This post is all about what should you not do when decluttering and what to do after

I have been decluttering for years now, we have been renting for as far I as can remember and we have lived in bigger houses and downsized a lot.

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I know what not to do with decluttering and wanting to share tips and advice that are helpful.


10 Things Not To Do When Decluttering

decluttering small items
  1. Try not to get overhwhelmed with the idea of decluttering
  2. Tackle room by room
  3. Keeping things you know you not use in years or months from now
  4. Do not get so out of it by having a decluttering checklist
  5. Prepare storage bins and storage containers
  6. Start with items that are on the floor
  7. Hungry, Eat beforehand to gain energy
  8. Have a water bottle ready as you get thirsty
  9. Have a set schedule for decluttering otherwise you can never have time for it
  10. Feeling reckless, have a mindful state as you are departing from stuff


What do you throw away when decluttering

I personally throw away things that do not serve me purpose anymore. Find stuff that will still serve your purpose and you can use it right now that makes you happy. THE BEST IDEAS FOR DECLUTTERING [FREE HOME CHECKLIST]. You need to get rid of excess items that just will lead to hoard more. We are consumers and we will still buy items for our daily life.

Me being a woman I enjoy my skincare stuff and sometimes as a blogger, I have been sent lots of makeup and company knick-knacks before that I do not use.

I did donate or throw away if it was already half used or not good anymore.

There are not any right and wrong when it comes to decluttering is what I think.

People are different and you and I both have different lifestyles and situations.

Decluttering is not suppose to be hard and it should serve its purpose and to gain an advantage in our life and take back control in our life. Not being trapped by items literally swallowing up our home in the process.

how to decide what to get rid of when decluttering

I would rather have enjoyable moments with family, like movie dates at home. Making microwavable popcorn even before sleeping.

You should declutter once a week minimum to maintain your home.

Once you figure out what does matter most in you, it would be so much easier said than done. WHERE TO START DECLUTTERING [FAST AND EASY GUIDE]

Here is a cleaning checklist I personally use GRAB HERE FOR FREE you will gain access to our resources in becoming a good woman whether it be on self-love, career, and family home living checklists, make sure to sign up to join!

What are the rules for decluttering

Rules are should be set by you.

But here are some rules I like to stick by. I do not buy a lot of duplicates if it is not needed or consumables ready. I like to buy makeup wipes in bulk because I use makeup most of the time for work related. Set your priorities and goals straight to adjust to your needs.

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It has been my rule ever since I was a little girl in high school that I should get rid of stuff I do not use in 2 years but nowadays I tell myself 6 months to a year now. Why Alyssa? Because when I get those items that have this certain questions popping out, I no longer ask myself that. I already have a strict mindset most times will I use it today or tomorrow. The 6 months up until a year from now is my limit. I have to set rules and boundaries because if I don’t the stuff will never get gone at my space.

Always remember there might be other people that can enjoy what you have now than you not anymore enjoy.

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What should you not declutter your house with

Things that you need obviously. To judge this easily is that can you use it today? or tomorrow? If yes can you put it away neatly or a place where you can appreciate it more. It is also being mindful.

You are being mindful and realizing things that you already have can be kept in plain sight or normally kept but not look cluttered.

I do not like dusting and I get sensitive to dust.

Dust particles can be so small that you cannot even see them yourself.

I avoid lots of items that can get accumulate dust or dust generators is like I call them all the time. Just like the word itself it is to be a big castle that has tubes or pipes reproducing dust instead of cute flags waving in the air.

What should you declutter to keep

The best things to keep after decluttering are memorabilia that can be repurposed into other things like pictures into scanned photo albums or have yearly scrapbook highlights

This photo album offers a lot more colors here on Amazon I am sure this can be a big decorative picture frame piece of decor but also houses other important photos too. You can stack it side by side on a bookcase as well. IT IS WATERPROOF TOO AND EASY TO DUST OR WIPE WHEN DIRTY.

Free 3-day decluttering guide sheets model

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This post has been tips on what should you not do when decluttering

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