’re wearing something as iconic and timeless as a navy dress. You don’t want to go for the clunky and uncomfortable option (like, say, black or brown), but neither do you want to waste money on something that’s sure to look terrible with your ensemble. And in this day and age, no one should ever have to spend money on a pair of shoes without first checking online reviews!

If you’re shopping online, it’s recommended that you look at shoe reviews while perusing piles of other products. Reviews are often where consumers will really articulate their thoughts on certain products, so using them as a guide before purchasing something like shoes can save both time and frustration. When going into stores looking for new footwear (or even if you have an existing pair of shoes that need some care), it’s best if you check out other people’s reviews before making your purchase. The writers over at Shoe-Reviews.net put together some great tips on what to evaluate before buying:

  • Look for authentic photos instead of stock photos or generic products to avoid being duped by imposters or fakes
  • Evaluate whether the shoe is made from good materials that hold up well through multiple wears (not many cheap plastic models)
  • Look for a minimalist shoe shape which doesn’t make your feet too bulky or too narrow/small
  • A comfortable fit is important since it will likely be worn daily. If possible, try them on beforehand and make sure they feel good against your foot after walking around in them for awhile.

Avoid wearing all black.

Ahh, the classic navy dress! It’s a staple for so many occasions—from summer picnics to winter formal dances. But how does one wear such a timeless piece without looking like a walking uniform?

What NOT to do: Simply put on your favorite pair of black shoes, wrap yourself in a dark coat, and set out into the world with that “I’m too good for this place” expression on your face. Sure, you could pull it off if you’re Kate Middleton (or someone who looks like her), but most of us have roles we need to fill in today’s society. While most of those roles require us to wear non-black outfits, there are some jobs that call only for black attire—like being an undertaker or an astronaut (I think). So be careful not to get stuck in a fashion rut where you can’t recognize when all black is too much!

As with all clothing items, it’s important that your shoes match the rest of your outfit. If you do want to wear black shoes with your navy dress, make sure they contrast enough with the color of your dress and other attachments so as not to be mistaken for part of your uniform. I recommend choosing brown or red shoes over black ones if you want more color but still want to avoid looking like you just got back from catering a funeral service (unless that was actually what you were doing).

Choose a shoe with some shine or sparkle.

Wearing a navy dress to an event? Skip the black, brown, and red shoes. You’ll look more put together than the girl in black flats who seems to be attending a funeral. Instead, consider these five easy tips on how to wear navy shoes with a navy dress:

To keep your ensemble from looking too boring or dull, select a shoe that has some shine or sparkle: metallic fabric or leather with some texture will do the trick. Go for fun colors like red, purple, yellow, orange—anything but black or brown! Black can make your feet look bigger and is best saved for boots; brown and red are not nearly as versatile as other colors. The same goes for grey; it’s a great color, but it doesn’t go well with navy in most cases.

Dark-colored shoes can also be overwhelming when paired with a bold print: try adding neutrals like nude or white instead of opting for black and let your dress shine on its own. If you’re wearing plainer colored clothing (e.g., all navy), you can afford to play around with darker tones in your footwear if you want to add some interest to an outfit that already has plenty going on!

Don’t be afraid of adding some sparkle either! Navy dresses have been popular for years for their ladylike appearance—and there’s nothing more sophisticated than wearing heels that glitter just enough without making you look like you’re headed out of work at the end of the day.

Opt for a metallic shoe, either silver or gold is great with navy.

Navy shoes are an easy way to add a little extra pizzazz to an otherwise boring outfit, but choosing the right pair is key. When wearing navy with a navy dress or suit, it’s important to choose either gold or silver metallic shoes. If you go with silver, your shoes will look more understated and modern than if you went with gold. Gold looks perfect for special occasions and will leave a lasting impression on those around you while making your outfit appear more formal than silver.

For those who want their feet to stand out in a stunning yet subtle manner, silver is the right choice! For everyday wear and more formal events where formality isn’t quite as essential, gold will set you apart in just the right way. The options are endless when it comes to shoes that compliment blue hues—just be sure not to overlook the simple combination of navy shoes and blue dresses or suits when putting your ensemble together!

Navy dress and shoes can go together well if you choose the right styles and colors

Your navy dress and shoes can look great together—if you choose the right navy dress, shoes, and accessories. It’s true that navy tends to be a more formal color than some of the others available in the rainbow, but it can be just as versatile if you break it out of its stiff shell.

The first step to pulling off a successful pairing is picking the right pair of shoes. Navy heels with a matching heel is probably the most classic look—and it’s so easy to recreate. If you’re not into high heels, try open-toed flats or oxfords instead. With a little creativity and effort you can make many different colors work with your favorite blue dress or skirt!

One important thing to keep in mind is that even though your outfit should include navy pieces, these colors don’t contrast well against each other (For example: a red shirt and light blue tie would clash). This means that there are plenty of colors your blue dress or skirt could match well with, but to avoid clashing keep an eye out for complementary colors such as green and orange or purple and yellow.

Another tip for keeping up your side of the color wheel is to stick with dark colored accessories since these may complement any shade of navy better than their light counterparts. Also remember that when choosing an accessory—whether it be a scarf or hat—the darker colors will contrast better against your skin tone than lighter ones will (just like how red clashes with white but complements black).

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