What Shoes To Wear With Flare Jeans

Flare jeans are a classic and can make anyone look put together. They’re form-fitting while still being flattering, and they come in many different styles and colors. The great thing about flare jeans is that you can wear them with almost any type of shoe—however, some shoes will be more flattering than others.

Wear heels if you want to appear taller. Heels always make your legs look longer, so wearing heels with flare jeans will give your legs the appearance of being longer than they actually are.

Opt for neutral colors. Gray or black shoes are always a good choice since they will go with most of the clothes in your closet, but if you want to wear color then choose a pair that complements your jeans well. Once again, steer clear from metallic or glittery materials; these tend to look too flashy when paired with denim flares.

Wear shoes that are similar in color to your jeans!

White sneakers

The truth is that you can wear sneakers with flare jeans and still look great, whether you’re having a casual day out with friends or heading to work. The key to pulling this off is the pair of sneakers you choose. Not all sneakers are created equal and the type of sneaker you choose can either make or break your outfit.

First up? Opt for a simple pair of white sneakers rather than a flashy pair of bright red Nikes, green suede Adidas, or any other brightly colored shoes that don’t match any part of your outfit. White will go with virtually everything so it’s safe to say that these will be easy to slip on when putting together an outfit.

Second, consider how high the heels are on your new kicks—this will determine how long you can wear them in one day, especially if heels aren’t usually part of your daily repertoire. If the heel is more than an inch you may want to save this look for special occasions when you won’t be walking around all night (i.e., going out dancing), but if they are lower then feel free to wear them out dancing as well!

Platform heels

  • Platform heels are easy to walk in

You may not think of platform heels as the most comfortable shoes you can wear. However, they are often more comfortable than other types of heeled sandals or shoes because they have a wider base that supports your feet and ankle and makes them easier to walk in. The thicker heel also absorbs shock, which makes the shoes more comfortable to stand in for long periods of time. Additionally, these thick heels are less likely to give you blisters on your feet than thin stiletto heels because they don’t place as much pressure on your toes or cause them to rub against your shoe as much.

Gladiator sandals

Some of our favorite sandals to wear with cropped flare jeans are gladiator sandals. Gladiator sandals are a great choice for the summer. They are comfortable and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. If you want to dress your flared jeans up, consider pairing your denim with some lace-up gladiator sandals. Lace-up gladiators are a bit more elegant than other styles and can add a feminine touch to an outfit. However, if you’re looking for something casual and laid back, flat gladiator sandals will be perfect for running errands or going out with friends. You can find both styles in many different colors and materials so there is sure to be something that suits your needs!

Gladiator sandal wedges look good when worn with flare jeans as well as maxi dresses because they give added height while still being comfortable enough to walk around in all day long! They are also one of those shoes that never go out of style which makes them an investment piece that will last through many seasons—so don’t miss out on this trend before it becomes too popular (and expensive)!

Ankle boots

Ankle boots are one of the easiest shoes to wear with flares, since they’re versatile enough to pair with just about any other piece of clothing you can think of. If you opt for a low-heel style, they’ll go with sneakers or sandals as well. For the most part, ankle boots will work with both skinny and wide flare jeans, but there are some general principles to follow:

  • Flares that hit below your ankle bone will look best with more fitted ankle boots. Choose an option that’s not too chunky so as not to overwhelm the line of your leg.
  • If your flares have a wide hem, choose wider-legged boots to match. A scrunched boot paired with flared pants will make your legs appear shorter than they already do in this silhouette.
  • Stick to neutral colors on both the pants and shoes if you want the outfit to look streamlined and modern.

Knee-high boots

Knee high boots are a style of footwear that can add a lot to your outfit, and work with both casual and sophisticated looks. Knee-high boots come in a variety of heel heights, styles, and colors. You can find heeled knee-high boots for the perfect night out look or flat knee-high boots for a casual look. Knee-high boots are a great wear in fall and winter because they pair well with long pants like flare jeans. They also have the benefit of adding warmth to your legs during colder seasons while still looking fashionable. If you want to try wearing knee-high boots with flare jeans but don’t know where to start, try dark wash flare jeans paired with black flat knee-high boots for an effortlessly cool combination.

Block heels

Block heels are your go-to for a cool, retro look when you want to style flare jeans. Block heel sandals and block heel mules add height without requiring the skill of balancing on stilettos. Shoes with ankle straps can even be worn with cropped flares, whereas other styles of heels would be better saved for full-length flare jeans. The addition of a block heel also makes your legs look longer, which is great if you’re petite as it creates more balance between the length of your legs and the flared hem.

The best shoes to wear with flare jeans include white sneakers, platform heels, gladiator sandals, ankle boots, knee-high boots and block heels.

The best shoes to wear with cropped flare jeans include platform heels, gladiator sandals, white sneakers, ankle boots and knee-high boots. The best shoes to wear with kick flare jeans are white sneakers and ankle boots.

Due to the fact that cropped flare jeans can be worn year-round, they’re also highly versatile in terms of footwear options. Since these are typically more fitted at the calf than other styles of flares, they fit nicely into boots, especially ankle boots and cowboy booties. They look great with summery gladiator sandals or strappy stilettos too.


To recap, the type of shoes you wear with your flare jeans can have a huge impact on the overall impression that your outfit makes, and so it’s important to be cognizant of the right style of shoe for various occasions. Even though wearing open-toed sandals at work might seem like a bad idea, in certain workplaces and locations this could be considered appropriate. It’s important to consider not only the occasion but also what kind of office environment you’re in. In traditional offices or any place where business casual is required, it’s best to stick with closed-toe shoes such as pumps or mules. In more relaxed environments, you can experiment with strappy sandals and other footwear that has an open toe.

The same combination of factors should guide your choice of what kind of jeans to wear—what occasion are they for? What style do they have? Also pay attention to their waistband when trying them on—flare jeans are pretty wide legged and will look much better if they’re high waisted, since this helps give balance to their silhouette without making them look too bulky or frumpy. The best place to buy flare jeans is online from a retailer that specializes in denim; even if you need petite sizes or other special fit requirements there are now many options available online from sites like ASOS and Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th. Paired with classic ballet flats or cute wedges, high rise flares make for a great staple outfit for any season!

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