What to do with stuff after decluttering I wish I knew before

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What to do with stuff after decluttering? Looking for solutions? Lets, go.

If you are new to decluttering and wondering what you should do with decluttering items.

What to do after decluttering

First, you need to securely put it in a safe place and sealed with a lid or cover. You can either categorize in baskets or give out to your friends and family the items you have. Secondly, ask yourself can you repurpose this specific item? Have a special picture and you can make it into a bookmark for your favorite book. Let go of something when decluttering to gain extra space and start with the not much questions needed items. Thirdly have a maintenance strategy for decluttering, Lastly slowly progress when decluttering as it does not happen overnight.

This post is all about What to do with stuff after decluttering

I have my fair share of decluttering days here and there. I always know my motivation was to finally get rid of the stuff that I had not used for so many years.

My mom always told me to clean every day, well decluttering should be done 1x a week in my opinion.

Where to put your stuff now that you had decluttered? Do you buy new stuff again?

what to do after decluttering


Definitely recycle your items in biodegradable containers, and nonbiodegradable bins. Segregate as well your trash for plastics, papers, metals. As for other things can be sold to junk shops around you and make a couple of bucks.

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Now reducing more items can greatly impact making your space or home a whole lot bigger and not cluttered feeling anymore.



Reuse things you finally found again that you know you can use today in your life. Things that are more purposeful and meaningful.

Now you have found items you had forgotten you can reuse and make the most out of the things to help your day to day life.

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Give your old items the second chance in life. Old t-shorts can be turned into rugs for cleaning. Old glass jars can be food storage for stocks, sauces, juice containers, or your own acai fruit jar to go.

Repurposing decluttered items are a nicer way to do as you will still have the specific items still at home. You can now be more resourceful and think of other ways to make it a less cluttered way than before.

Call local waste management team

It might be your local area is having assistance to get your stuff into putting them into a more safe and secure way of manufacturing plastics or old items that could greatly get your hands off of stuff you do not need anymore.

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Find a local community

Your local community might be active when having recycling drives or programs wherein you can give your recyclable goods and turn them into nice projects around the area.

Women’s shelters are always helping other women to improve their lives in their best way. Others can donate clothes, or brand new excess makeup to get jobs with newfound confidence on new wear and makeup look. Also for home donations for homeless shelters. The key is always asking first if you can donate, do it nicely.


Selling on eBay or a yard sale for easy to earn a couple of money when doing yard sales. We had one before in our neighborhood and it was fun. Our other neighbors were selling their old stuff as they are Migrating already to another country and leaving their home soon.

Make a free stuff stand

If you just want to get rid of your old stuff quick. Have all your items collected in preparation for a free stuff stand. Make simple signage that this stuff is for free for anyone who wants it. Hours later you will find that they are already taken. Always consult your local area if this is legal, or ask permission first and foremost.

Give it to your friend if they want

Always are there for you. You can ask them if they wanted stuff where you already had been collected for donating. Make sure to keep things sanitary and brand new, or preloved and clean.


You can trade in collector’s items I saw from this favorite show of mine for years as they live in Las Vegas, Nevada. They showcase old coins, artifacts, etc. Some will come in and show their precious item to the experts and can bid on a price and if they both agree after many considerations. Having the deal sealed lets you have money earned after.


Will always be Good in my opinion. Many people can put their decluttering pile in a plastic bag and ask if Goodwill can take them in. Other people can buy the stuff from Goodwill for less. How fun is it to shop at a thrift store. My grandmother and I always go to our thrift stores as a bonding moment and even had my best friend Hyacinth joined us. It was memorable and fun, truly I will never forget.

Have a meditation space

After clearing a major space in your home has a clear space to read a book or listen to music can be therapeutic and will increase your overall mental health.

Want to schedule like a boss?

Hobby room

You can finally make a computer room, arts and crafts room to stimulate your mind. Doing things creatively can make your heart sing in so many ways.

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Spend Quality time more with family

Finally, all the clutter is away, your family and you can have more wiggle time to have bonding moments and not feel stressed out from the clutter.

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This post Has been all about What to do with stuff after decluttering

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