What To Wear For Engagement Photos

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Welcome to the ultimate guide for engagement photos. If you’re getting ready for your engagement session, this is the only resource you’ll need. We’ll walk you through everything—from what to wear, to how to prepare your partner (and yourself) for your photo shoot.

As a couple, you’ll look back at these photos from this time in your life and be reminded of how it all began and just how much has changed since then. And as a photographer, I know that most couples have never been professionally photographed before so the whole process can seem pretty daunting! But I promise it doesn’t have to be stressful—in fact, if you plan ahead and follow our advice below, it can actually be really fun! We’ve outlined some tips that we recommend for every couple and hope that these will help make planning for your engagement easier than ever.

Complementary Colors

  • Colors that compliment one another. Two colors on opposite sides of the color wheel will make each other pop. For example, red and green are a perfect fit for Christmas-themed photos! You can choose to go bold with your choices, or you can pair a softer version of one color with its brighter counterpart.
  • Examples:
  • Purple and yellow
  • Green and pink
  • Orange and blue

Colors that Pop

So you’ve decided to take engagement photos, congrats! Now that the hard part is over, it’s time to figure out what you’ll wear in front of the camera. It’s important to choose colors that complement each other and stand out, as well as colors that make you feel confident. You also want colors that match your skin tone and are appropriate for your engagement session—whether you’re shooting outdoors, indoors or both. And of course, colors that are appropriate for the season.

Keep reading to find out what color combinations will make your pictures absolutely stunning!

Matching Neutrals

> “Choose colors that match.”

For engagement photos, you’ll want to wear clothing that matches your surroundings. It’s best to choose neutral colors like white, black, grey, beige and khaki. Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color by adding a vest or a tie in pastels or jewel tones.

Patterns and Prints

You should also try to avoid competing patterns. While it’s great to mix and match colors, you don’t want to be wearing plaid, stripes, and polka dots together in one shot. You’ll look like a clown. For this reason, it’s best not to mix many colors in the same outfit; instead of going with your favorite color palette, choose one or two colors that work well together and stick with them.

Textured fabrics are great for photographs because they create visual interest without competing with other prints or colors in the photo. I’m talking everything from lace and ruffles to chunky knit sweaters and tweed jackets—anything that gives a little added dimension will do wonders for your photos!

Neutral Separates

In a neutral separates scenario, you and your partner would each wear either an off-white or beige top, bottom, or both. It is often recommended that the fabric be light as well. The neutral part of this outfit choice is self-explanatory, since the colors are quite common and easy to match with one another. However, some people may not be familiar with the word “separates” when it comes to what to wear for engagement photos. To separate means to make distinct or different from something else. Thus, when talking about separates in an outfit context, you’re saying that two pieces of clothing are distinctly different from one another—in other words, they’re separate pieces!

In the case of what to wear for engagement photos male (or female), these two neutral separates will also include a pair of shoes and accessories if you so choose. The ideal shoes would match the color scheme selected by your photographer and should fit comfortably on your feet (especially if your shoot involves a lot of walking). Just like with any other photo session, it’s important not to go overboard on accessories because too much jewelry can distract from both you and your fiancé in front of camera lenses!

When to Wear White

While white is a beautiful color and looks amazing if you’re wearing it against a backdrop of green grass, blue skies, and flowers, our recommendation: Never wear white in an engagement session unless you want to be the focal point. White on white can easily wash out your skin tone and make your body blend into the background. Plus, white is more of a spring and summer color. If you really want to wear white in the fall or winter months, choose a pair of printed pants or a printed skirt with a clean white top or blouse.

Choosing the right clothing for an engagement photo session makes a huge difference!

Choosing the right clothing for an engagement photo session makes a huge difference. It can throw off how you feel in the photos, and make you second guess what you look like when you check out your engagement photos on your phone.

Your clothing says a lot about who you are and what matters to you. When it reflects your personality, it really shines through in photographs that are meant to capture this special time in your life.

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: What do you want to look back on these pictures and feel? If quirky and fun is more your style, choose clothes that match that energy. For example, maybe find a cute dress with polka dots (or other patterns), or bright colors that are vibrant yet aren’t too over the top/bold so as to distract from the main focus of the photo – which is YOU!


With these tips in mind, you should be able to make a solid outfit choice for your engagement photos. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident and comfortable. When you look great, you feel great—and it shows in your photos!

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